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The Real Jesus

The most drunken drink in the world is tea. The most lied about, twisted, betrayed and falsified name in the world, is Jesus Christ. Organizations, small and large, circles of "lights" and "enlightened" individuals, like the Watchtower Society or Roman Catholic Church, attempt to outdo each other in how far they can pull off the biggest lie. They would keep those within their special sphere of error from trusting Jesus for salvation.

This article, designed to help those who do not want to be led astray by men, describes the real Jesus. The real Jesus is the Jesus of the Bible. One can check all his characteristics by looking in the Bible. He reveals Himself to everyone who asks with child-like faith: "What shall I do?" The following list is not exhaustive, but lays claim to avoid false doctrine and human fantasy regarding the person of Christ. The order of characteristics is random.

Men are all too ready to forget or explain away these central points. The intention is often to expand control over denominations or religious groups. In order to usurp power they use Jesus by only ascribing to Him characteristics which serve the interests of their particular institution. Such people love to add invented characteristics to the concept of Jesus which merely increase the power of their organization.

It is especially important to note that no one can lay claim to have received a special authority to teach by Jesus. If someone really has some special knowledge, it is always in reference to particular believers and plays a personal roll within a very limited framework. That is, when one would admonish brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. No institution in the world ought to exercize authority over others. Only Jesus Christ has this right. He sends every disciple His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit leads each person who believes on Jesus into all truth. The Holy Spirit takes into consideration what the individual disciple is able to bear. Therefore it is important to understand that we may have to wait for knowledge – Jesus decides when we are to grasp information.

No human factors exist that God cannot control. All human tradition is worth zero before Jesus. Jesus Christ is the greatest of all. God had made Himself visible in Jesus Christ so that we can be saved. All human teachings that cannot be confirmed by the Bible are lies.

Translated by Fred Foster


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