Watchtower Lies Cleaning up No. 186

Live forever in Heidelberg

... by the enjoyment of sweets and sitting around

A Jehovah's Witness and her companion, perhaps a friend or an interested person, sat well hidden behind the Watchtower Society's Illustrated Troll in the pedestrian precinct in Heidelberg and ate sweets. That's a cozy sermon service! When the two women discovered me, they went to the nearest ice cream parlour (melting point) to withdraw my signs "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death - Jesus never let anyone bleed to death".

I stood perhaps half an hour before the ice cream parlour and held up the signs. That was a very special situation, because the Heidelberg pedestrian zone is of course busier than the pedestrian zone of a small town. There were also many good conversations and I noticed that the honest interest of the people is great. From the ice cream parlour Schmelzpunkt the Jehovah's Witness and her companion went to H&M. I assumed this business had a back exit and talked to a newspaper salesman. But after about 15 minutes the Watchtower Troll Guide and her friend reappeared. They had pulled a neutral cover over the magazine troll so as not to be recognized as Jehovah's Witnesses and disappeared into the department store opposite.

How believing is a person when he has to elude his own religious facts by tactical measures? What kind of salvation can one earn by strolling through the Heidelberg pedestrian precinct - eating sweets and ice cream?

On the way back, I met four people, two of whom were Mormons. The Mormons were busy persuading the other two to do something. I stood next to them and held up the signs: "Religion does not save. Only Jesus saves!" The two Mormons grinned broadly, and I said, "The Mormon Jehovah is the same Jehovah as the Watchtower Jehovah, and this is the God of Freemasons." Suddenly, the Mormons said goodbye and disappeared at almost unreal speed.

What a day! A side trip to Heidelberg showed Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons that they were cheating. And this report will hopefully open the eyes of many more.


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