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The most important message for Jehovah's Witnesses!

This is probably the most important message for all Jehovah's Witnesses!

We think about it below the exaggerated logic of the Watchtower Society what it means when Jesus says about himself that he is the truth.

All people of faith throughout the world agree that God is the truth. This we find in all existing religions. Likewise, everyone knows who is in search of the truth that there can be only one truth. The scientific used term "true" means more "correct". And correct can be a lost of things. But the truth as an independent fact is a thing that can exist only once in the known world. This unique truth is God.

So there is one unique truth, about which all men agree that it occurs only once, this truth must be God. There are not two truths. If there were two truths, the word "truth" would lose its meaning.

Jesus is the Truth

Jesus does not formulate: I am a part of the truth or I am sent by the truth or I'm truthfully. Jesus does not claim to bring the truth also not to embody them, he does not claim that he stands for truth, but he maintains dry as a bone:

"I am the Truth"

Thus His alleged role as messenger of the gods, which is appended to Him by the Watchtower Society, is refuted by the Bible, the Word of God in a perfect way! His own word, the word of Jesus Christ, determines that He is this single truth that can only be God Himself. With this simple statement Jesus destroys any false doctrines which say that He could not be the Almighty God. Jesus withdraws with that one word all liars in this world all substance and conviction. He makes with this statement about Himself that the error can never be accepted by God:

Jesus, I did not think you were God!

The Jehovah's Witnesses are indeed seduced by a complicated theory, but they will have no excuse before God. If they would have combined their conscience with their mind for only 10 cents, then they would had recognized this simple truth of the word of God. But like the Islam they faile to speak to Him and check Him. They refrain from learning something by Jesus. They prefer to learn something by the Watchtower Society about Jesus.

In this way, the Jehovah's Witnesses lock out themselves from the rescue and they will shipwreck patheticly with their human wisdom. They reject God because they reject Jesus as God.

Jesus Christ says:

I am the way and the truth and the life.

A small lecture,
how man even came out, to worship Jesus and say to him: "My Lord and my God!"


Jesus says he is the truth. The Jehovah's Witnesses say he could say that, because all the prophecies about him had arrived. So if someone says about a human being every conceivable right and true, then this so true and correct described man can become the truth or can claim to be the truth? No! This man remains as he was, and can not say he is the truth. For there is only one truth and that is God.

This insane statement that Jesus did not mean so when he said he is the truth, but he meant only that all the prophecies about him would have been arrived, that excuse actually believe the Jehovah's Witnesses. Because - it comes from the slave and therefore one has to believe it. The words of Jesus are no longer valid, because the Watchtower Society sets a different validity of the words of Jesus.

I ask myself seriously: Can a so vaguely, even downright misleading articulating Jesus ever be perfect? Is not he close and personal with the lie, if he does not say: I can describe myself as the truth because all the prophecies about me have arrived - but says: I am the truth! - ? Is Jesus not through the turn of the meaning of his words made a liar?

Jehovah's Witnesses. You'll be thrown out. There where are weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Ruediger [2010-04-17]
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