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Sex sells Watchtower

No, you did not land on a sex site. You also should not be seduced by a voluptuous look to whatever, so far as regards this site. Here you can see the means by which the faithful and discreet slave thinks to hand out food at the right time.

Sex sells Watchtower

If you please is the woman able to help it that she's so beautiful, is she able to help it that she looks at the camera with such a voluptuousness? Finally, she is paid for it. - The article in which the faithful and discreet slave uses this hedonistic image is about the meaning of life and bears the title:

"Why do we live?"

This article appears in Awake by December 2008. On page 5, that is below the picture with this very good-looking woman with that look that says so much, we read:

In a survey of the believers two thirds believed, most Christian or Jewish faiths were not really helping people to find a meaning to life.

In addition, the article fantasizes together things that can be characterized with the statement: Some believe that religion is genetic. The writer of the with salaciousness advertising faithful and discreet slave scratch together for the subject "life meaning" all, which can be shoved into the article. Everybody who writes in this way has no real evidence, but rather is only a kind of text broker, a kind of page charger, who can turn every shallow to something.

That is the job of writing of the faithful and discreet slave, to fill by all means the pages of the Watchtower magazines anyhow. From the great topic of "life purpose" that really matters to each person in the world profoundly the Awake is tinkering something of a word collection that is just best suited to meet the text-production needs of the Watch Tower Society. For the answer to the question of the meaning of life has been established early under the premise of the Watchtower Society: The meaning of life for the Jehovah-led newspaper publisher can only be the unconditionally following to the faithful and discreet slave and to assign transfer everything to him, all you are and all you have.

Sex sells Watchtower Paradise

A few pages later in that Awake 12/2008, on page 9, we find the sex-selling strategy of the faithful and discreet slave continued. Mai it be that the global brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses have not enough men in their ranks? It is known that many female Jehovah's Witnesses can't finding a suitable husband within the Brotherhood. Many remain single and give their life to the faithful and discreet slave to get the life spoiled.

Under Jehovah happy married

For this reason we find in the writings of the Watchtower Society lots of reports about so many happy couples throughout their lives for the preaching of the Jehovah-God and that they without the faithful and discreet slave most certainly would not be so happy now. Two sides the Governing Body has to cover: Lack of men and frustrated women who learn with each additional year of desiccation that they are set against an abysmal living lie.

That for a religion being advertised with sexual products , is already revealing enough. But that within the WTS Brotherhood (Brotherhood is a Masonic term) it is not reluctant to be seen if the attractive daughters of the Jehovah's Witnesses catch men in the world is an open secret. These women cannot help themselves because they don't find within the clique of the Watchtower believers just the one whom they could love. A young female witness said when asked why she did not take any of the Jehovah's Witnesses, literally: They're all so boring.

Starting with the corrupt life through the providence of virginity dry - up to the bleeding to death (by rejecting blood transfusions in an emergency) at the birth of a child - the women in the WTS Brotherhood do not have to suffer enough. They are also those who do serve by far the most hours for the faithful and discreet slave in sermons service. Against this background, it seems doubtful if the Watchtower Society has nothing better to do than pull Journalist in court (Hans-Peter Tjaden), who copy on the Internet the contention of a medical newspaper, Jehovah's Witnesses destroyed families.

Sex sells

This is a usual method of the Watchtower Society to ensnare and collect people who like to be seduced. The high aim of the one-world government under the Governing Body justifies everything. And anyone who thinks that according to the WTS doctrine this Jesus would lead such a world government, is wrong. For even today, the Watchtower Society teaches that Jesus, who lives with his father in an apartment at the Pleiades, distracts from there the channel of God, the elite of the Jehovah's Witnesses among their world-regency. Jesus is according to the WTS doctrine not seen on earth by anyone. Thus the way is paved to justify a governance that will be conducted by using an iron mace - and nobody can control or criticize them because it's all only the will of Jehovah which must be fulfilled.

Jesus as a phallic

True to the concept of "sex sells" in this Awake then appears on page 10 the Child as a phallic symbol and next to him an in the cloth shown wide-open vagina. The variants of the subtle manipulation are endless. And as an icing on the cake there appears in the mantle of the Mother of the phallus-child Jesus an erect penis with scrotum.

Mary with an erect penis

All this goes to the faithful and discreet slave, but not enough. Perfect is the fun of the Jehovah's Witness tampering only when a daemon is in the game, which is precisely in orgasm.

Orgasm daemon

All this does not see the man whose apartment is full of these "works". What and whom he really supports, as he goes into the preaching and wasts his life, he has no idea. The Watchtower and Awake are often scattered on tables and sofas in the rooms of Jehovah's Witnesses. Every look that touches on these concoctions, suck the subtle messages of this "church". The man falls into a Watchtower coma from which he wakes up again very hardly. The manipulation is so perfect that even federal countries and nations attribute these seducers the status of a church.

The fact that the Watchtower Society, the subject of sex very much engages in a degrading manner in their pictures, you see here.

Originally posted by Steven Hassan in "Theocratic war strategy" by Jerry Bergman, Ph. D. and Mehmet Aslan, page 24:

"Since all totalitarian sects believe that the end justifies the means, they think they are above the law. Until they are convinced that what they are doing "right" and "is just," many of them have no scruples to achieve their goals through lies, theft, fraud and unethical practices of mental manipulation. They spurn the liberty rights of the people whom they recruit. They change unsuspecting people into slaves ... A totalitarian, personality destoying cult differs from a normal social or religious grouping, among other things, that they persuade their members by pressure or by other harmful influences to keep them in the group ... If you are using deception, hypnosis and other manipulative mechanisms to recruit the Pendant and control, then this is a violation of the rights of the people."

One more info to think about: The highest decision making body of the Jesuits is named exactly like that of the Jehovah's Witnesses: It's the "Governing Body". Both organizations are known they use all methods to promote their cause.

Religious freedom is not freedom to lie!

Take a look at the child sex-on daemon!

More on sexual abstruse in the writings of Watchtower


you have a very vivid(or perhaps a perverted) imagination ..............freud would have a field day with you .....seeing vaginas and penises everywhere

domenic dandrea [2011-10-14]
Very good and perspicacious. Thank you.

If you notice, the vaginal triangle is hinted at by the middle fingers of both parents (Mary's left hand, Joseph's right). Funny, how Mary's left index finger touches what appears to be a left eye, and the baby's ear creates a right eye, with the vulva-fold creating a mouth -- all combined to create a weird, troll-like face.

Additionally, Mary's left hand points to her lap, over which a large phallic symbol drapes.

In general, it seems that hands, fingers, eyes, and gazes direct the viewer's gaze and attention toward subliminal content and subconscious interpretation.

Indeed, this is an exquisitely crafted propagandistic composition, rife with subliminal imagery.

t sunn [2014-09-07]
Is this Christina Applegate?

Otto F. [2016-06-01]
May be! [RH]
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Read the entire page until the end. The lower half exposes the Watchtower Society to the bone!

The fact that these people should be treated as the churches, is an scandal!