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Ruediger Hentschel

My name is Ruediger Hentschel and I want to give a summary of how it came to the idea and the implementation of the site

I came to Jesus at the age of 17 years. I read with my sister the 1st Chapter of 1st Epistle to the Corinthians. By that time a jerk went through me, which I can not explain quite yet. But I took this "feeling" as an opportunity for saying to Jesus: If you are really the one for which you pretend yourself to be, then I want to belong to you. For me it was clear that I could not be happy in this world with its achievement-oriented madness and its inhumanity. Although I was well aware that I am in no way different from other people, but at that moment I saw the chance to get out of this wandered by chance life, and try something else.

My affiliation to Jesus had begun at that moment and I must say from today's perspective: It must have been just fully valid even in this moment. For all my further faith steps, all developments, all the findings did not come from me. Only several braking maneuvers came from me, where I sometimes no longer wanted the alienation from the vile world.

Thus it came about that I tried at the age of about 38 years to stop the whole thing and blind out from my life. This maneuver on my part extended over many years in which I departed always very awarely far from Jesus. Thus the way, I also fulfilled the statistics about the "religiousness" of the various ethnic groups. Even this I knew, and yet I didn't want no longer to let out before the world anymore the evangelistic streak and also no longer have to bend myself to the moral strictures of religion.

Too many situations of moral dilemma I had gone through and in the end I took a defiant attitude that only opposed Jesus with allegations and impudent questions.

In these decades of the confession and later deliberately omitted confession I have made many unspeakable mistakes that touch me still today on some "warning". I can and must say from today's perspective, that my life has run sub-optimal after all human and ethical standards. My self-reproaches always involve the human errors, I've made. But never have I seen that the rejection of Christ plagued me with self-reproach. It seems to run out, that he accepts patient and gracious, if we do not want or can stand by what we have promised him.

In 2003 I started a job-learning in the company of my cousin. Finally, a real profession, even without training. The Landesversicherungsanstalt Rheinprovinz had denied me an education in the IT sector. After I had become relatively firm in web page creation, I began to build a political grumping site, which now actually has more truth than I dared me to think earlier. So in me grew the "life plan" or better the "severance plan" to continue writing this page with possibly rising professionalism to divorce eventually satisfied from the world. That was a comforting thought, and so I gained a certain amount of compensation satisfaction in my life. For the opportunity to satisfy myself with material goods, I never had. "Unfortunately", it was impossible for me to establish a material home in this world.

In Mai 2005 I got to know a Catholic who was in the War of the Roses - that is, in the divorce from her husband. This Catholic had moved out decades ago, only praying to the ancestors, for she had lost as a young woman one leg in a motorcycle accident. This she resented God. In her war of roses she presented herself in a "impertinent and malicious" light that was to be seen in her situation as normal, but could just be something that would hurt her in the end only.

When we jointly responded to the letters of counter-lawyer (which were, incidentally, discredited themselves by their own spelling), I explained some of the behaviors learned from my old view of Jesus, and she probably has been come by that way unconsciously to some rethinking. In any case, she snowed into the house with the message, she believed in Jesus and I would have encouraged her. I even looked just like a badly parked car and could not really understand it all.

Although I had pulled me in recent months even on the political grumping site to commit myself to Jesus, I did not think that this should be so decisively. And even though I had experienced as 17/18 years old that this is where the miracles began when I started to confess Jesus before men.

The whole development in any case boiled down to me that this former ancestor worshiper dragged me into a Free Church congregation. There I had my big collapse. Because my Catholic is too vain to wear her glasses, we always had to sit at the front. And I touched from a strange, indescribable luck broke ever again out in tears. I never had experienced anything like this. I never had been an "emotional-Christian". But here, as I realized that I was allowed to come home, I cried in the packed hall like an idiot. At some point I put myself back consistently in order to be able to cry easily, without further ado. Inhibit not. It was not easy.

In September 2006 I met know my girlfriend who is still a Jehovah's Witness. In December 2006 I went to my boss and asked him for a domain-order with the name www.antichrist If my boss was not such a self-controlled type, he probably would have beaten his hand against his forehead, because even my political grumping site was not a subject of undivided support.

Now I began, as I had learned it already on the political grumping site to apply criticism to the Watchtower lies. This feeling of helplessness and powerlessness, if you know something safely, but you can not get at the man, I had learned to overcome on the political site so that I am now in matters of faith rather unceremoniously and can go straight in medias res. Since then that is my best hobby: the commitment to Jesus on the

For a while I thought, wonder what I did for Jesus. But I eventually realized that whenever I get into the opportunity to receive my reward from Jesus, Jesus will say to me: You already have received your reward. Then I will ask: And what? And then he will say to me: You had the antichrist-watchtower.

Workers for Jesus! Do not appreciate your position too high! We may be glad to help to perform our duty towards our Lord.


Nazi Germany persecuted the Witnesses. Maybe you have turned to the old ways there Adolf.

Anonymous [2011-08-22]
Oddly enough, the totalitarian characteristics of Jehovah's rule are very similar to these of Nazi rule. To compare the detection of false doctrine of the Watchtower Society with Nazi behavior, clearly shows how little real arguments remain to Jehovah's Witnesses.

Ruediger [2011-08-22]
you pretend to know Jesus......but your utter lack of biblical understanding is misquote, blatantly mis-represent what jw say.......your true agenda is clear............We have always said that Jesus is the first born of all creation..........he is and will always be God's spokesman..all our literature represents Jesus in the light which He deserves.........he was the greatest man to have ever lived............he is God's archangel(by the way.there is only one archangel-----which means = chief many do you think there are?your your vitriole against us is unfounded.and might i say .your a pervert.......seeing sexual organs everywhere...and the demons...............i might say your the one thats possessed.......may Jehovah grant you the true intelligence to overcome your hate and find the ONE TRUE GOD--------JEHOVAH

domenicdandrea [2011-10-14]
Jesus can't be another god, because then is violated the law: You shall have no other gods before me. Jehovah's Witnesses have two gods in their religion: the Jehovah "God" and the one god of John 1,1. This Two-God-Religion is poor old roman polytheism. [RH]
One should look at the occult nature of Jehovah's Witlessness founder and the names of their magazines. The Watchtower has many occult meanings. First with John Dees and his magic squares called watchtowers, They are used to foretells the future and to find treasures Joesph Smith of the Mormons used them in fact died with one in his pocket it was called a talisman. C.T. Russell must have been a Freemason. The Egytion term for pyramids was aer which also means Watchtower. Look at a dollar bill and remember how much he was into pyramids.

In Wicca watchtowers (being four) are the place of the watchers or fallen angels and are to be AWAKEN to get their power. Yes the witch uses the very word Awake you watchers of the four corners of the earth. This many account for all the demons in their pictures.

Brent [2012-08-04]
Ruediger thank you for putting this up here. I pray that your JW girlfriend sees the light. Keep pressing towards Jesus as we are commanded to by the Bible. Those who do not honor the Son JUST AS they honor the father will see in the end. God said for us to listen to Jesus! Jesus accepted prayer just as the Father does. This can mean only one thing....Jesus is GOD! for if not then Jesus would be in error.

As to domenicdandrea, Why is it that in Daniel 10 it says that Michael is one of??????

"13 But the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me twenty-one days. Then Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia."

Also if Paul tells us that we will judge angels in 1 Cor 6:3 how can Jesus be an angel? Do you have the audacity to say that you or your "anointed" will judge Jesus?

"3 Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!"

just some guy who loves Jesus [2013-04-17]
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