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What do you do when you stand before Jesus?

Dear girl-Jehovah's Witness, dear boy-Jehovah's Witness,
dear baby-Jehovah's Witness!

It is so wonderful convenient to rely on the "faithful and discreet slave" and conveying to him the responsibility in its entirety. You lean back comfortably for all time and make yourself familiar with the idea of preaching now on a regular basis for the only true doctrine of the Watchtower Society. Maybe you form up yourself courageously at the central station and give a glorious example for your special courage. But maybe you go in a ministry that is relatively far away from where you live.

In both cases you are banking on other people, who simply claim to have found the truth. On the one hand a very high risk, but also so wonderfully simple. If you only have overbeared the concerns against the Watch Tower Society, no doubt can touch you easily. In a wonderful way you're protected against negative information about the Watch Tower Society.

You have really done away all responsibility and you feel so free from blame. At the same time you look at your good daily life and delight yourself in the consciences, not to have committed a deliberate sin or only little of it.

You are here every day busy to deserve your eternal life here on earth. This gives your life structure and you have everything so beautiful in the bag. Every day that passes without you have fallen from the saving Watch Tower Society, brings you closer to the Kingdom of Jehovah. Every sentence published by your mistress in her writings conveys you this comfortable feeling, knowing all this long ago. Yet you read further in a low curiosity, because it perhaps still gives a new insight that could bring you still closer to the Kingdom of Jehovah.

Overall, you are so happy with you properly. You did it.

You do not smoke, you give the necessary financial mite to your rescue, you are doing what is necessary of preaching stint to your rescue, obediently you follow the prohibitions of the Watch Tower Society, not to get information in the internet about it. You've created yourself a foundation. A basis that keeps yourself grounded and from where down you can say: Jehovah! Who, if not me, is so close to you that I already can feel you!

But what do you really feel?

Your peace is based on the risk reduction in your life. You left the uncertainty of the faith behind you and you live firmly rooted in a spiritual corset. Your life is running according to fixed rules, which - and that is making you proud - supposedly were already in force to the Jews even 3,000 years ago. Your life pattern is the reincarnation of the Pharisees and the active rejection of Jesus.

When Jesus came to the people he blamed them for their unilateral interpretation and implementation of the Mosaic Law. He gave His disciples the warning: "Distance yourself from the leaven of the Pharisees and the scribes!" In the eyes of the religious leadership at that time Jesus was a blasphemer. But a least in one point they were better than the Jehovah's Witnesses: They did not disclaim, he said about himself to be God.

Jesus was crucified precisely for this cause. And the Jehovah's Witnesses make this worse again today, by not only destroying the entire meaning and creating their own works-righteousness, but also because they take away the real reason for the crucifixion of Jesus. They make from Jesus a person, who can not be dangerous for anybody. For he is only the slightly superhuman judge, who at the end executes the instructions of Jehovah. And Jehovah did enthrone the Watchtower Society. One has only to stay in the Watchtower Society, so that Jehovah at the end gives the instruction not to kill this one.

That Jesus must do then. That's why the Watchtower teaching needs this great emphasis in ensuring that Jesus is less than Jehovah. In order that this Jesus can not be dangerous for someone anymore. That frees the Jehovah's Witness from the need to take the words of Jesus seriously. Because Jesus is so smaller than Jehovah, the Watchtower words can get a by Jehovah intended prevail. In this way, the return to the carnal interpretation of the Mosaic law is secured.

Your peace, witness, is in essence the elimination of the Jesus-risk.

Jesus is for people of all times the biggest perceived risk. About him is claimed with justification that no one passes him. He opens either the only real chance of rescue or means nothing. Many turn entirely away from him and serve the money or the atheistic thought. Some get into him personally and experience life in a completely new way. But you, witness, have only relegated him to the midfield. You have made of the actual striker a midfielder and have sent him to the rear ranks. By that you have finally got under control his explosiveness, which is felt by all people.

For you, Jehovah's Witness, he is no longer a challenge, but only a semi-important figure in your life showcase. He has been using the Watch Tower Society checked off in your life and put away. Only a means to an end and not even half the value of what he tells us and you in the Bible. You've really got him under your control and you can lean in this life finally calmed back. Jesus can not touch you any more. He plays in your life just an extremly sharp controlled role. Without the Watch Tower Society you would not have this slowdown.

But what do you do when you stand before Jesus?

Will you then squint, screaming throw yourself to the ground and cry, you don't exist! That can not be you! You are not God!?

Dear boy-Jehovah's Witness. Dear girl-Jehovah's Witness! Jesus is alive and wants everyone is banking on him. Jesus is the living mediator between God and man. He is waiting for you and he now wants to show himself in your life. Then you will realize that his power, which by the way he gives away to us, is higher and more powerful than anything that might make people think.

The only thing that remains, however, is this our fatal impotence compared to him. We will never get him under control. But he only us.


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