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The Watchtower Business with poverty

The Double Standard of the Watchtower Society

Worldwide, people drive lucrative transactions by buying and selling stocks and reap their profits, for what they did not work. The major economic powers exploit anything that gets in their way. In this matter the Watchtower Society does not be the slightest exception. It profits, like any "intelligent" man in the betting market and exploits the people exactly like all other participants in this evil stock market game.

Even about activities of the Watchtower Society in corporations, which are manufacturing war material, can be read on the internet. There is also a letter from the Watchtower Society, which denies these activities and suggests the multi-million owning shares as unwanted gifts of two strayed brothers.

Well. Supposed that's true. Did the Watchtower Society distribute these millions to the poor? Do you believe that?

Watchtower Profit

Watchtower Profit

The Watch Tower Society is going an extreme human way to make their "world without poverty" become true. It enriches itself like all other social groups under the direct and open acceptance of the evil consequences. It does not go the way of the Lord, who has kept himself and his disciples completely free of improper profits. It participates streetwisely and consistently in the secular system of impoverishment of the masses and self-enriching in gambling at the stock market.

Fatal and terrifying acts against this background, the moral vision of the future, which it is spreading on its website. The Watchtower Society argues here on a very shallow and almost boring way a vision of a world which is desired from all the people who are suffering in the world. Thus the Watchtower writers pour their oil just in the right flame. They promote something that does not exist in this world.

They fan out a hope for a better world. So they want to convince people of the impression that the Watchtower Society brings its force precisely into service for this better world. But this is not the truth!

Even if this was true that the Watchtower Society assembled its strength for a better world against their very human profit interests, then you had to oppose that not by human effort the world can be improved. Only by Jesus himself, the world will be cleansed of their stupidity. There's no changing that, also not by the Watchtower Society.

But they propagate world improvement by human tactic that becomes by their kind of biblical interpretation something special. They misuse the Bible as a human improvement strategy, and make forget that only Jesus Christ can change people. They develop a tactic of taking advantage of the Bible by changing it into a vision of a better world and dazzle millions of people to make them serviceable.

The reverse is the actual business practice of the Watchtower Society. It is deeply involved in the profitable correlations of this worldly, devilish corporation group system. It benefits from and doesn't mention the excessive power of corporations with no word in their colorful books. Because then they would have to do without a lot of money and take life into account, that gladly accepts a follower of Jesus.

The Watchtower Society is a devilish secular organization and merchandises the Bible for the purpose of fraud. It is keeping millions of Jehovah's Witnesses caught up in the wrong faith, which by seeing eye and in strenuous Bible study consequently leads away from Jesus. It abuses the faith of the people and enriches itself with power and money.

The Watchtower Society is the perfect organization for dropping false testimony. They put God into an useable light, and they act as if they could mediate him to people. Decadence and immorality is one thing. But the deliberately twisting of the truth of God is something else. It is the sin against the Holy Spirit. It is a direct abuse of the word of God. It is the perfect seduction of seeking people to drive them into the hand of Satan.

The Watchtower stands with both feet firmly rooted in this world system, and plays in front of its believers a moral vision that he himself is not satisfying. The Watchtower is the businesslike use of the word of God.

Jehovah's Witness! Repent and ask Jesus directly and personally, what he wants you to do. He'll soon open your eyes about what you have to do to be saved for ever.


My thoughts on the damaging effects of being a sheep in the Jehovah's witnesses' organisation.

The on-going child abuse scandal repulses me, this along with dis-fellowshipping. They in my opinion are two of the most disgusting practices that I found within this cult.

Child abuse happens across the board but I think that what makes it so repellent in the JW arena is that they- as an organisation are so judgemental regarding the world and worldly people. They classify mercilessly anything worldly as synonymous with Satan. And portray themselves as the good-guy's, as infallible and clean in a dirty dirty God forsaken world.

They have a system of reproach, control, and punishment, though they name it "protective". However this practise of protection, again protects THE ORGANISATION only. It slices through families and loved ones relationships. This dissection of human's hearts and loyalty and love and minds is a skilful scheme, it takes various forms but all are based on promoting and endorsing the complete control of all the members of "Gods organisation".

So there is self-policing via thought control and the negating of one's autonomy combined with the practice of members also policing each other.

They command members to spy, to see and tell on each other lest their ticket to ride - on the ark to paradise earth is voided. So members are encouraged, through fear, to gossip. Gossip is validated by calling it - again "protective" and a failure to disclose is classified as "shared sin". Yet they refuse to comply with the law and disclose information regarding members crimes against children. They have a 2 witness rule to validate an accusation of child abuse which is ludicrous. Abusers do not abuse children with an audience.

Regarding disfellowshipping. Offences are often minor misdemeanours such as smoking, and of course questioning the watchtower. Infidelity and sex before marriage is the most common sin involved in a dis-fellowshipping. I'm taking it that readers know what this term means/is. Shunning, ex communication, a cutting off of an individual who by now is not only cut off from himself, but is now being cut off from the only community, family, "society" that he knows. Jehovah's witnesses are repeatedly told to beware of anything worldly, friendships with non JW's are frowned upon as worldly people are seen as a bad influence and will jeopardise a witnesses relationship with Jehovah/ and hope of eternal life on paradise earth.

It's ludicrous that breaking any of the endless rules that organisation claim are in place to keep the congregation clean whilst they - as an organisation, conversely keep the paedophiles activities "clean" and hidden. This is horrendous hypocrisy and significantly telling of just how bullish and mafia like this organisation is.

That they fail to PROTECT the truly most vulnerable in their organisation is sickening.

At the root of this dire situation of extensive child abuse is in my opinion the castration of individual power. A families protective powers regarding their own children are removed, as once a person becomes involved in the Jehovah's witnesses, it is essential that one ceases all autonomy. Autonomy is labelled "independent thinking" and it's a bad thing - obviously so - in cult land. And make no mistake. Jehovah's witnesses are a cult.

So people surrender the ability to truly see for themselves, or to hear or to think or feel. To look after themselves, to look after and nurture their own needs and the needs and safety of their children. It's all handed over to Jehovah, aka the organisation. It's a very effective deskilling. Dehumanising process. The three wise monkeys come to mind. However in this case it is not a wise action at all. As the baptised JW's entire autonomy is surrendered to the watchtower machine. And the machine is just that. Devoid of all humanity and good and God.

The hierarchical system of various titles and positions are heavily male dominated. There are publishers, baptised, unbaptized, auxiliary pioneers, pioneers, elders, circuit overseers the governing body the faithful and discreet slave, the 144 thousand. And poor old Jesus, who is really side-lined but that's another email. And it's all about power again (of course).

You see everyone can know Jesus right?, has heard of Jesus, he's there for us all. And all an individual needs to do is ask for Jesus to come into his life and heart. Oh but that's far too easy! Far too unmonitored and therefore unprofitable! So they capture that resource and syphon is off for their own gain. Oh there's a name change, but they are good at changing the scene altering the perspective. They call it Jehovah, we have this Jehovah, he is your friend now that we've disclosed his secret name – the name that satanic Christendom has strived to calculatedly hide from you people for years. But fear not people as we are here to set you free! The door of truth and salvation is unlocked ... gradually and shut again depending on your ever monitored performance. And make no mistake! You are monitored.

However, the watchtower has the truth. Right? Right? It sets you free yes?

But the Watchtower have branded and copyrighted Jehovah as their own. But really it's them. They own God. And it's far from free, or the truth.

Basically it's a vast business peddling dreams and false promises door to door and very aggressively to society, and if you sign up as it were, in return you hand your whole life - thinking ability, safety, prosperity, psychological and spiritual health. Your educational and thus your job prospects and earning power are diminished, damaged, impaired. Everything is impaired and handed over to these men unquestioningly.

So families do not protect their own children as they are soaked in instilled fear of "bringing shame upon Jehovah's organisation". They are castrated. Societies single fatherless families are a big market for the Jehovah's witnesses.

Preserving the viability and reputation and money making ability of the organisation absolutely depends on deceit, and protecting child abusers is right up there as being one the most heinous acts in the world. Especially as these men roam about with black book bags knocking on doors and offering hope and truth to often very vulnerable people. In particular in current society, with the recession, family pressure, breakups etc. As the world falls apart - just as they predict so gleefully, they herd in and harvest in the needy and susceptible potential "sheep".

Renne [2012-02-16]
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