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Why Jehovah's Witnesses
never can be Church

In Europe, the Jehovah's Witnesses want to send a signal of institutional existence and legality, by making great demands on the corporate law of public law. So they are spreading in public awareness and give their organization a Christian painting. The Jehovah's Witnesses, however, can never be a church and certainly not a Christian church. Because they represent semi-openly all the values the devil loves when it comes to leading to absurdity the gospel of Christ.

Like Satan the Jehovah's Witnesses hate the salvation by the faith in Jesus. Since Jesus has enabled that we worship God when we worship Him, since Jesus has made us the gift to come in contact with God, when we come in contact with Jesus, it creeps to the devil to permit this gospel among the people unaltered. He appears as an angel of light and establishes religions, which provide all possible ideas, but trample Jesus under foot. One of these Jesus-hating religions are the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Now the question arises, how do Jehovah's Witnesses trample under foot. They claim that he was not God, but only a creature. This deliberate falsehood are variously refuted on these pages. But they trample quite independently on theological assertions and beliefs Jesus under foot. This should be shown clearly once, so the political and regulatory decision makers think one more time about if such an organization of Jesus-hatred the appearance of a church can be granted.

Evidence that Jehovah's Witnesses hate Jesus

Mother of Jesus with penis

In the writings of the Jehovah's Witnesses (Awake 12/2008, page 10) is printed a picture that shows the Virgin with the infant Jesus. On her left shoulder a large penis with scrotum is visible, which makes men identify on the hidden way that the Watchtower Society is a servant of Satan and hates Jesus. In the same picture, there is a demon that seems to be just masturbating and having an orgasm.

Demon with orgasm in Awake 12/2008

Those who embellishes the Biblical story with such figures cannot be associated with God, but must have a satanic motivation. Here again the whole picture, that's how many representations of the Watchtower Society a picture puzzle: Whoever finds the signs of the hatred of Jehovah's Witnesses to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ?

The Holy Family sawn with the eyes of the Jehovah's Witnesses

What is better suited for combating the Christian faith as a religion that adopts an even more Christian and more pious paint? Satan himself is the initiator of the religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses. The clear evidences that are contained numerously in the writings of the Watchtower Society show the attentive viewer the devilish truth about this anti-Christian religion.

A blind grant of the corporate law of public law a social platform is made available to these seducers, whose effects do not serve to protect people against the manipulation of the Jehovah's Witnesses. The diabolical consciously incorporated signs of manipulation are used to marke for hidden way, the true origins of this organized religion. They are found in most or even all publications of the Watchtower Society. Anyone who closes his eyes to these clear signs, is complicit in the rise of this organization and recklessly supplies many people with a by manipulating corrupted life.

Many Jehovah's Witnesses, who are even longer in the Watchtower captivity admit in conversation on the street openly and frankly, that the Watchtower writings are filled with demons.

Mehr zu sexuellen Abstrusitaeten in Wachtturmschriften


First of all you are pretty demented to see such images in a picture. I do not see what you see and believe me I tried to see your point of view. In a warshack test any psychologist would analyze a person of such distasteful imagination as addicted to sexual and explicit pleasures of the mind. In simple terms your sick.

??? [2011-08-08]
Mr ???,

just take a look to the first Watchtower: You will find lot of symbols of Freemasonary right on the title.

Sick? Sick are those who trust a society, that had false prophets, a bible translated by a occult Priest, and wich is founded ba a freemasonary.

greetings, Teacup [2011-08-11]
I agree with the first commenter. You must be seriously demented to read these things into a picture.
I can not help that this Watchtower Mary has hidden a true penis with testicles in her robe. Directly on her left shoulder. Others did paint this. The picture I have so as original. And why should a Baptist be so stupid and accuse an other person, he was demented, only because he does not see the same as the other? This is not really a Baptist who acts in this way. This smells like one hateful of the Jehovah's Witnesses. [RH]
How long did you hover over it with a magnifying glass before coming up with that? I'm not a JW but I have a close family member (who is like a sister to me) who is. She has answered every question I have asked about the JW and even invited me to listen in (by phone) to a couple of their services. Every time I've listened in (always live and not edited so as to scrub the message), they are merely discussing the same Scripture that is taught in my Protestant church (Baptist, BTW).

There are some things that I don't see eye-to-eye with them on but they are absolutely Christians.
Yes, they are Christians who reject the bread and wine. They are Christians who advocate the destruction of Christianity. They are Christians who may not have any contact to Jesus. What kind of Christian are you? [RH]
They are people who try to live their lives exactly as to their interpretation of the Bible. I have never met one that I didn't think was a good and decent person.

When I may disagree with something of hers, she is ALWAYS able to point to Scripture to backup her POV. I may interpret it differently but to say she's absolutely wrong is absurd.

And, yes, I have read some of the issues of the Watchtower. Not because I ever have any intention of converting (I don't) and not because my "sister" is pushing it on me. She sends them to me (free of charge and at my request by the way) because I'm interested in learning about her and what she believes in. I have never read anything in the Watchtower that even remotely makes me think they are into any kind of Satan worship. That idea is patently ridiculous.

After reading your website, I'm less convinced that your beliefs are on the up-and-up than what I know of the JWs. Judge not lest ye be judged. Christians who question the motives of other Christians are not acting very Christian-like.

Jim [2012-10-08]
Except a person is born again one can not enter the Kingdom of God. The only way these people can enter any part of the Kingdom of God they must trust Jesus Christ As their savior. If they don't they will be cast into Hell Or the lake of fire . They will be eternal separated from God forever.

Stephen Wilson [2012-10-09]
The evidence that the Watchtower uses subliminal images and messages in their literature is beyond overwhelming. It is there, it is real and it is wrong.

For anyone that wishes to defend the Watchtower, I invite you to seriously think at a higher level. Yes, one can see familiar shapes in a random process (like seeing Snoopy in a cloud), but random processes (like hair, smoke, etc.) can't spell words without there being intelligence behind it.

This is exactly what is found in the public edition of the April, 2014 Awake! magazine.

To be specific, there is a very attractive young woman (perhaps 20 or so) that has three letters in her hair just above the question mark (Why Go On?).

Once you see the letters S, E and X; you realize that all three letters just happen to be in the right order, they all are in the right direction (not rotated) and all in the right orientation (facing the camera). And the letters found just happen to form the word SEX. Oh, and let's not forget that the word SEX just happens to be found on the very same front cover where we see the face of a very attractive young woman.

Coincidence? People, this just does NOT happen from natural, random processes! It only happens when there is someone or something pulling the strings behind the scene.

This is also just one of countless examples of the Watchtower's use of subliminal content. It's been going on for years, and the evidence is overwhelming.

Jim [2015-12-20]
New World Order And New World Translation.. Think About It

Anonymous [2016-08-29]
If you want to help to create a better translation, use the form below: Old text: ... New text: ... - Thank you very much! The german version you find here.

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