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The devil sees Jesus as a flash harry

Several religious communities proclaim sometimes overt, sometimes concealed Lucifer as the true God. This occurs in the Mormons and well-hidden also in the Jehovah's Witnesses. The God with the in the 13th Century by Catholic monks naturalized name Jehovah is not glorifying his Son Jesus as the only mediator between himself and men. This God Jehovah has set up an earthly intermediary service organization and in this way he shows us that he cannot be God the Father.

The favorite idea that Satan has of Jesus, is the improperly intervening liar Jesus, who masquerades himself falsely as the Son of God and makes him, the devil, disputable his very highest position. Satan sees Jesus as a kind of unfair competition, an self-ingratiating fine words speaker, a greasy displacer, an illegitimate legacy. Jesus is in the eyes of Satan a self-onset manager, who as arbitrary, arrogant, an autocratic flash harry meddling in things that don't concern him at all.

Satan pursues several goals via his earthly organization. His main goal is definitely the seduction of the Jehovah's Witnesses in religious guise, satanic virtues such as pride, being better than others, arrogance. In these virtues is hidden the core that feeds the illusion of the Jehovah's Witnesses one could make oneself acceptable to God by human goodness. There is another goal which is imprtant for satan: It is the depiction of Jesus as a snooty flash harry who cannot resist interfering in the matters of Satan.

How Satan sees Jesus

The Watchtower, 1 November 2008, page 24

Satan's most beautiful Hobby Horse

Satan's favorite pastime is to put Jesus in a certain light.

A publisher that represents Jesus as slick flash harry with slopes eye, may have nothing to do with God. Such a map calls on all readers of the Watchtower: Hey, you can be safely assumed that in these books are nothing but lies. You're blamed if you believe this nonsense! And yet people go off on these pseudo-scientific theories, and allow to be blinded by this budget publisher from Brooklyn.

The presentation of Jesus above as a company inheritance in vain is accompanied by a text about the indefinite article, the writer added the Watchtower Bible to be able to change Jesus into a god among many gods. The Coptic translation is contrived as a prop to demonstrate the importance of this indefinite article at this point: John 1, 1:

"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with the God and the Word was a God."

But that the Copts absolutely never could confirm the Watchtower doctrine even partially, conceals the supple Watchtower article with the egg-eyed Jesus. As yet such a small omission can lead to everything! One can imagine the faithful and discreet slave properly dancing in circles and singing: Oh, how nice that nobody knows that I ...!

The truth is that the Coptic Church (for all readable on Wikipedia) an indefinite article in this passage never unterstood in the same way like the newspaper publisher from Brooklyn. On Wikipedia, we read about the Coptic Orthodox Church:

In this way the proof supplier itself proves that the Watchtower Society on this point again spreads crisp lies by half-truths. The Watchtower Society is an instrument in the hands of Lucifer, to push Jesus into the dirt and to tell the people, what he is thinking about this wimp.


i have no comment but would like to know more about the jehovahs. iam a Ugandan from Busia but live in Mbale and i attended a jehovahs service on Saterday.

ODURI STEPHEN [2010-04-27]
Hello Oduri,

If You do not know so much about the Jehovah's Witnesses, it is possible that you're irritated by this website. For this website is criticising the false doctrine of the Watchtower Society very severely. If you only for a few months or years study the Jehovah's Witnesses doctrine, you will - may be - understand this site better.

But you can accept Jesus now. He does not require any degree. Only faith. You must know that the Watchtower Society tries to make Jesus look like a flash harry.

Ruediger [2010-04-27]
What is a "Flash Harry". The term is unfamiliar. Please explain.

john [2010-05-16]
Hi john, there is in German the term "Lackaffe". This notion was reflected by the translator of Google with "Flash Harry." So I thought that it would be understood be everyone. The German word "Lackaffe" means someone who is cocky and is thinking that he knows everything and who is reigning and judging others in an illegal way.

The word literally means: varnish monkey. It has to do with the fact that someone has a good facade, good exterior, but is basically nothing more than a monkey.

Ruediger [2010-05-16]

P.S.: Just discovered: smoothy, popinjay
Yavehs is a mountain god, not a true god, satanists do know this very well, indeed.

ROLF MATRIX [2011-09-19]
What truly is your problem? Very nice picture!!!

anonymous [2013-11-27]
You seem just to discover the dirt of the Watchtower doctrine. Otherwise I can not explain that you do find this picture so nice to you. If you were to meet in your office a guy who looks like this, would you trust him to be the Son of God? I think not. You would think: What's that for a warm showerer. [RH]
Glad they don't come to my door no more!!,,last time I told em jw church was started by the Freemasons there eyes glazed over ,like normal!! They left aint been back since, feel sorry for them,,,friend has been brainwashed by them !!had a dream of healing her eye problems, it will come to pass soon ,she dreamed of it to 10 years ago,said person looked like me but older and skinnyer,she told me that 7 years ago,now I'm older and been fasting for over a month,it will happen soon!! They say healing is done by Satan!!LOL hahahahah pore buggers

Michael [2015-05-25]
Jesus overturned the tables of the money changers, he verbally blasted the establishment openly, he stays true to The Way, he doesn't back down. And yet his enemies still classify him as a "wimp".

Fascinating line of thought.

Tim [2016-01-30]
If you want to help to create a better translation, use the form below: Old text: ... New text: ... - Thank you very much! The german version you find here.

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