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Questions to the Jehovah's Witnesses


Watchtower doctrine: Jesus Christ and his apostles spoke of a future "Judiciary", in which not only the living but also the already deceased should be addressed.

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses,

this statement is true. It is taken directly from the Bible. - If, however, should be addressed, the living and the dead in a joint appointment as may be consistent with your thesis that man would be transferred to the physical death in the absolute non-existence? You indeed said that the man had no soul and that your Jehovah would recreate the dead from his memory, in order to bring about the resurrection of the dead. It must be concluded so, they would have been as evil as the good death to be re-created for the court. What is it for a God who creates all these new villains and criminals out of nowhere to direct them to?

So, if Indeed, crimes and bad guys are finally moved into the void, creating your Jehovah, the new big hitters so he can avenge himself on them? What kind of God is your Jehovah, who creates something new out of memory, then to destroy it one more time?

Moreover, it always does with advertising, which will soon make an end to all evil. And in terms of resurrection is then suddenly the other way around? Since then evil once again re-established separately, so that his just punishment can be fed?


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emmanuel adjei [2010-02-06]
Hello Emmanuel, in Africa the Jehovah's Witnesses proselytize with a special intenseness because in other regions, people already know too much about them. In Africa, they can still make good profits. Do not let them lead you astray. They lie. They do not know Jesus. The name Jehovah is an invention.

I urgently need translators who help me translating the German enlightenment site about the Watchtower Society.

Ruediger [2010-02-06]
I appreciate so much the way that you think to the young people. With AWAKE I win my life. Thank you.

Julien P. [2010-07-30]
It may be that you have met people who give you security in your country. But life you can get only through God. And how this works, the Bible describes, but not the Awake and not the Watchtower. The Watchtower Society degrades Jesus by making him to a second god to an idol and worship through this idol. Jehovah's Witnesses can give you a certain sense of community, but they are and remain only an anti-Christian brotherhood.

Ruediger [2010-07-30]
If you want to help to create a better translation, use the form below: Old text: ... New text: ... - Thank you very much! The german version you find here.

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