Videos on the Theology of Jehovah's Witnesses

The theology of Jehovah's Witnesses occurs again and again in all kinds of cultures. There is a 1-to-1 correspondence in North Korea, where the head of state acts as Jehovah, his son as Jesus and a 130 meter high column with a flame of fire as Holy Spirit. In the Islamic world, submission to Allah is as much a requirement as submission of the Witness to Jehovah. The theology of Jehovah's Witnesses is found in the openly anti-Christian religions. The functional and formal similarities with the Watchtower Society's image of God are amazing. Only that Jehovah's Witnesses do not yet have the means to spread their organization to all people. So psychological brutality is applied only to the "sheep" within the organization.

Like Islam, the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses is shrinking. While the Watchtower Society and Islam grow almost exclusively by birth, Christianity grows through people who find Jesus. Faith in Jesus Christ is unique. The belief that Jesus is God who humbled Himself for us is not found in any other religion in the world except the disciples of Jesus.

With the doctrine that Jesus is not God, the Jehovah's Witnesses represent the very same thing that can be found throughout the rest of the world.

The Catholic Church avoids making Jesus ineffective in this way. But it has pulled out all possible stops in order to banish Jesus from the field of vision of the believer. In his place is Mary, who is endowed with all the great qualities of a goddess and in fact assumes the role that only Jesus is entitled to.

Thus the Catholic Church intervenes head-on in the work of Jesus in order to make it ineffective. The counterpart is the rest of the world, who simply denies that Jesus is God. In this way, the world works perfectly with the Catholic Church to keep people away from Jesus. The religions of the world and Catholicism form a pair of pliers whose effect is optimally aimed at locking Jesus out of people's hearts.

For Jesus Christ is sent to us.

Shouldn't the truth automatically enter our hearts when we accept Jesus? Why do all possible religions have to make predeterminations - Jesus is like that - Jesus is like that? Jesus already makes himself clear in you if you follow him. But if you follow people, you will only learn wrong things about Jesus. Only when you no longer believe anyone, but only Jesus, will you be on the safe side.


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