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Is the Sacrifice of Jesus perfect?

Does Adam benefite from the Ransom?

The prospect of living forever is the compelling incitement, which motivates the Jehovah's Witnesses day for day in their witness bearing work. But does the Watchtower really teach that a never-ending ever life can be reached by these forced? No. The Watchtower is doing so only for a very very selected range of its members. Those few chosen is granted a never-ending life by the Watchtower.

If you open a Watch Tower magazine or a Watch Tower book, you'll find many colorful images of paradise with smiling people and oversized field crops. This future paradise, says the Watchtower, is a result of the ransom-sacrifice of Jesus. But who does really profit from his ransom-sacrifice? The Jehovah's Witnesses will explain to you that Jesus came to earth for buying back perfect human life on the paradise earth for the descendants of Adam.

But! Not all the descendants of Adam profit from the ransom of Jesus. According to Watchtower teaching the sacrifice of Jesus pays only the price for the inherited sin of Adam, the original sin, but Adam and Eve and all those who will commit a murder, are not redeemed by the ransom-sacrifice. "The Insight on the Scriptures", Vol. 2, page 736, says that "under the law the person who deliberately commits a murder, can not be pardoned. Adam, who brought by his deliberate act against God's commandment death on all men, was therefore a murderer (Romans 5, 12). So the sacrifice of Jesus for God is not valid as a ransom for the sinner Adam."

The Watchtower, Feb. 15, 1991, page 13 elaborates that "neither Adam nor Eve have some benefits of ransom. The Mosaic law contained the basic rule: "Do not accept a ransom for the life of a murderer, who deserves to die. He must surely be put to death." (4 Mose 35, 31). Adam was not deceived, so his sin was deliberately considered. (1 Tim. 2:14) Adam committed murder to his descendants, because they now assumed his imperfection and came so under the power of death. It would be versus the just principles of Jehovah to use the ransom of Jesus on Adam."

Is it really true that the sacrifice of Jesus for God is not acceptable when it comes to Adam? Not acceptable in the case of Eve and all those who have committed a murder? The Watchtower Bible passage considers the passage 4 Moses, 35, 31 as the proof that no murderer can ever be pardoned and that he will never be under the sacrifice of the Son of God.

But the Watchtower fails completely in this interpretation, because it ignores Acts 13, 38 - 39. "Therefore, my brothers, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Through him everyone who believes is justified from everything you could not be justified from by the law of Moses."

Do you understand? Even what could not be justified by the law of Moses, is justified by the sacrifice of Jesus! This means that this Jesus includes in his ransom-sacrifice all, even murderers and Adam and Eve, if they believe!

The Watchtower has degraded the victim of the only Son of God on the status of the animal sacrifice of the Old Testament. Animal sacrifices could not be ransom for a murderer and the Watchtower teaches that the precious blood of Jesus can not be a ransom for these people. The Watchtower is guilty of the misinterpretation of the ransom-sacrifice of Jesus.

The guilt of the Watch Tower Society is the continued making renegade many seekers from Jesus. The Watch Tower Society seduces just these seekers to a faith that is based only on human intelligence. The Watch Tower Society sells purely human logic as the will of God. It commits the most stupid mistake as beginners in an office-job. Oh, a note is dropped and casually was not taken into account in the balance sheet. - Well, maybe it is not noticed by the tax office.

The responsibility that is charged to this human bungler organization, can only have a satanic origin. For there are enough examples of people, who pure in heart turning to Jesus, were led from the depths of ignorance and drug addiction in a new life, that for no one was a seduction, but a living testimony for the healing power of Jesus.

The Watchtower is the intellectual Tower of Babel. In it the devil demonstrates, how easy to seduce people to mental convenience and disregard of Jesus. He gives God with the Watchtower the finger. What a dirty sign. So Satan uses in his hatred of the perfect redemption-work of Jesus, the desire of man to meticulously bureaucratic arrogance. He gives to the Jehovah's Witnesses a heightened identity, that complacently adds to the will of God "facts." Which can then so handsomely in black and white be token home.


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