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The Watchtower sees everything and explains everything

He has always to distribute "new spiritual food"

Even as children we learn that the quick and easy way to conceal a crime, is the lie. But soon the to us all familiar situation arises that the once expressed lie results in a can of worms of questions and explanation pressure.

If one drives a Jehovah's Witness with clear facts in a corner, is the saying: "There is again an explanation." The house of cards of the Watchtower is a stronghold for the Jehovah's Witnesses. Here we can see what a firm conviction can make.

But the fact that the normal life that everyone knows, even clearly argues against the Watchtower, is not the issue. That every child detects this can of worms of abstruse, detached explanations as a sure sign for a liar, stays outside. NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! This must not be. The Watchtower is always right.

The self-perpetuating lie
The self-perpetuating lie

If people rely on people who only set up the claim that they allegedly leased the truth, then does not help any net or double bottom. There is pointless every safety device and prohibited every cross-check. The wrong decision is at the very beginning, at the beginning of the entry to a man-made concept. After all the years of going from one declaration to the next declaration, it can not be, that one deigns to ask Jesus once directly. No! You can not.

So it is that the endlessly continued history of Watchtower-lies is considered in the eyes of the Jehovah's Witnesses as a good explanation chain. There is an explanation for anything and everything. And if, after the declarations in turn are themselves useless and produce into absurdity leading constellations, there are for the Jehovah's Witnesses new the explanations explaining explanations.

When two cunning businessmen once a king sold fine yarn, which was so fine that it could be seen only by the supposedly intelligent among men, the king went in the shame of his "faith" (it was only the belief in the words of people) naked through the streets and in his full nakedness settled homage from the people. - Finally, a child exclaimed: "The king is naked!" In this moment the ban of self-aggrandizement and uppityness was broken and all people knew suddenly that they were all deceived.

Satan likes nothing less with you, Jehovah's Witnesses, to do. He has sold you a dress that makes you feel you were dressed in glory and grace. But I exclaim to you in all childlike openness: You're naked!

When Satan met for the first time the people with his special arguments, he gave them through his seduction art the consciousness of nakedness. The subsequent step of Satan is to rob man the opportunity to get clothed by God with eternal clothing. To reach this aim Satan sells people a Jesus-replacement theory, which is felt by each frank child as a lie. The tapeworm-like explaining enragement of the Watchtower alone is a clear and simple detection feature.

Take the chances and ask Jesus for the truth! Those who come to him, he will not cast out. And he will guide us into truth. Trust him. He is waiting for you to get you blessed with God-pleasing clothing.


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