The Watchtower Society Proves the Divinity of Jesus

by Philipp

Without realizing it, the dearest people of the Watchtower have provided us with a huge help when it comes to proving the divinity of Jesus.

First a few verses from Philippians 2, so that everyone can understand the context:

Philippians 2 1-11 If now with you is admonition in Christ, comfort of love, communion of spirit, cordial love and mercy, make my joy perfect by being one mind, equal love, unanimous and at peace. Do nothing out of self-interest or for vain glory's sake, but in humility pay more attention to one another than to oneself, and each look not at his own, but also at that which serves the other. Be of the same mind among yourselves as it corresponds to the communion in Christ Jesus: He who was in divine form did not consider it a robbery to be like God, but emptied himself and took the form of a servant, was made like men and was recognized as a man in appearance. He humbled himself and became obedient until death, even death on the cross. Therefore God also exalted him and gave him the name which is above all names, that in the name of Jesus all those knees who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth should bow, and all tongues should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

Jesus made himself small and, when he was on earth, renounced to use his divine attributes, became a man who could only act through the Father as he did afterwards (miracles etc.), and afterwards he was exalted again and got a name that is above all others. Of course, this is not only about the name, but also about the authority behind it, which is so high that everyone should bow in the name of Jesus and confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord.

Watchtower Society Provides Proof Itself

It is very rare for people like me, who actually fight everything (taught by WTS), to be able to say Amen to what the Watchtower Society teaches. Amen to what is produced by Jehovah's Witnesses. But exceptions confirm the rule! And without realizing it, the dear people of the Watchtower have provided us with a huge help in proving the divinity of Jesus.

New World Translation with Study References - Appendix 1 c
Appendix NWT

In order to determine where the divine name was replaced by the Greek words Κύριος and Θ&εóς, we examined where the inspired Christian scribes quoted verses, passages and expressions from the Hebrew Scriptures, and then determined in the Hebrew text whether the divine name appeared there. Thus, we were able to determine the identity of ky’ri-os and the-os’ and determine the person meant.

Kingdom Interlinear translation

The Kingdom interlinear Translation - Preamble
Preamble Kingdom Interlinear


How is a modern translator to know or determine to render the Greek words Κύριος and Θεóς into the divine name in his version? By determining where the inspired Christian writers have quoted from the Hebrew Scriptures. Then he must refer back to the originial to locate whether the devine name appears there. This way he can determine the identity to give to ky’ri-os and the-os’ and he can then clothe them with personality.
Realizing that this is the time and place for it, we have followed this course in rendering our version of the Christiian Greek Scriptures.


Wie soll ein moderner Übersetzer wissen oder bestimmen, die griechischen Wörter Κύριος und Θεóς als Gottesnamen in seiner Version wiederzugeben? Bestimmend, wo die inspirierten Christlichen Schriftsteller aus den hebräischen Bibeln zitiert haben. Dann muss er sich zurück auf das Originial beziehen, um sich zu entscheiden, ob der Gottesname dort erscheint. Auf diese Weise kann er die Identität bestimmen, um sie ky’ri-os und the-os’ zu geben, und er kann sie dann mit der Persönlichkeit kleiden.
Begreifend, dass das die Zeit und der Platz dafür ist, sind wir diesem Kurs in der Übertragung unserer Version der Christlichen Griechischen Schriften gefolgt.

Isn't that beautiful? You go back and check where the quote came from, and when the divine title is used, you should insert it again. We will do the same with the above text:

In the second chapter of the Letter to the Philippians the following words can be found: "... and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father."

The Kingdom Interlinear Translation, page 885
Philippians, interlinear translation

Paul here quotes from Isaiah 45:23, where "Jehovah" God speaks:
"I have sworn by myself, and righteousness has gone forth out of my mouth, a word which it shall abide by: Let all my knees bow to me and swear all my tongues"
and apply it to Jesus. If we now look at the next verse in Isaiah, we see who this Mir is:
"and say: In the LORD l have righteousness and strength. But all who resist him will come to him and be ashamed.

Implementation of the claims of the NWT
Jesus is God

If we look at Isaiah 45:24 in Hebrew, we see that the divine name JHWH appears there, which is why we actually have to use it (i.e. according to the rules established by the Watchtower Society itself) for Kyrios in Philippians 2. Yahweh is the one who says that everyone has to bow before him.

So what does Philippians 2:11 say?

"And every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is God, to the glory of God the Father."

I can only say: AMEN!


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