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October 04, 2019 Hello Ruediger, of course you can see it from this side. The big problem is - at least that's how I understand it - that these people believe everything they talk (and write) about. The lower ranks ("rank and file people") anyway and the upper ranks manipulate ...
October 04, 2019 Hello Eddie, according to what people write about the tricks of JW.ORG, JW.ORG is the association that ultimately fills the psychiatric system. They're not crazy, they drive crazy. Don't they?
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May 09, 2019 Basic to finding purpose in life is first realizing the source of life. All comments are not published because a demonizing of a target religion is the program here. History shows that if you take down one religion then ...
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February 26, 2019 Hello Ruediger, I am glad that you have managed to translate the page into English. Now, many more people can be informed about the machinations of the Watchtower Society and learn the truth of this Masonic organization. ...
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January 26, 2019 It has to be added that the video is full of accusations that Jehovah's Witnesses are bleeding people to death. It even includes organized bleeding by hospital liaison committees. The judge remained ice-cold. The ...

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