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Watch Tower Society - Secret Society

Is the Watchtower Society a Secret Society?

The term "secret society" is used to describe fraternal organizations that may have secret ceremonies and means of identification and communication, ranging from (collegiate fraternities) to organizations described in conspiracy theories as immensely powerful, with self-serving financial or political agendas, global reach, and often Luciferian beliefs. A Secret Society ...
  • is exclusive
  • claims to own special secrets
  • shows a strong inclination to favor its own
  • It has "carefully graded and progressed teachings"
  • Teachings are "available only to selected individuals"
  • Teachings lead to "hidden (and 'unique') truths"
  • Truths bring "personal benefits beyond the reach and even the understanding of the uninitiated."

A secret society of which the thought in the world does not exist generally, that it could be a secret society, is the most secret of all secret societies.

Also that by the Watch Tower Society from its members required behavior to the outside is more like building a super-Christian facade as the representation of a community of people who were changed by God's Spirit. This replica, that copy of real Christian attitude is also an indication for the Watch Tower Society being probably the most secret of all secret societies.

The secret-societistical property of the Watch Tower Society itself is so secret that the discovery of the fact that there are secret teachings of the Watch Tower Society, almost sound unbelievable. But the plan can penetrated easily.

While on the one hand obviously unethical teachings such as the refusal of a blood transfusion may be carried openly to the public, consciously are omitted to mention other almost secondarily appearing rules as the prayer barrier between man and woman. That makes sense. For the rejected blood transfusion excites the minds and detracts from regarding the real deadly factors of the Watchtower doctrine.

The real death takes place, where the actual experience of man with God is systematically and consistently thwarted previously. The for thwarting used rules, any real Christian would immediately reveal, if he had knowledge about. This risk is too great, than that the Watchtower Society could allow. Thus, the Watch Tower Society has apparently successfully concealed from the public until today, that in their circles the men never are allowed to hear the prayers of the women.

This secrecy leads to the conclusion that the Watchtower Society as a secret society depends on it to let penetrate only half the truth to the public. So in the Watch Tower Society is pushed up the path of obfuscation to avoid the substantive discussion. For the image of the nonrecurring good Christianity, put forward by it to the outside, would not be tarnished only, but also just refuted by the Bible itself. In order to avoid such a confirmation on the basis of the Word of God, the Watch Tower Society conceals the most destructive measures, it imposes on its believers.

The splitting of the thought contents of the Watch Tower Society, those which are suitable for the public, and those that should be better kept secret from the public, the Watch Tower Society continues in the publication of divided information. The baptized Jehovah's Witnesses, who are allowed to be seen fixed in the manipulation of the Watch Tower Society, receive information that only they can "endure". They already are so trained in the convertible logic of the Watch Tower writers that they do not longer recognize the blatant inconsistencies, let alone are able to criticize.

Unladen, new appearing minds are not confronted with this obvious biblical twist. Otherwise it would be far too obvious, what a spiritual background the Watchtower Society has really. This protection against the criticism of people who have still retained their own view, shall be applied since 2008 to the monthly published Watchtower writings.

How much the Watchtower Society really is hiding, is unknown. But the three above outlined facts tell their own tale. They make clear that the Watchtower Society cannot be a religious denomination, but an opened program to divert from the original Christian doctrine. Jesus gets at the Jehovah's Witnesses a low side-status (he's only creature) and Jehovah plays like among the Jews and Muslims once again the only true role. Thus the Christian doctrine of salvation through faith in Jesus is undermined once and for all and the seduction to a performance depending bliss can begin.

If the belief in the free salvation through Jesus was not so dangerous for the adversary, it would not require any secret societies such as the Watch Tower Society. In this respect the stubborn combating the belief in Jesus as God who saves through faith in him, is bearing witness himself to Jesus and confesses, without intending it, Jesus is the only mediator between man and God.

But this testimony is so obscured by false doctrine that only Jesus-believers can recognize this effect. Only those who rely directly and unconditionally to Jesus and let him work and follow him, can recognize that the Watch Tower Society in exactly this grand style as it occurs, is doomed to failure and ultimately testifies in its dishonest fight against this Jesus, who is God, that he is God, who performed for us this incomprehensible act.

For a Jesus who would have not met the law, a Jesus who would not have saved the world, a Jesus who doesn't unmask the efforts of the Jehovah's Witnesses as absurd additional services, must not be controverted.

The fact that there are still are some people in the world who have dared to contact Jesus, the Watchtower Society can not afford to give its teachings in full to the public. That would be its fast end. The knowledge about the man made faith facade of the Watchtower Society would be the natural result of an open attitude of the Watchtower Society.

But so it can satisfy many people in their desire for an tidy life. It may convince many of them, one had only to be just good enough to have no need to claim the salvation by Jesus, but that it would totally be enough, if one appreciates Jesus and his "ransom sacrifice".

To be able to give Jesus this halved honor furthermore, the Watchtower Society is holding back the full truth about itself before the public. So it meets none other than the status of a secret society.


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