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The true life and purpose
of the Jehovah's Witnesses

The state should decide what about the presentation of the corporate law of public law, cannot and should not judge the faith. From this perspective, it cannot distribute the rights or deny. But has he, if he's already giving such rights to impose the task of the associated obligations. This does not work for the Jehovah's Witnesses, because they do not take responsibilities from the outside. The internal structure of Jehovah's Witnesses focuses on self-government and created with the strict enforcement of the award of corporate law, the confirmation of a subculture of the sharpest contrast to all parts of society. Every Jehovah's Witness is personal property of the Watchtower Society and surpasses his loyalty to his mistress, even the position of Scientology Church of blind loyalty and loyalty to a leader.

The self-justiciability of the Jehovah's Witnesses outlines the issues most clearly. (Quote from a radio broadcast: "The members of the Community imposed their strict observance of the prohibition of killing ...") Here it becomes evident that concerns are taken jurisdiction of the state into their own hands and nobody can say whether or when to the Watchtower Society popular reverse this "imposed strict observance of the prohibition of killing," into its opposite, or simply set aside. As long as reasonably satisfy the rules adopted by the Watchtower Society of Jehovah with the state guidelines, principles, there are between the Watchtower Society and the state no conflict. The boundless commitment of Jehovah's Witnesses to the regulations of the sect, but is still given, and necessarily implies the need to encrypt and disregard for state violence. In terms of child maltreatment is the religious community of Jehovah's Witnesses have long gone to the extent that such crimes in general within the Watchtower sect came not for display, but with the Community's own "treated legal means". A reversal of the practice of self-justiciability will probably not be expected from the Watchtower Society, because with the advent in terms of recognition as a corporation under public law provide for a threshold may still exist disappears entirely, which would still have this unilateral action to prevent or at least can mitigate.

By referring to himself scope hierarchy of dos and don'ts to be relativized not only the laws of the State and subordinate to the laws of the Watch Tower Society, but the laws of the state with Jehovah's Witnesses a clear invalid (because secular). The members of this sect, not least to draw exactly from this salient feature of their sub-company they own the elite LIFESTYLE. You sit on hold as the ready-reaction force, and was secretly pleased to hear from the Watchtower authorities at last the long-awaited breakout signal.

The inhumane extreme obedience of the cult members opposite of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses is the anticipated his own state, the enforcement of Sharia in the small circle.

Thus, in the media by the Jehovah's Witnesses again raised its reference to exemplary and harsh treatment of criminals in their ranks cannot be regarded simply as proof that the Watchtower community worked out very well, but we are here to practice law autonomy, which excludes a recognition of the Jehovah's Witnesses as a public corporation. Just being tested in this context, the Watchtower Society over again in every particular the impact of its resources to the individual and the group and sits about people by their own laws in court. It also tests in its daily operation, the current legal boundaries of their self-centeredness and arbitrariness of precisely positioned and always exactly at the point of not yet discovered but not yet sanctioned by state and law infidelity. The child molester gets a second chance if he feigns remorse, the critical question is summarily excluded and sharply decreased in the Community, until he once again sworn to be in line with Watchtower policy.

This decades on the tip-driven interaction between manipulation, psychological dependence and autocratic legislation applies the Watchtower Society put in a position to form a special company in the existing social order, the members of this special extra-clique is not for nothing that gives hope, a day overcome the present system of things. Even if this system seems to be overcome are not being taken, then the inner lives of hope, Jehovah's Witnesses but precisely from such a self-exerted power and jurisdiction within the subculture of foreclosed Watchtower system. The daily practice of autonomous legal autonomy under the leadership of that Jehovah has its definite meaning. It focuses on the Watch Tower-specific hope of the Jehovah's Witnesses on the assumption of the domination, based in Jerusalem. From there, the Watchtower Society wants to rule with an iron rod.

The fungibility of the individual members shall be maintained in strict organization on a daily basis through psychological pressure and mental manipulation, and special charges, such as blood Checked in question, and conscientious objection on the heart and kidneys. The persistence of the problem of mental pressure and the permanent regulations until the most private life are the permanent emergency simulation for the day of the day, as of the date of the dates. The driven to the extreme obedience to the Jehovah's Witnesses, in addition to the legal autonomy of the sect, their second leg and dovetailed perfectly with the global state of contempt, which is part of their doctrine from the beginning.

The solution that consists of the state practiced tolerance towards such an association in their everyday legal autonomy and the arbitrary abrogation of state laws by overstating its own guidelines, is that with which pride themselves Jehovah's Witnesses from all others. Jehovah's Witnesses receive with the utmost tenacity to the outside world their willingness to follow the rule of the Watchtower Society, to kill anyone, they declare with emphasis on its peaceful intentions. Enter with caution, the white vest of a good Bible-trained character. - The most important effect that is achieved with this outwardly shown kindness to the community with all its inherent facets defying the state of society more and more widespread. She escapes in this way not only to the state of knowledge of serious crimes and to access the pedophiles in the ranks of Jehovah's Witnesses, but it protects itself sustained before the discovery of the real relationships that just are precisely the fact that the upheaval of systems have long hoped for and is prepared daily in the slave obedience doctrine.

The Helplessness of the State

The courts that have addressed the issue of awarding of corporate law, who had to judge without the necessary background information that would have done well to set a deadline within which social workers have to deal with the Jehovah's Witnesses. Only human proximity and the confrontations with the contents of faith and community structures have can give an accurate picture of the Jehovah's Witnesses. If the Jehovah's Witnesses would not have been ready to cooperate with the social workers, then it would become clear to all that the granting of corporate law should have been denied to them. If a collaboration would have taken place over several years, the informational basis of the courts would have been sufficient to keep many people from prison-like manipulation and a lot of other damage by the award would this right has been denied. Only after several years of intensive work by social workers with the structures, doctrines and practices of Jehovah's Witnesses could have helped a way can be paved for a fair and problem-solving jurisprudence.

Without this foundation of information gathering, the courts had to abide to elicit from their own legal system to the sample, which could in the course of many years of deterioration of the Jehovah's Witness question promise a verdict. This method of problem-foreign legal reasoning is long no longer common. Even in the average custody battle the court social worker or similar to, if necessary, be asked one to provide the necessary information to elicit and convey to the sentencing judge. This today in the legal system as fundamentally significant practice in the case of the granting of corporate law at the Jehovah's Witnesses not given here and the existing information vacuum could not make up even by an expert. In addition, the imbalance is that it is the Jehovah's Witnesses are experts in the field of half-truths.

The Current Position of the Jehovah's Witnesses

The sub-society of Jehovah's Witnesses today met a rather inoffensive function within society. The Watchtower Society does not move with motorcycles and leather jackets around the block, no old grannies harassed, raped any women in the subway and not plugged into the farmer's barn fire. But the programmatic content of this religious community is a lot more dangerous and subversive than the idiosyncratic rockers of gangs or terrorist groups or Bible boom. Because the Jehovah's Witness community is designed with the consistent and constant even for the practiced-justiciability from the seamless replacement of the state system, and surrendered only in the preparatory phase to give a picture of the subversion of the state itself. The long fermentation process within the Jehovah's Witnesses successfully hidden the forming state within a state, and weighs the publicity in the certainty that it is in Jehovah's Witnesses but only a collection of comic eccentrics.

All historical groupings with antisystem targets have found their downfall in the fact that they turned to violence. From that the Watchtower Society has learned and presents its system objectives are not made in relation to a real implementation period, fueling their subjects but in only the hope of the Bible borrowed from the fabulous "day of Jehovah". Although millions of people are believing that this day actual is dependent of God, this is no obstacle that make a few insiders in the group who aspire to a global upheaval that they play for power in the hands. In preparation for this big day, the Watchtower Society of Jehovah shall exercise the strictest long dictatorship in the world (because mental-manipulative) perfectly in order in the case of the hoped-for break even in a position to not have to let the power slip from their hands on. This is the reason why there is among the Jehovah's Witnesses no mercy. Opposite case they must pay for every contribution and permission to be Jehovah's Witness, with absolute loyalty to the slave (WTS). Among Jehovah's Witnesses is no one at whom passes the sanction of exclusion, when he is fading in his loyalty to the slave.

The State may be lulled into confidence that the system transition will not happen for a long time, because the number of Jehovah's Witnesses is really quite straightforward, but it should take care and remember that remarkable chain has repeatedly led to developments that accompanied by the destruction of eerie crowds are. One uses a coincidence advantage of the situation (such as Adolf Hitler), the other waits calmly to the desired situation and is working so far to be fully consistent with the painstaking perfecting the manipulation of those in his power crowds. Even the manipulation of the German courts with a parade of half-truths posted to this development range of the Jehovah's Witness religion.

The strategies of the Watchtower Society are diversified. By the consequent accumulation of wealth over the firm replaced the state government about their subjects to deliberate ingratiation of the rest of the world as good people and only true religion and the church gives her tools. They tested extensively with arbitrary prohibitions to suppress as far as one man and forced into concentration camps, for example, can, without losing the loyalty of the oppressed. The Watchtower Society donates tons of people to take the worst embarrassments to themselves and gather in this way experiences, such as the one God-channeled government can bring targeted manipulation of the people at the best possible success. The experience of oppression and domination is on the Watch Tower Society is so great that not even the potential for fraud can the Catholic Church and the civil security services to keep up because they do not think so long and so short-lived trends are stronger when subjected to indoctrination and manipulation apparatus Watchtower Society.

Someone to whom this presentation is to appear overly conspiratorial, please get involved even seriously on the longer-Jehovah's Witnesses. He will either be collected and subjected them mentally, or he comes with exactly the insights from the experiment described here back. There are experiences in which anxiety and mental limitations imposed otherwise be kept absolutely intelligent people in the Jehovah's Witnesses.


A hostile distance from the state of the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses, and thus is the basis of the organization. This hostility is that it replaces in the daily practice, existing state regulations for the Jehovah's Witnesses by their own will. That this exchange is practiced exactly along a particular line of conflict, is self-explanatory, if one considers that the objectives of the Watchtower Society are very long-term.

But the real thing is rehearsed in the Watchtower Society over again. It remains to be seen, when the faithful and discreet slave will send back his flock to the mountains to see the day of Jehovah. Then again, many lives will be destroyed (by people who have given away their possessions), many will turn away from the WTS and then wait to dry and empty inside their death because they were rendered incapable of accepting the state and human society and possibly discover Jesus as their God. But this stress always have to be back! For most alive to the Watchtower Society is the hope of the total system flux.

Today (03.07.2009) in the mailbox: The End of the world with new hike
Congress of the Jehovah's Witnesses "WATCH RESISTANT"

How much is this doomsday theory Jehovah's Witnesses under the skin (ie the inner substance), we see that you enjoy it on the part of Jehovah's Witnesses always say: "If other people would as we were so, then the world in order" . And we hear and read of children, which the Watchtower should be literally beaten into thinking. The risk of Watchtower doctrine is not for the political community in the uprooted and twisted anti-Christian teachings, but in the required fidelity of the Jehovah's Witnesses. The inner attitude of the Jehovah's Witnesses opposite her faithful and discreet slave is characterized by something that even Hitler's SS practiced. Their motto was: "My honor is loyalty!" (Or something similar.) If the state is not already in a position to prevent that from the Jehovah's Witnesses a church is made, it should at least seriously examine every Jehovah's Witness, to what extent it is this mental derangement had fallen loyalty.


this is a mere works of the devil who tried to destroy the faithful Jehovah's witnesses. for the devil knows he has a short period of time. do not be misled with his tricks. this is a false accusation.

azh [2010-01-25]
I hereby acknowledge publicly that Jesus is my Lord. I am sure that you can not bear this witness. For thy Lord, Jehovah forbids you to speak with Jesus. You can not even say to Jesus, Lord, because you are not even allowed to pray to Him. It is easy to see that the Watchtower Jehovah is the one who pursues the objectives of Satan. Jesus says: Come to Me everyone! But you all go past to Jesus and go to a Jehovah, who claims that Jesus was just an angel.

I can not prove that Jehovah is Satan, but the circumstantial evidence is piling up. The masses of demons in the Watchtower literature speak their own language by themselves.

Ruediger [2010-01-26]
Jehovah is the true God, Jesus is His only begotten son. Jehovah's witnesses have not deviated from this, but real heretics have.

Anonymous [2010-03-18]
Well, if only real heretics believe that Jesus is God, then Jesus, according to John 5, 23 is the chief heretic.

John 5, 23 ... that all may honour the Son just as they honour the Father. He who does not honour the Son does not honour the Father, who sent him.

How do people honour the Father? Right! Through worship. And who should be worshiped, must be God.


Ruediger [2010-03-18]
Jehovah is the true GOD.....
The "name" Jehovah was not found in any original bible text. And this "name" did not appear till catholic monks created it by mixing the consonants of JHWH and the vowels of adonai in the 11th or 12th century. Jesus never did call this name, but his own name he made be known all over the world. The name Jesus ist the only name given to us to be saved in it. [RH]
your false accusations are laughable..........JWS pray to Jehovah as He said to do!!
No, they make Jesus be a second god and so they violate the first law of god: You shall have no other gods before me. Furthermore Jesus said:

John 5,23 that all may honor the Son, just as they honor the Father. Whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him.

Jehovah's Witnesses don't do that. They only use Jesus as a phone line. [RH]
Did Jesus pray to prayed to his Father................
Yes, when he was human being, he did pray to the Father. Did you think, the father became humen being and still was god? How should happen something like this? [RH]
what Jesus said .was you can only communicate with Jehovah through him(Jesus)..we end every prayer by mentioning that by Jesus' intermediary the prayer is heard by Jehovah
No, Jehovah is a by catholic monks fabricated god. This Jehovah "God" can not hear anything. [RH]
....I wonder, why are are you so into trying to discredit spend so much time and energy doing Jesus said .just as he was persecuted so shall his real followers tell your boss(you know who)........his time is increasingly short.Instead of writing ridiculously long,twisted essays (designed to confuse the reader and ULTIMATELY try to make us abandon our faith(((mmmmmmmm.......makes me think of a another being who used similar In conclusion.....if you dont like us nor want to hear our message.= just turn away.........
I must warn people who are confronted with Watchtower teachings. [RH]
but our constitution GUARANTEES our RIGHT to FREE SPEECH....... so ,go home , play with your children ,love your wife and live a good life....and maybe ,just'll ask yourself a spiritual question ......and your pastor ,priest ,ect........will not be able to give you a clear,concise answer...give us a call we'd be glad to talk to you!!!!!

domenic dandrea [2011-10-14]
jehovah is the true god.he is the supreme creator.jesus is the son of jahovah who made man free from the sins and death.
John 1,1 says that Jesus is God. By your theory you have two gods in your religion. Jehovah and the word, who was god or at least a god. With these two gods in your religion you ignore the law: You shall have no other gods before me. Do you understand? Jesus must be the one God, if we don't want to ignore the law. Read also John 5,23. [RH]
jesus is the only mediator to reach our god jehovah.without knowing jah,no one can enter into paradise.its the promise of jah that he will bring paradise on earth-revelation-21;3,4.asa far as the v all have seen in old testamon everything jah told has been v can surely trust him and believe his words.....wherever u are give your lend ur ears to jehovah god.

anju [2011-10-25]
"but our constitution GUARANTEES our RIGHT to FREE SPEECH....... so ,go home , play with your children ,love your wife and live a good life....and maybe ,just'll ask yourself a spiritual question ......and your pastor ,priest ,ect........will not be able to give you a clear,concise answer...give us a call we'd be glad to talk to you!!!!!"

just some guy who loves Jesus [2013-04-17]
APOSTATE! you're twisting your own tongue, may Jehovah's will shed light and show mercy on you.

this is a plain and simple apostasy! to all JW, leave this website immediately... DON'T PARTICIPATE OR EVEN ARGUE WITH HIM.

thank you,

Wiki - jw STUDY [2013-06-19]
The majority of comments from people who think they are defending the Jehovah's Witnesses are absolutely off the mark.

1) Real Christianity and the Watchtower Organization are NOT the same thing. Real Christians follow Jesus Christ. Those who are part of the Watchtower Organization follow the Organization. They believe what it tells them to believe. They do what it tells them to do (or, many of them pretend to. Support for the WT so-called "preaching work" has been pathetic for years now)

2) The real objective of the WT Organization is to grow rich, and make money. To do this it hoodwinked millions of trusting people into thinking they were serving God. When all they were doing was to distribute WT Literature. Please don't try deny this. The facts are there - every congregation has a Magazine Department, and a Literature Department. And for decades there wee PRICE LISTS for everything, and publishers had to BUY the literature, and then sell it to the public. (To hide the real activity, they coined a new word - to PLACE literature - where "to place" equals "to sell" and "placements" equals "sales".

3) This is why the WT society has always refused to reveals its true Balance Sheet. Publishers were hood winked into thinking that because the literature was so "cheap" it was a true Non Profit Organization. FACT: The WT Society is one of the world's largest commercial publishing/printing organizations. Their cost structure is unique, in that their workers are volunteers, either totally unpaid (the publishers), or get minimal wages (the Bethelites)

PROFIT is the difference between cost and selling price, less expenses. By this simple calculation, the WT Organization has always been immensely profitable - its costs were always tiny compared with other printing/publishing organizations. The whole scheme fell apart in the mid 1990 when governments started to question the WT Organization claims of being a “charitable” “non-profit” organization. When the leaders saw their scheme threatened, they quickly abandoned the “fixed-price” scheme and changed to a “donational” arrangement. But nothing really changed. Publishers still pay money for the literature, and still ask for money when they “place” (i.e. sell) it.

4) The FINAL PROOF: The WT Organization declines to explain how it is the owner of BILLIONS of REAL ESTATE - in New York, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, South Africa, Japan, etc etc.

5) The so-called "PREACHING" work instigated by the WT Organization is totally different from what Jesus and the apostles did. They preached TRUTH (not speculations) and they HELPED PEOPLE. They fed the hungry, healed the sick. They DID NOT SELL magazines and literature, or pretend.

60 All the other things that are coming to light – the child abuse, unchristian behaviour, the internal power struggles, are symptoms - the WT Organization is on its own mission. It does not truly represent either God or Jesus Christ.

Do not get me wrong: There are millions of people within the WT organization who are sincerely trying to live Christian lives. No doubt God will reward them, as INDIVIDUALS. Just as there are millions of other people, in other religions, also sincerely trying to live good lives. No doubt God will reward them also.

For the WT organization to say that it alone has the “Truth” is a lie. GOD ALONE HAS THE TRUTH. And we read that Jesus Christ says: “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

There is ZERO mention of the WT Organization in Jesus Teachings.

LAST THOUGHT: 99.999% of publishers do not know that the Governing Body do not consider them (the publishers) to even be “real Christians”. Yes, this is a fact. The official thought, buried away, out of public view, is that ONLY those of the 144,000 are really Christians – every one else is an “associate”. Yet publishers who make mistakes (smoke, have pre-marital sex etc.) are judged by the same laws as the “real” Christians. It gets worse. Some leaders have advanced the idea that the publishers are “slaves” – like the non-Jewish slaves who worked for the priests in ancient Israel.

As a great man said: “we should not be surprised when an Organization abuses and harms us. It has no soul, and no conscience.”

Frank M [2014-05-13]
I have read everything from everyone why not just humble yourselves. If you can not see the truth the bible it's self says that if they will not hear they are self condemned. I am a Christian and go to no church but I DO read the bible. And the more I read the more I learn each and everyday. From my point the JWs contradict the bible. They teach that Jesus is Micheal the Archangel when the God himself Said to what angel has made the universe and called son. Or what about when the people told Jesus who is the father and Jesus himself said haven't you seen me and my miracles. You see my friends this what not enough just like Jesus said the world would deny him the world needs two men's testimony to be believed but he was only one. You see I am not saying who is right or who is wrong I'm simply seeing the obvious. But JWs cannot understand that because they use Yhwy'S OWN words to prove their own doctrines as the bible said many religions would do, instead of proving Jesus's teachings to be true. May God be with you ALL and I, and may any unbeliever become clothed in Lamb.

Devoted bible studyer [2014-05-22]
If you want to help to create a better translation, use the form below: Old text: ... New text: ... - Thank you very much! The german version you find here.

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