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Watchtower Catholic

Catholicism sits on the horse of the Watchtower

Any organization that exclusively binds itself to the salvation is anti-Christian. Nothing is more important for Satan than the commitment of people in each and everything as long as it is not Jesus. RTL whispers to the audience: "I am looking into your heart to see good times, bad times, a life that is beginning newly ..." The Watchtower extols its special Bible intelligence and promises to transport the people into the Kingdom of Jehovah, and the Catholic Church puts the horse's foot of a unique assignment into the consciousness of the public.

Thus the parallel between the only true Watchtower and the only true Catholic Church is coming back to validity. And with this absoluteness claiming, that belongs only to Jesus because he is the only way to the Father, the Catholic Church calls the new heresies in the foreground, which it is representing and celebrating since centuries.

How the Watchtower so the Catholic Church is subtly acting against Jesus. The most striking feature of the Catholic church next to its completely unholy claiming absoluteness is the idol worship of the "Mother of God." The Catholic Church everytime has allowed the teaching of things that simply can't be found in the Bible. This is the second important parallel between the Watch Tower Society and the Catholic Church.

It would be interesting to know how many by the Catholic Church disappointed Catholics turn to the Jehovah's Witnesses. At least from the inner relationship of these two teaching structures, it is very self-evident that most witnesses have moved from Catholicism to Watchtower teaching. For here is held in principle not a rethinking or a conversion, but only a promotion to the position:

I am now even better than the others.

Mental captivity

Here one moves only from the one to the other spiritual captivity!

This attitude of being-better-than-others is one of the factors that Jesus has fought with a vengeance. Jesus never endorsed the elitism. Jesus has given with his life the biggest example for the load-bearing bond with God and encouraged us people to commit to him.

This binding he rewards in all circumstances with his presence and with the full-scale rescue, healing and forgiving. Every human community, which follows up rudimentally to the temptation to portray itself as a mediator between Jesus and the man, has fallen for Satan's line and can neither correlate with the Holy Spirit, nor have something to do with Jesus.

The cornerstone of the true church, Simon Peter, is the most important witness

Peter precisely is in his normality and his failure mentality a prime example of what Jesus wants to save and does save. This later initiated into the innermost

Peter doesn't omit any dropping a brick, to let know that it's all Greek to him and that his nature doesn't match the schema that would like the Catholic Church to see in him so willingly. The in the Bible displayed Peter is closely related to all the crackpots and malcontents of the world who are reluctant to internalize an ideology. But he is otherwise an exaggerationor as such, one who promises everything that he can not keep.

Jesus does not only bring this Peter okay, but he bases also his church on him. He makes Peter, the loser, the hard core of his church and signals all over the world so that each and every schmo broken type Jesus is more than welcome. At the same time is directed at this matter, that just people who are a little bit crazy and cannot start anything correct in this world, easily fall to meet this crazy decision for Jesus. These are people who are badly suffered by the public.

This Peter, on which Jesus builds his church, is the in the world encountered people in need of rescue. That now human organizations derive from this fact they were the only true church of Christ, is but also very closely related to that absurdity that Peter shows again and again, but this derivation of absoluteness of their organization is a satanic act of seduction.

Jesus came into the world to save it, and not in order to found an association. Thus, the Church of Christ never consist of a human organization, but only from those who have decided in their hearts for Jesus. This scattered flock is the true Church of Christ. One can not find it in walls, behind which candles burn on metal racks. One can not know them by externals like good clothes and good behavior. You will never see them lead the war against terrorism, never can the Pope have to do something with it, if he is not personally bound in Jesus.

But who is tied to Jesus can never say this or that organization is the true church of Christ!

Therefore, Catholics should seriously question who they really believe. And the Protestants should leave it well with the ecumenism, because each ecumenical activity can only be human policy. Nothing more.

Every human organization that stands for the claim of representing God in any way in front of the world, falls from the salvation that God let us be given in Jesus. They are only Pharisees. Any attempt of achieving a certain public status in the world bears witness about to be not from God. The true church of Christ is not the so-called "Christianity". The true church of Christ can be seen only with the spiritual eye. The true church of Christ does not issue decisions or epistles. The true church of Christ lives in and from the love of Jesus.

Therefore we are allowed to be thankful when secular organizations, such as the Watchtower and the Catholic Church, understand themselves as those, on whom the salvation is dependent. For thus they show that they did not understood anything of Jesus and even don't depend on Jesus like the embarrassing unreasonable Peter.

So let's go up to Jesus, like Peter did. Peter has made the worst mistakes, and Jesus was able to handle well. That should make us all free, not to look at forms, culture or the right behavior, but make depending our life boldly on Jesus. In the inner commitment to Jesus is salvation. At the inner commitment to Jesus, we recognize the church.


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