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Suicide Forum for JW

The sophisticated, highly versatile special suicide Forum certifies Wolfgang M. from Darmstadt a theocratic overall tenor "different ... [than the usual suicide forums] are."

Wolfgang M. assumes that the common spiritual captivity of those who have embarked on the teaching of the Watch Tower Society, is effective far over the direct influence of the Watch Tower Society. Logical consequence of this is his adoption, suicide candidates from the ranks of the Jehovah's Witnesses have all the common bases and the same problems in their forfeited lifes. This common starting point is of course very qualified to jointly "reflect" on these things! Therefore, in the eyes of Wolfgang M. such a "Suicide Forum for JW" is actually a good thing. But it is completely incomprehensible why this Wolfgang over all reality still insists on the idea that Jehovah really exists! He speaks about Jehovah as about an of course existing neighbor. Wolfgang M. does not examine - as all Jehovah's Witnesses - and does not question. And that over the decades.

Question to the Jehovah's Witnesses

Is it really impossible to convey to you the fact that Jehovah is only an invented name and must be because of the underground lousy teachings of the Watch Tower Society a code name for the devil?

Your spiritual Captivity

It's very surprising that the Watchtower Society has you Jehovah's Witnesses so extremely made Jesus alienated that you for years and decades after the beginning of your "apostasy" do not realize, that Jehovah is a human fantasy phenomenon that is missing all theological, scientific, historical and realistic basis. Your captivity is not only remaining above your exit, but up into your death, unheeding whether it is a natural death or suicide. You wallow in the mud puddle, the Watch Tower Society has thrown you. The mud smells nicely well known, one feels at home and thus safe. No thought of examining the whole situation once from the ground up! No! Because then it could be that one perhaps would have to rise from the mud, stand up straight. You are like paralyzed, who don't want to know whether their is a healing. You are like forgotten passengers who are not prepared to board a plane because they have arrived with the scooter. You have more confidence in your wooden crutches than in your natural limbs. You sink until your death into the mental derangement, which is prepared for you by the faithful and discreet Satan, so that you can never come to Jesus.

Who will blame this upon you, if not only you yourselves - later? Are we Christians called to look down on you, or to be angry at you? Or should we commiserate the for all time corrupted Jehovah's Witnesses? No! The only thing we can do, is the same job that have made the disciples of Jesus. We can only point to Jesus and advert all people, especially the by the Watch Tower Society seduced to that no one saves but Jesus. There is no other name under heaven in which we must be saved.

The Watchtower's lie about this alleged Jehovah, which would be God, is like the Catholic worshiping lie concerning the Mother of God one of the biggest lies that the world has ever seen. The invocation of the name Jehovah is only a Jesus-displacement program of Satan. Anyone who embarks on this route always will be extremly restricted in his thinking. But most of all in the belief he won't experience anything but his own, in vain spent force and not the power of God.

So Wolfgang M. in his article asks quite correctly:

"Are we more committers or victims of any injustice in the world?"

Rats have an ingenious system of survival. Before they take something nourishing, they send food taster. People, however, run in rows blindly into the trap, just because the family is either in that mood, or because the witnesses are so nice, because the theories of the Watch Tower Society sound so nice plausible, because the WTS brotherhood takes man so nice in "protection". When people go so lightly on the wrong path, they can no longer perform the role of victim. By harden their hearts and exchanging the word of God by the word of the faithful and discreet slave, they become active self-destroyer, who are no longer entitled to the victim.

Therefore, people who do not ask Jesus who he is, but rather do take a human organization in claim for the "clarification" of this issue, are actually only culprit of all injustices in the world. They did not trust in Jesus and they did not listen to him. They have let clog their ears and eyes by daemons from this human organization, that calls itself God's channel, and are engaged in the carnal horse-trading of ministry. Through mental self-mutilation they have made themselves incapable forever to point their mind on Jesus. They have made themselves psychic cripples, to do not have to miss the convenience of the fleshly "practice of faith." They prefer to rely on their ministry report notes but not on Jesus Christ. Since they know what they have. They have done something. And God can not be so unjust to ignore the ministry report notes!

But God has posed the faith in Jesus Christ as salvation and reconciliation and not ministry report notes. He demands of us that we obey his instruction and hear his son. In it is made the fulfillment of the law, that we trust in Jesus. If we are trusting in him, he, Jesus, fulfills the law and leads us to eternal life also then, when we die.

Jehovah's Witnesses consistently follow the wrong way

Wolfgang M. furtherly lectures:

"Since we all are in front of him, more or less under most massive collective guilt, there are really only two alternatives: Either to make the lifelong nail on the preaching work of Jehovah's Witnesses, or - through calculus - before Armageddon, in a manner of speaking, hit the road and, through the death come in a perfect stand before our Creator (Rom. 6:7)."

Even the "massive collective guilt" shows that this Jehovah must be Satan. By God, there is no collective guilt. God always does save individually and this he has done always. Each individual gets from God paved the way, if he follows the commandment of God and gives confidence to his Son Jesus Christ. But Wolfgang M. is bold enough to call as a logical consequence of the satanic collective guilt, which suggests that Jehovah, the suicide as an intelligent way. He shows quite plainly the people what can be only an interest of Satan, namely death, and thus he confirms once again that he is like all Jehovah's Witnesses perpetrator of all wrong in the world. For he does not recommend to question this Jehovah and to turn to God with open questions, but he takes the theological scaffolding of the Watchtower Society as an immutable basis of thinking, even if it must logically lead to death. Here it leads even with the help of Wolfgang M. directly into the refined and intelligent appearing suicide.

That for Satan so typical symptom, leading each man to certain death, is the badge of the Watch Tower Society. Even after many years of apostasy, the Jehovah's Witnesses are imprisoned in their error and accurately head for the mental and spiritual (self-)destruction. With the suicide-forum of the Jehovah's Witnesses is apparently the Jehovah-way into death to be accelerated.

Jehovah's Witnesses are the Best!

Wolfgang M. about the Legality of Euthanasia and Suicide in final Calculation:

"But what do the inspired Scriptures uncover really, which are today unfortunately understood best way possible only by a defamed as a religious sect small international community?"

Mr. M., Wolfgang, you are a blabber! I give you just one example!

John 5, 23: ... that all may honour the Son just as they honour the Father. He who does not honour the Son does not honour the Father, who sent him.

From the words of Jesus follows necessarily that the son must be adored just as the father. Your "as a sect defamed small international religious community" teaches exactly the opposite of what Jesus says! And you, Wolfgang M., talk about the Jehovah's Witnesses perceiving the Bible the best? Mr. Wolfgang M.! You are blinded by elitism!

Sanctity of the Blood

Wolfgang M. about Blood:

"With regard to the sanctity of the blood the Bible gives us in both, the Old and the New Testament, clear instructions, which exclude categorically with a bit of consistent logic, blood transfusions."

And again, the "consistent" Watchtower logic has to be called upon, which above already counseled the Jehovah's Witnesses an intelligent suicide. The "elite", that ist calling itself the channel of God and Jehovah's visible organization, ignores that the abstinence in question of blood concerned only animal blood. But the witnesses of that obscure Jehovah do so, as if the Jews ate people, but abstained from their blood. Jesus has finished with his blood the number of victims and has met with this final point, with the bloodletting of his own blood, the Torah. His for all time valid sacrifice relieves people for ever from the compliance of every victim-rite of the Old Testament and blood rules. The statement from Acts 15, 29: "You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality. You will do well to avoid these things. Farewell." has only the quality of recommendation, and was pronounced on the basis of compromise negotiations of the Jewish Christians. Because this recommendation is not compatible with other Bible passages:

Romans 14, 20 Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food. All food is clean, but it is wrong for a man to eat anything that causes someone else to stumble.

In that the guild of the Jehovah's Witnesses is good, so masterfully, to make others feel guilty. That then they call: "some consistent logic". And when they have almost ruined the people, they recommend the logical, intelligent suicide.

Titus 1, 15 To the pure, all things are pure, but to those who are corrupted and do not believe, nothing is pure. In fact, both their minds and consciences are corrupted.

This meets exquisitely the faithful and discreet slave. And this slave is so dirty and tricky, that one can be thankful for, when a over-cunning Jehovah's Witness philosophizes about, how to elude the best the collective guilt of Jehovah by suicide. There's nothing out of the word, none of it is from Jesus. Everything comes from a "logical" argument, which shone very early with the words: "Should have God said really ...?" M. Wolfgang, who already for 14 years doesn't want to be no longer an active Jehovah's Witness, but still believes everything the Governing Body bespatters, shines literally in the pursuit of the "logical" Watchtower thoughts acrobatics. Wolfgang M. incubates from outside the mistaken belief of Jehovah's Witnesses and emphasizes his special inner dependence in that he in 14 years allegedly was on the way only as a Watchtower break clown.

Blind Obedience

Wolfgang M. about blind obedience:

"Just on Christmas Eve 2007, in southern Hessen Heppenheim after an 8-hour siege of his apartment was shot a 66-year old pensioner by a special unit of the police, only because he refused - due to vague suspected suicide - to go voluntarily into the closed psychiatry. What does differ such a compliant, unscrupulous servants of slavish obedience actually from the Nuremberg war criminals who "only" even were submissive to the "Caesar's duty"?"

What does the Sir Wolfgang M. think about the blind obedience, which the WTS leadership demands of the Jehovah's Witnesses? Is it not refreshing, how Jehovah's Witnesses, when they come once into pondering, present the world their own shame?

Imprisoned Murderers

Wolfgang M. about the treatment of imprisoned murderers:

Why do not you give them rather sodium pentobarbital at their free disposal, and appeal through proper enlightenment on their consciences, that they may someday judge themselves by the most humane way?

Who is sitting in jail as a murderer is just then most broken-hearted when he is innocent. Above Wolfgang M. got steamed up about it, that every tenth executed man is innocent. Here, however, Wolfgang M. brings the proposal to provide incarcerated murderers with poison and is deliberately assuming that they all are rightly imprisoned. Does Mr. M. not notice, how short his thinking is? Is this restriction of the Wolfgang-M.-thinking a result of the Watch Tower Society-influence, or was Mr. Wolfgang M. even before that so restricted?

The self-determined Death

Wolfgang M. about an intimate affair:

"... so is ... the own, self-determined death in the last calculus an intimate matter between each individual and God.

Just as the Jehovah's Witnesses bang a big stack preaching evidence on the table and request God with a provocative head movement to register - what the hell - their good works, Wolfgang M. here elevates the suicide to a freely negotiable matter between God and man. Yes, God, I did not have the right to criticize the Watchtower doctrine, but I may kill me, right? Hey, God, surely I can! And behold! The Watch Tower Society does not mind! Nice thing, that.

But life (and death as well) is not negotiable, Mr. Wolfgang M.! We are living by grace, that is, not according to our whim and arbitrariness, but because someone else wanted it that way. And this other is God. Not Jehovah, but God, the Father of Jesus Christ. That you, Jehovah's Witnesses, can make a deal with your Jehovah about life and death that you get taught in the Watchtower Society from the beginning. But that your Jehovah is the father of the fraud, they do not tell you. And so you get actually this abstruse idea, you could negotiate with God your own suicide.

No matter in which way you possibly think further or think out the teachings of the Watchtower Society, everything ends in death, in self-importance, arbitrariness and in overruling the will of God. This is a clear characteristic symptom of the false prophet Watchtower Society: All Watchtower doctrine does lead into a deadly blind alley. But it looks at first glance, very attractive.

Can a Jehovah's Witness as a free World Citizens commit Suicide?

Wolfgang M.:

" Untroubled and without pain, man was once born into this world. What is now definitely to be said against the fact that he is allowed to leave it again without having to rely on arbitrary and random? A loving God?"

1. Mose 3, 1: Now the serpent was more crafty than any of the wild animals the LORD God had made. He said to the woman, Did God really say, 'You must not eat from any tree in the garden'?

Mr. Wolfgang M. enjoys it to slide more closer to the abyss the anyway battered Jehovah's Witnesses. For this purpose he lines up semi-diagonally behind them, leans kindly friendly forward and whispers to them over their shoulder, something in their ear. To his tools belong theses that say that the genetic substance deteriorates resistantly. His Jehovah would see things in real terms (by not explicitly prohibiting suicide). And the gap between the strong Jehovah's Witnesses and the weak Jehovah's Witnesses, entitles him to the thesis that the weak should better commit suicide, without pronouncing this hypothesis literally.

M. lays as a basis for all acting the genetic determination and follows seamlessly the perfection-dreams of the Watchtower Society - and Hitler, who also wanted to elaborate man genetically. The deadly mistake that commits the Watch Tower Society by mixing the Bible and Darwinism (which here, however, refers to the religious superman), is also mistaken in its reversal of Wolfgang M. doubled again. M. claims that the genetic material is subjected to a clear downward trend since ancient times.

At the end of his article "Can a Jehovah's Witness as a free world citizen commit suicide?", Mr. Wolfgang M. gets quickly being even affable. He shows compassion for the weak, who are not allowed to commit suicide. What a fine gesture! - One request, Mr. M.: Before you kill yourself, please delete quickly your "articles"!

Does Jehovah's Spirit act also in theocratic "Subhumans"?

If, in the matter of a public demonstration of the mistakes of the Watchtower theories, it was not so productive to deal with the effusions of a Wolfgang M., then ... but his billy goat-thinking is symptomatic for the skillful Watchtower seduction, which requests victims again and again. This author asserts that the spirit of Jehovah was existing. This agrees well with the Watchtower foreign teaching. But in contrast to the Watchtower Society Mr. Wolfgang M. seems not to know that there is no such thing as the spirit of Jehovah. And he also calls it "Jehovah's Holy Spirit." But Jehovah is one who gives advice on suicide and is spreading the gospel, that every evil will be destroyed soon. He conceals in the same moment, that the Jehovah's Witnesses in the absence of Jesus (John 5, 23) will have to be counted first and foremost among the bad. Who gives advice on suicide, can not be God and can not have any Holy Spirit. Not for nothing the Jehovah's Witnesses deny that the Holy Spirit works today in each individual Christian.

Wolfgang M. also talks about "Jehovah's people of modern times" and you can be thankful that he did not write "God's people of modern times." The Watchtower's own anti-Semitism, which by the way is completely satanic (see Hitler), is manifesting in the doctrine, the Jehovah's Witnesses would have replaced the Jews as the chosen people (what the Catholic Church thinks of itself as well). Wolfgang M. hammers with the word "subhuman" and the term "Jehovah's people of modern times" two satanic nails into the soul of the inexperienced reader.

Wolfgang M.:

"... that anyone at least has to come with the genetic basic of a normal, average person to be able to achieve Jehovah's spirit."

What a luck that God is not called Jehovah. By God, it is fortunately not depending on the genetic predisposition of the clients, whether God pours his Holy Ghost or not. The brazen stupidity of Wolfgang M. seems to miss any end. If you want to read Wolfgang M. ...


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