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Yet another Jesus

Watchtower 01 February 2005 page 10

Click on the image and will you see the Jesus, who is shown in the Watch Tower 01 February 2005 on the page 10. His hairstyle is designed in a way that you inutitively have the impression that he had horns. Since February 2005 Jesus grew new hair, as you can well see in the image released in Awake! August 2010, page 31. Did the Watchtower Society discover the error and did it kick the bad guy? Or did the villains change the picture, after it was published here?

Erwachet! August 2010, page 31
Erwachet! August 2010, page 31

One could almost believe that the Watchtower Society has become more cautious in giving away their satanic transactions. This would produce the disadvantage that they would win a little more immunity against critics. The makers of the Watchtower religion may have noticed that they perhaps had become too careless with their hidden publication of their true intentions. Do they cancel their allusions or has Jesus only changed the hairdresser? His original beard, he has kept at least.

The revision of the devil, loving to show himself as a friendly Jesus, proves at least, that the much-heard justification, it was all just a coincidence, is wrong. From this changing in hairstyle can be concluded that also the painter and draftsman of the Watchtower Society have eyes in their head and preferably want rather do without the public exposure of the built-in horns. Is this a result of this web site? The ruler of the Watchtower world empire, do they try to secure their rule by avoiding?

Attention is required

Attention is demanded imperatively. It is precisely the effect a risk that by accurate criticism are generated adjustments. As soon as the religion of Jehovah worshipers does drop its effrontery in a certain extent, it will get still less transparent and more dangerous. Comforting is, however, that their errors are so blatant that an adjustment of the Governing Body can not really hurt, when the issue is the disclosure of their falsity.


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