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The Watchtower could also be telling lies

Of course!

It is perfectly understandable and normal, if you react as a Jehovah's Witness to these critical words with disgust and uneasiness. Have you yet decided to pursue with all your strength and honesty a goal that is in our universe with certainty, the highest goal. Namely, the connection and serious devotion to Jehovah.

You have decided to follow the truth and have trustfully entered - impressed by the ease and knowledge of the Watchtower Society - the class of the best possibly rescued people. You may bear since many years, the burden of the preaching service and you always try to deal lovingly and friendly with your brothers and sisters and all those non-trained.

Jehovah's Witnesses always nice and neat

You met Kingdom Hall-minded people and you have made closer acquaintance. You know pretty sure that this being like-minded grows with every meeting, and you are based on the truth that is given to you and all your sisters and brothers in the Kingdom Hall.

A sure sign for the correct orientation of your faith is the malice that you reap when you do your ministry. But only you know that this irony brings you heavenly returns, when once your account is settled. Let them look silly or grin stupidly. We shall triumph over all these blunt ignorant in front of the face of Jehovah.

But do not be fooled!

With the establishment of Jesus as the sole mediator between God and man nothing more is predictable. Since Jesus has started his strength and does apply it, there is no one left for a predictable human-scale way to Jehovah! Because Jesus has taken to himself all power and decides to pure faith, who is weighted by what, when, and in which way. So people, also the Watchtower Society and you as a Jehovah's Witness, are to rely on contact the address, Jehovah gave us.

This address is Jesus Christ and he does his duty at the will of his father. It's impossible to pass him. Unless you take the risk of being lost.

Apply personally to Jesus, in fact, what is so pregnant with meaning forbidden by the Watchtower Society! You are done by himself, having been informed what's wrong and what is right. You will see how your life, your heart, piece by piece is modified and grows forward to the father. You will understand why all that is human in the world rebels against him, who died on the cross for us, and contrives most cunning tricks to dethrone him.

But you will not get around one frustration!

You will have to rely solely on Jesus and you will soon find out that besides him there is no force that can be taken seriously. You will have to make the statement in this context that you often in doubt and weakness have to wait for him and can not claim the human security of systematic deciphering the secrets. You will notice that in the certainty of faith, which is given to you by Jesus, isn't added any microgram of being better than the rest of humanity. You will be met by a great happiness and feeling of security, of which you will know that it is not human but divine. But you will also learn that this spiritual home won't give you any inch ahead of other people.

The reason for this is that Jesus is serious interested in keeping his disciples on the floor of the facts. No one is better than his neighbor, just because he is saved by the power of Jesus. Just as he himself has served us, we want to serve and be his imitators.

This inevitable experience of every faithful follower of Jesus is not held at the Watchtower Society! For in it, in the Watchtower Society is addressed from the outset and until the bitter end, the elite addiction of our psyche. Always and everywhere the Jehovah's Witnesses feel the somewhat better, somewhat more enlightened, somewhat more decorous, somewhat closer to God.

But he who exalts himself ...

This inner attitude which is not hidden from the Lord, is the core of the doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses. They do not need to rely on the leadership of the Lord Jesus, but inwardly grinning they can demonstrate the superiority of the Bible knowledge of the Watchtower Society, to indicate studiously: "What do you know at all, you heathen!"

That this is combined with a loving smile, is clear. But the Lord looks into your heart and recognizes whether you follow him or whether you are only arrested by a highly intelligent human Jehovah's organization. He attaches importance to that and detects whether you call upon his sacrifice or only consider it as true. But if you call on his victim, you have to thank him for it from the heart. But this is idolatry in the Watchtower Society, because according to their doctrine Jesus is not God.

The Watchtower doctrine is a human knitted vehicle for keeping away people from the grace and leadership through Jesus Christ. Every Jehovah's Witness will stay in which he learned far behind a person with disabilities, who says one honest "yes" to Jesus. For Jesus' thoughts are so much higher than our thoughts, as the mountains are higher than the valleys.

You refer to Jehovah, the one God. But you have only believed in people who boldly interpret the Bible for their own purposes and views. Turn back! Ask Jesus! Without the personal "yes" to him there is no salvation.

Who goes to Jesus, can not be torn from his hand.

Daniel Jacobi - Deep inside me burns a fire


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