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Substitute action Watchtower

Jehovah's Witnesses, World Champions of piety

Both the human and the animal psyche have a mechanism that serves to bridge frustrations. It is the rejection of frustration by executing an act of compensation. Whether the beaten dog bites the nearest being in its environment, whether the child who was denied the sweet things, starts a dispute with his brother, whether the bonobo (pygmy chimpanzee) abreacts stress in wild sex orgies, the mechanism of rejection frustration by a substitute action is known and can be observed anywhere in the world.

This tendency is seen especially clearly in connection with the search of man for God. The Old Testament tells comprehensively of human measures of religion, from magic to pure glorification of the law that prevail over again in people's behavior. The reaction of God (I have no pleasure in your victims) strongly remains in the background. This reaction of God could in the overall picture of the Old Testament apply too much like the rejection of man by God.

And people still fall back into the cheap, excessive piety, which is to God a meaningless redirection activity. Because the hope in God, the believing in his existence and his love brings with it the frustrative part of waiting, one moves to ignite candles, monetary donations, rituals, dutiful observance of rules and conduct and the even more faithful being present at meetings and religious events.

Lighting candles

That those things only exist to replace the persistence in the hope of God by self-made good feelings, no one wants to perceive. These acts of piety are nothing more than the crutches of the infidels. A religious walking frame. Jesus says, throw away your crutches and walk! This is the continuation of what God, the Father, already told the people in the Old Testament (I have no pleasure in your victims). It is not the substitute for action making people pure before God, but the hands-free, patient persistence in the "uncertainty" of faith in Jesus Christ.

Satan has fixed firmly in the teaching of the Watch Tower Society that the trustily turn to Jesus is sin. The Jehovah's Witnesses are afraid to deny Jehovah, when they actually make Jesus their Lord. Therfore the Watchtower Society is a substitute mode that gives the American Watch Tower writers the power of Jesus in their hands. Jesus loses en bloc the importance of the one who spreads out his arms and says to us: "Come unto me all you who are weary and burdened. I will give you rest." This function the Watchtower Society has acquired and thus led ad absurdum the Bible in its foundations.

The only way to the Father has become through this Watchtower tactic of Satan a secondary matter. Who got to be the cornerstone, is thrown again by the Watchtower Society into the trash. He is not worthy to be worshiped by the Jehovah's Witnesses.

The entire way of Jesus has become meaningless in the Watch Tower Society. His help and salvation do not matter to the life of a Jehovah's Witness. His life and death are for the Jehovah's Witnesses in vain and without effect. For if he would be effective to them, they would have to seek help from him. They do not, because in their eyes it is a sin to speak with Jesus.

The twisting of the Bible by the Watch Tower Society is so perfect that the whole of it drawn Watchtower doctrine is only a substitute for action rejecting the frustration that is formed by faith in Jesus: Nothing is left up to yourself. No good deed can bring you closer to God, no promise is based on solid facts, but only on the hope of Jesus.

The Jehovah's Witnesses make themselves a ladder to heaven, by laboriously sticking together burned matches. But it is the easiest thing under the sun to take Jesus' grace through faith. But this faith has in the human (carnal) eyes no stand. Only by opening the spiritual eyes, the rock-solid foundation, Jesus gets clearly.

But before the Jehovah's Witnesses can be impressed by Jesus directly, they sit rather down to decipher the Bible with the mental power of a hand calculator. They try to build a tower of human thought, which in their imagination could reach out to the feet of God. What a filthy blasphemy. They scorn the power of Jesus as direct assistance, as direct intervention in their lives. By that they follow directly the Satan, who wants to destroy the work of Jesus.


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