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Why Jehovah's Witnesses
cannot celebrate birthday?

Revised, corrected and annotated by Margit Ricarda Rolf

There are some curious prohibitions imposed on the Jehovah's Witnesses which almost astonish other people (witnesses like to call them men of the world). These prohibitions cannot be understood by the first, second and third try, and nobody can understand, why anybody should set such a rule or should also obey it. Also the often long-winded justifications in the Watchtower writings make a lasting impression as if they were far-fetched and could not really explain the establishment of such obvious strange laws. In their lines of argument then are stacked such words like "definitely", "quite sure", "is to accept", "we should reason".

Means in plain language: A "good witness acts thereafter" because if not, there are endless discussions with an eldest, who issues a biblical advice!

All these terms point to a blind flying through the Word of God, but the Jehovah's Witnesses believe all this.

In the daily life of the Jehovah's Witnesses the explanation for such a ban sounds much easier. At the birthday ban is usually argued that you should not give people glory. This would be entitled only to God. Therefore, Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate birthday.

But the real reason for such bans are the built in Watchtower system loyalty tests of Jehovah's Witnesses to their slave. The Watchtower believer is subjected to a constant psychological well balanced long term stress and the tips of this long term stress are these abstruse bans. In this way the Jehovah's Witness is constantly forced to demonstrate his Watchtower loyalty, that is the blind obedience to the Governing Body, and to establish his life in a way so that he does not deviate too far from the directives of the supreme slave. The Jehovah's Witness is permanently under the control of "well-meaning brothers". Everybody controls and denounces each other.

The Jehovah's Witness, who is indeed forced to participate in life like any other human being, too, has to decide by reason of these arbitrary laws all time again, whether he still belongs to the Watchtower Society and still wants to affront other people or not. Even the smallest fluctuations in his behavior ...

Sample: Eating a sweet in the 1st school year, when a classmate's birthday and the 6-year-old child does not dare to demonstrate publicly his loyalty to Jehova!

... lead to severe penalties, in which he must suffer. There is imposed upon him emotional distress by excluding him from the community ...

This only happens to "unrepentant sinners". The others, of all people children and young people are rightly placed by "Biblical advice" - "in a spirit of love" - if necessary "with the rod of correction" because this is love(!).

... and then he just may sit in the very back of the convention.

Applies only when disfellowshipped. Otherwise, it is announced publicly under the rubric "local needs", what infamy teenagers or single mothers and so on have committed. In the two or three people who fit the particular facts, everyone knows anyway who is meant. The rest is done by the rumor mill.

Such a flawed witness is called an apostate ...

This is wrong! Caution. - An apostate is not an unrepentant sinner, but someone like me who has deliberately left the Jehovah's Witnesses and exposes them publicly. Who "only" leaves the witnesses or is excluded due to a sin shall not be considered as an apostate. He can repent and return at any time - but the apostate in no case!

... and he is disgraced in front of all fellow Witnesses, by publicly proclaiming, because of which delict he was excommunicated.

This is also wrong. It is only given known - with one sentence that someone has been ruled out - not why! No Jehovah's Witness is allowed to ask for the reason. Even women are forbidden to hassle their men, because all methods of the Rights Commitee are top secret, said to protect the privacy of the sinner and of course so as not to disturb the meeting.

The in this way added shame is so bad that some of them therefore have committed suicide.

This applies, above all, young people who take this very much to heart, especially those who have no social contacts outside and belong to the born in.

No one of the other witnesses may speak with him, eat or do anything else in common with him.

This is true even for young people who still live at home. They have to leave the room before meals because they may not be present during the prayer.

By the public humiliation of an apostate all Jehovah's Witnesses experience this process again and again. Also as an "unaffected" they experience the embarrassment, the humiliation and the mental anguish. It is a feeling as if the penalty was occurred to oneself, but no one is allowed to show compassion or ask a question of whether this approach is really necessary. Everyone needs to bow to the decision of the elders and has in case of even the slightest sympathy to reckon the fact that he is given the same procedure.

At the convention Lauenburg an 80-year old brother was excluded because he did not hide his birthday gifts from worldly children when he was visited by the district superintendent. Then three families (his children) left the assembly and only one daughter came with her daughter and later his grandson in the assembly. The three others wanted to have nothing more to do with the witnesses after the exclusion of the grandpa. I knew the doors of those families, because they lived in my preaching area and they were not allowed to be visited by me.

In this way, every Jehovah's Witness is set to be all alone. It's clear from the beginning, that he has no one to help him if he is not adamantly loyal to the slave. (The slave is the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses.) This terrible loneliness of the Jehovah's Witnesses is forcing him to accept the laws of the slaves without complaining and without asking. Otherwise he would lose even the rest of "friends".

Who asks uncomfortable questions, as I have done always, is not granted privileges, as the auxiliary pioneer service because your mind is not "ripe" or you have an "Isebellian Spirit".

If now the witness comes to the point where he has to refuse the invitation for a birthday of good friends, because his religious head of church requests this of him, then of course again is behind him the urgent question which sense could it have. But this question immediately, he must displace and determine it with the standard arguments "certainly"-"assured"-"is to accept"-"should we reason", otherwise the Jehovah's Witness is losing his "livelihood". This obligatory act of switching-off the brain takes place whenever one of the most abstruse interdictions or commandments of the slave queue and intervene in the lives of the witness.

Worse! If one exercises his (natural) right to freedom of expression, then you are visited by the service commitee. That were in my case regularly Juergen Br. and Wolfgang Ba. (names shorted [RH]). When they ran out of arguments, I was advised of the following: 1. It is a sister not to instruct the Assembly; 2. when the faithful and discreet slave does not have something published in The Watchtower, then he has reasons for (for example, that the time is not yet ripe); 3. the light gets brighter and the most important thing is the unity of the Assembly, I should not jump ahead to the slave, but be considerate of those brothers who are not blessed with my mind; 4. I should take me an example of Moses: He was always respecting the small cattle herd. (And so they got me! I kept the knowledge of my personal Bible study for me since then!)

By such completely ridiculous laws the Watchtower Society ensures that the Jehovah's Witness immediately and long term ...

No, that was for me never questioned, although Juergen Br. would have liked it. He even asked our 8-year-old daughter why she didn't want to go into the service with him.

... and so on and so forth. - The psychological distress is in rigid adherence to the rules of the Watchtower not perceived as a burden so much as a questioning of these laws or in a personal, one's own conscience following decision. Therefore, among the Jehovah's Witnesses is hardly found someone who can deal freely with these things. They always behave strongly reduced on short statements, on cliche-like justifications. So nobody knows the real reasons why Jehovah's Witnesses may not celebrate a birthday. They can hardly explain it, and not even recognize their psychological coercion as the real reason for this situation that they must act and must displace over again in their lives, the reality.


The real reason that Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate a birthday, is the kind of complicity. Without knowing it, the Jehovah's Witnesses are serving with the observance of these arbitrary rules a mechanism that is fusing them together to a large machine and giving them a homeland to which they cannot do without, because they otherwise have no other friends. This kind of complicity can be described as follows:

Just as the skinhead has become a symbol for the primitive, violent Nazi, the compliance with the exaggerated laws of the Watchtower Society has become the symbol of the witnesses community. Like two little girls swear, in token of their friendship never quite pull the right sock, the good stand in front of Jehovah is the sign of the witness' belonging to the alone surviving class of people. In the process the witness experiences himself as good and obedient. That he has mounted a sly conspiracy trick of the Watchtower Society, he doesn't realize.

The emotional oppression system of the Watch Tower Society is prepared so meticulously and impertinently ...

I recommend reading the exercise-care-book.

... and equipped with such malice that the witness needs to stop constantly the contact with the "world's people". This is the inner core of the global brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses with their Masonic-like characteristics. The center of the Watchtower's power is not God, but a highly sophisticated, clever masterminded system of human oppression, for which stands the name Jehovah.

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Terrible plight; I know all to well my wife used to go there and broke away unto Christ but now she can't even here the faithfull truth of Gods word in Christ Jesus because of Family pressure it is trying to destroy her and our marriage

Bruce [2017-07-06]

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