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The glaring lies of the Watchtower

The double Standards of the Watch Tower Society

Through the Watch Tower Society Satan beckons even with the morale and threatens us with our sin, through which we become lost. That can not be, that the evenhanded punishment is crossed solely by the faith in this Jesus! No!!! You have to try to please Jehovah by your own efforts! So straighten your slopes down to the directives of the Watchtower Society, or you will not come into the Kingdom of Jehovah.

Jesus predicted that we will recognize them by their works. The works of the Watchtower Society are rotten through and through, and bad.

An example

On the Watchtower page the Watchtower Society displays a moral designation, which demonizes gambling. It proposes with that under the spell of guilt every viewer and wants to teach people about what is right in the eyes of God. It tries to give the impression of knowing the truth and to be its mediator. It makes the claim of leading people to God.

What a honorable Job!

But the Watchtower Society consists of nothing but rich people who earn money in the stock market, and thus serve the worst of the world's gambling. They make profits and keep silent about it in their moral writings that the stock market and the set free market economy are bringing the biggest pain about humanity. Every day.

Jehovah's Witnesses on the way to the Jehovah's Kingdom

Jehovah's Witnesses on the way to the Jehovah's Kingdom

The Jehovah's Witnesses are taken by a double standard that doesn't find its peer in the world. They walk proudly along in expensive suits and show only the best. Therefore they buy and sell on the stock exchange and increase their money in the most diabolical stage of the world. They are shareholders and stockbrokers. They drive their game at the most secular of all secular institutions and swing on their website the finger of divine morality.

The Watchtower Society has evolved from a joint stock company and does not prohibit or criticize today the profit of this inhumane gambling. It is catapulting moral high and guilt feelings, and wants to teach people about what God is hating. But that it itself meets all the criteria to bring God to destroy them, they are not scratched by.

Because the profit is above all and every means this is right.

The Watchtower Society is the most mendacious, what is existing in the world. Not because it speaks the untruth. That's what all people do. It is the most mendacious in the world, because it claims to be the bearer of the God-given truth and is not even addressing itself to it. It ist copying Jesus and snaps his job. It pushes aside the direct reign of Jesus about his disciples and sets itself as a diabolical copy in the role of mediator, that is alone Jesus.

What does fit on something like this better than the comparison with a whore who sits down in an strange nest, and takes over the rule in fraud?

And even if I did not believe in Jesus, I would have recoursed to his commitments to see how something like the Watchtower Society is judged. For it is the epitome of fraud. The Watchtower Society is a tool employed by Satan to make Jesus to the people dull and powerless.

By their works ye shall know them!

With how much blindness someone must be struck who engages in such a lie? How broken and disoriented must be someone who does hand over and surrender himself and his children to such people? How proud and haughty must someone be not to see the error of his choice in view of such breathtaking facts?

And at the end of time, people will crave for crazy and perverted teachings and they will make themselves dependent on windy liars and criminals. They will feel good in their error because they don't want to know anything about Jesus. They are more likely to croak than being caught up on the truth about Jesus.

Jehovah's Witness! Open your eyes and turn to Jesus, our Lord. For he is the emissary of our God. Only in him is the salvation and truth. Let apprise yourself directly by him of whether he is God or not.


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