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Watchtower Society anti-Semitic

Like the Catholic Church the Watchtower Society claims to be God's chosen people and to have displaced the Jews out of this feature. The Catholic Church has always been anti-Semitic and is now even anti-Semitic, though only "secretly". The Bavarian pope after bringing home the Society of St. Pius X just whispering expressed that Holocaust deniers should rethink their view. But the Church's legitimacy of anti-Semitism, the Pope has not been drawn back.

Just as the Catholic Church, the Watchtower Society exercises its anti-Semitism behind closed doors. And again, the Watchtower and Awake illustrations are the stuff, which tells us the true intention of the Watchtower Society.

Squint-eyed Jew (AWAKE, August 2009, page 23)
Click on the pictures to enlarge them! Pay also attention to the "faces" in the wall.

Squint-eyed Jew

Anti-Semitic depiction of a Scribe (Watchtower, August 2009, page 31)

Anti-Semitic depiction of a Scribe

To joy of the Watchtower Society to show the Jews in the ugliest and most exciting horror situations and poses is striking and really needs no comment. Only people who are anti-Semitic, need to be told that this kind of defaming Jews and putting them in a certain drawer, is located very close to the techniques of the Nazis. The genocide was possible only after the mood in the German people was heated to the utmost against the Jew per se.

This flame of the natural anti-semitism will rekindle. Judging from the Watchtower pictures, some people are keen to keep the flame of hatred against the Jews always on a certain minimum level. This should be seen alongside other strong similarities between Islam, Catholicism and Watchtower religion as a special match. In the "ecumenism" of anti-Semitism, Catholicism, Islam and the Jehovaismus stand together as one man.

Jewish Law Teacher (The Watchtower, April 2005, page 26)

Jewish Law Teacher


Like any xenophobia projects the own mistakes always on "the other", the Watchtower moves the cunning of the wicked biblical interpretation to the Jews. Prohibition of contact with Jesus, which adheres to the "one true religion" of Jehovaism, and the self-conception as the sole intellectual elite class today, the Watchtower Society celebrates to perfection. And it is by this way on the Muslim and Catholic line. Like the time Jesus' disciples were expelled from the synagogue, now the Watchtower Society pronounce man, who worship Jesus, dead. In all respects the Watchtower Society meets the criteria of inveterate pharisees. And in their writings it shows the Jews in a way which is not inferior to the national socialist propaganda-finesse of Nazi at all.

Fasting Pharisee (The Watchtower, April 2009, page 28)

Fasting Pharisee

The article in The Watchtower of April 2009 is already bringing almost Christian thoughts! Page 29:

It is impossible to earn forgiveness by any works - not even by fasting ...

How the Watchtower Society is to admit this fact in a so simple way? Does it hope that this will be quickly forgotten? - No! Far from it! The forgiveness of sins is not really its issue. Jesus can forgive so many sins as he wants. But! Anyone who wants to enter into the kingdom of Jehovah, must be a Jehovah's Witness and can not rely on Jesus. The forgiveness of sins can unfortunately not be taken away from Jesus after he has proved in the synagogue by a healing that he has the power to forgive sins. But the access to paradise can be very well made dependent on any earthly organization. Fuck Jesus. The Watchtower Society brings you to God!

Religion as a barrier - Watchtower Society blames the Jews, but is doing the real same (AWAKE, August 2008, page 31)

Religion as a barrier - Watchtower Society blames the Jews

Here again is the absolute analogy between the Pharisees and the Watchtower Society. The heresy of Brooklyn moves nearly absolutely precisely along the biblical truth and uses the anti-Semitism to deflect the suspicion from itself to the Jews. The fact that it itself embodies precisely this hypocritical wickedness, it deliberately leaves out. Exactly where the U.S. Pharisees currently meet the tradition of Jesus-deniers, they dish up unavoidable truth entities, however, pointing their finger at the Pharisees fasting.

But the Watchtower Society blocks like the former religious elite the way to God by saying that one must be a Jehovah's Witness to enter the Kingdom. Each condition, which is added to Jesus, is from the devil. The Watchtower Society adds itself as the faithful and discreet slave to the doctrine of salvation, Jesus, and achieves by adding the salvation conditions the same result as the Pope with Mary, the Goddess of Heaven.

Christianity is the absolute commitment to Jesus Christ! Which does not come by human power, but only by Jesus himself. Any addition that is added to this commitment to Jesus thwarts the redemption. If you believe, without worshiping Mary you don't come into the kingdom of God, you have betrayed Jesus. If you think, without the Watchtower Society you don't come into the kingdom of God, you have betrayed Jesus. If you believe in Jesus, you'll take away everything that is not Jesus. Not from you, but from him. For he is the power and the glory and the life.

The body of Christ is not an earthly organization, but it is the work of Jesus, which manifests itself on earth in each of his disciples. Every religion, every church, every sect, which says that one must also calculated be its member to come to God, that has not only brought itself to absurdity, but has become naught in all openness. However, people don't recognize the shame yet. But when Jesus returns, he will open everyone's eyes at once, in a second, and all will know the simple connections that a Christian today already knows. Then, any earthly organization that claims requirements like the Catholic Church or the Watch Tower Society, will have to suffer the discovery of hundreds of lies. In the same second, they will have to admit, that they never were something else but anti-Semitic.

To the senior brothers subordinated ("Bearing Thorough Witness" About God's Kingdom, page 19)
We trustfully submit to the leading brethren in the Assembly.

We trustfully submit to the leading brethren in the Assembly

Modern Pharisees

Thus the modern Pharisees sit together exactly like the scribes shown above, putting their fingers on the letters in the writings, more likeable perhaps, but in the same way to force the direction. While Jesus each of his disciples gives the promise that he will be led into the truth, the Jehovah-Pharisees sit together and allot the thinking, which is to be made applicable to the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Again there is the absolute analogy between the former and today's Jesus deniers. They forbid people to pray to Jesus, and thereby they deny them the way to the Father, to rescue, to life. The Watchtower Society has no other business than to use the donations of the entrapped to dissuade even more people from Jesus. What Mary, the Mother of God, spoils among Catholics by the way over the heart by acting as an unbiblical anti-goddess, that destroys the Watchtower doctrine by emphasizing the brainpower. The Watchtower propaganda says: Follow the modern religious elite and hate the Pharisees.

This is the same as the prohibition to pray for rain, but at the same time beeing instructed to pray for a lottery winning. It is the same as before, except that it comes now printed on colored paper into the house transported by friendly stooges of the modern Pharisees.

The dirty Jews ("Bearing Thorough Witness" About God's Kingdom, page 36)

The dirty Jews

The Jews are in the eyes of Jehovah's Witnesses a very dirty pack. Lying-crooked, devious, cunning and prepared openly to commit fraud. When will the Watchtower Society be unmasked by God that they themselves precisely meet these criteria that they slander the Jews? When Jesus comes again. However, even now: He is in every Christian and every Christian is aware that the modern Pharisees sit in Brooklyn and publishe literature with anti-semitic content. The sacred literature war against the Jews is in full swing.

Jesus says, "Salvation comes from the Jews."


Jehovah's Witnesses don't paint Jews in a bad light. We love all people. We study the Bible and it describes the Scribes, Pharisees and Sadduccees of jesus day as hypocrites who oppressed the common people viewing them as people of the dirt. If anyone had a discriminatory attitude it was them. Today God accepts any man from any nation that is willing to worship him in an acceptable way, this also includes the Jews. Jesus was sent to the Jews and they where the first set of people to accept Christianity. So we can't be prejudiced against Jews. Its misinformed articles like this that spread propaganda messages that incite prejudice and hate. Please get your facts straight before writing any more smear articles.

Without-a-name [2011-05-29]
If the Watchtower Society was not anti-Semitic, why the Jews are portrayed by the Watchtower Society just as Hitler's henchman Goebbels did? And why all the "negative" Jews are portrayed in an anti-Semitic way and all "positive" Jews are depicted as Aryans? You should tell me something about.

Ruediger [2011-05-29]
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