Watchtower Society - Clarification No. 167

Jehovah's Witnesses fight against one man with 20 men and lose!

Jehovah's Witness mass posse for nothing

Wiesloch, 26 May 2015, 09:21 am. The central place where Jehovah's Witnesses like to show their power to the people is full of them. And more and more are coming. The wave of Jehovah's Witnesses power demonstrations in Wiesloch is so extreme that vegetable sellers and others with whom I have eye contact grin broadly. There's probably nobody in the pedestrian zone who doesn't know how to interpret the Jehovah's Witness march. It's not art either. Where else than in Wiesloch does the confrontation between the truth and the Watchtower Society regularly take place in the pedestrian zone?

It is a delight to walk back and forth with the clear signs (Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death for a religion). Because no matter where you turn, Jehovah's Witnesses stand convinced that stacked stupidity becomes an irresistible superiority. An elderly lady - not a Jehovah's Witness - doubts that the statement "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death for a religion" is true. I explain to her in a few words the connections and she thanks for the enlightenment. She hadn't known anything about the hospital liaison committees organized by the Watchtower Society to manipulate the bleeding person into refusing blood transfusion and thus to kill him quite safely. We are very close to the Jehovah's Witnesses when I explain the details to her. Jehovah's Witnesses can't call the police even though they have to listen to every detail.

The number of Jehovah's Witnesses has now risen to about twenty. The public disgrace is perfect, but only two or three Jehovah's Witnesses notice anything. And they will certainly keep silent later, because a Jehovah's Witness is not allowed to make anything critical of itself.

Later I visit the Watchtower colleague with the Heidi smile. She stands in front of the Schlecker ruin and immediately looks for someone she pretends to recognize on the distant horizon. This gives her an excuse to leave without losing face. When I arrive at the Volksbank again, she has disappeared. Only the two mega-witnesses of Jehovah are left, who in any case get eternal life on earth, as long as advertising for magazines can save people.

A man stands in front of me and proudly tells me that although he has not yet been baptized, he is a Jehovah's Witness. I reproach him for the responsibility he takes on by saying yes to bleeding human destruction. He stands in silence in front of me for several seconds and then turns away with a repellent gesture of his hand. A little later I see him coming up the pedestrian zone at a goose step. His mouth movements, which are moved downwards, indicate something evocative without one hearing a word.

The overwhelming mob of Jehovah's Witnesses has disbanded and no one notices the two mega-witnesses in front of the post office. Everyone is just looking at my signs. I am standing at the Jehovah's Witness square in front of the Volksbank. A man comes up to me and asks if my statement "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death for a religion" is a true statement. I answer him that in fact I have been thinking about it all morning. If this statement were not true, the Watchtower Society would have taken legal action against it long ago. But if the Watchtower Society were to legally challenge this statement, it would not only have the risk, but the certainty that this statement would be confirmed by the courts and legally verified would have an even greater enlightenment effect. The Watchtower Society must prevent this at all costs. Therefore, it will never legally challenge this statement.

The well dressed gentleman does not go into the context, but asks me if I have ever read the Bible. At this moment I realize that he must be either a Jehovah's Witness or an Adventist. I react to his dominance of conversation with the request that he put on a tie so that he could also be recognized as a Jehovah's Witness. He is waiting for the opportunity to spin away his thread, but I am reluctant to repeat it out loud again and again: "Jehovah's Witnesses invent rules for killing people." This against the background that Jesus even broke the Sabbath (the highest religious everyday rule of the Jews) to heal people. Fortunately, this man left after I had repeated this sentence about 5 or 10 times.

Today, Whitsun Tuesday, was great. Jehovah's Witnesses, who actually wanted to demonstrate their superiority, failed so miserably that even the police could not have helped. And Jehovah's Extra Adventist or Extra Witness, who wanted to throw his weight incognito into the bowl, did not get a chance to speak. It doesn't make sense to let these pseudo-Christians finish, because behind their love façade they are only haters of people and destroyers of truth. The seducers of Arianism live from the support they give each other in the group of seduced people. They do not live from Jesus, but only from their group dynamics.

Parallels between Jehovah's Witness suppression and Hartz 4 suppression

Originally, I intended to look more closely at the amazing parallels between the Watchtower system and the Hartz 4 system. But the overpowering action of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch was topic enough for a website. I will make up the subject Hartz 4 in details piece by piece and weave it into the future reports about Jehovah's Witnesses. The parallels, the inner correspondences between the German oppression system and the Watchtower system are embarrassing and shocking. One thing I can and will anticipate: A state that destroys people according to all the rules of human contempt cannot help but make a system like the Watchtower religion a part of its own existence. The German state has integrated Jehovah's Witnesses into itself as a public corporation. With Hartz 4 he is doing on the material level exactly what the Watchtower Society practices on the spiritual level with its illustrated slaves. People are threatened with the destruction of their existence if they do not submit unconditionally. People are excluded from the community and left to nothing if they doubt the truth of the Watchtower oppression system and the Hartz 4 system. Systematic oppression is the sacred means to an end.

The German oppression system Hartz 4 not only gains a frightening closeness to what was imposed on the German nation under Hitler, it also resembles the Watchtower system. The open trend of German politics to again expose people to extermination under certain circumstances makes life in this people a dirty feeling. The Watchtower religion depicts this dirtiness one-to-one.

Inge Hannemann and her exclusion from the society

A striking correspondence between Hartz 4 and the Watchtower religion is the exclusion of unpleasant and truth-loving persons. The exclusion is decided by a few powerful persons. Negotiations and procedures are now only pro forma. The decision has been taken a long time ago and everyone who observes the process knows about it. The persons exposed to exclusion may no longer be greeted, no one may speak to them. This behaviour is one of the most brutal means of power, which is systematically applied to the people in the Watchtower Society and which in the German state is gripped by the natural fear pattern of those involved.

The fact that the German state - instigated by Gerhard Schroeder and Peter Hartz - uses oppressive techniques of the Watchtower Society and resembles these sect killing people produces in our society precisely the fear that holds the shop together in the Watchtower religion. Evil is spreading by a state applying it itself.


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