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Salvation through Jesus

In contrast to all the religions of the world and especially in contrast to the Roman Catholic Church and especially in contrast to the Watchtower Society, this secular newspaper publisher, the rule of Christ is not of this world. The most important external sign of the reign of Christ is that he rules directly without any hindrance and without any representative the people who believe in him. As a result, the true Christian for all the magistrates of this world presents a felt hazard. Out of this follows that true Christians are persecuted because they are perceived as a threat.

On the other hand all established religions are only subordinates to the human system and subsystems and make so them selves to nonhazardous participants in the dance around the golden rule of profit. And if you look at the key points of religions, it attracts attention, that the profit motive is their great similarity with the world. As the only church or church-group to this day the protestant communities establish the jump from this pattern. Sometimes with errors and weaknesses, but in principle the Protestant groups manage the withdrawal from the paradigm of the world.

The worst adaptation to the world lies in the Watch Tower Society, which began as an aspiring newspaper publisher who pulls out all the stops in order to obtain a stable customer base. This means it uses hiddenly even the methods of ruling of the world, up to the restraints as they are known from the Nazis. One of the most important parallels between the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Nazis is the rigorous elimination of those who pass criticism on the system.

But Jesus Christ is on the way in a totally different direction and who agrees to him, will follow him in this other direction. It is the direction that has nothing to do with this world, it is a rule that works only by the fact that Jesus is in every single one of his disciples. This is why for him all means of ruling of this world are unnecessarily, or even only get a deadly cancerous growth in his community. Jesus reigns in every single one of his disciples through love and power. In this, he unites his people and makes them the true Church, which has existed since Pentecost invisibly.

No government action can get an effect in the true Church of Christ, no dogma, no psychological terror, no forcing into a certain behavior. Nothing of this world characterizes the rule of Christ, for it is in each one of us who follow him. - Quite contrariwise the devil acts. He must act with instruments of power and coercion, because he can not be in any of his followers. He must rely on the fanaticism of his deluded and must spread so many crass heresies and keep his people with the most beautiful seductions in line.

None of this is found in Jesus. While people talk nonsense like this that Jesus was only an illusion or a positive motive or moral authority with a role model, the man who betrayed him, learns Jesus as the wisdom of God and his strength and feels a life that is oriented in full freedom in Jesus but not trapped under dogmas. The believer in Jesus receives recognition and order and is thus in a position which does not differ from his own will, for he has delivered himself to Jesus. Not that Jesus would break the will of the people, or manipulate it! No! He animates it! The man who goes to Jesus, feels a direction changing, which coincides entirely with his real self. The man, who trusts in Jesus, remarks that he has found, what he had longed for as a child desperately. Justice, love, meaning and understanding.

In stark contrast to the experience of Christians, we observe the affairs within such organizations as the Watch Tower Society and the Catholic Church. There are power figures like the Pope and the faithful and discreet slave. There are hierarchies and power structures of human, psychological terror, torture, Inquisition, heresy, witchcraft and the inner dependence of the seduction of Satan. There is at home the fanaticism as the inner skeleton, there sit the rulers who are not in their believers, but only can reign over them by external and psychological pressure.

If you ever want to know the meaning of life, ask Jesus himself. For Jesus is the life. No one other than God himself is Jesus, because no one except God can be the life. Who wants to see the real life, come to Jesus and become dependent on him. For his is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.


Nice article friend. My progression as a follower of Jesus has seen me separate altogether from denominations, though not form other Christians. I'm convinced that the true church is one not made by human hands, it cannot be seen or touched physically. The one Paul spoke about in Hebrews is clean undefiled and has a leader that will never be corrupted. It's when a believer realises this that he can be set free. The freedom Jesus spoke about. The cry form him in revelation for those who love him, is him warning us to "get out of her my people". Just like when he says if anyone says "here is Christ" or "he is here" do not believe them. Millions of our brothers and sisters have not heeded his words. I thought at one time i was loosing my faith, but I have come to realise it is the spirit bringing me out of man made enslavement. The price for this awakening means a life of isolation. One I'm willing to pay.

phil [2012-09-29]
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