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How the world responds to the resurrection of Jesus

The story of a man who overpowers the death is just too unlikely. Therefore, there are many explanations for the incident, which happened around the grave of Jesus of Nazareth. Too much depends on whether this story is true or not. So the story is often modified and has been played down.

A particular coup, representing the resurrection of Jesus as something useful in this world, and thus representing it as rather common, is the explanation of the Jehovah's Witnesses, which says that Jesus was resurrected only spiritually. They turn the resurrection of Jesus on the mere survival of a good idea. At the same time they evade the clear decision for or against Jesus, because the theory of a purely spiritual resurrection of Jesus could come just as well by a Sciense-fiction author.

The modification of the resurrection of Jesus, which is the overcoming of death, in the purely spiritual survival of a thinking has two basic promotings which are the center of the Watchtower teaching.

These two factors explain clearly why all Jehovah's Witnesses are forbidden to honor Jesus and worship him and hope for salvation from him. They are the product of a Bible interpretation, which imagines eternal life in the familiar terrestrial habitat. They are the by earthly rulers chosen way to enhance their earthly rule and to set themselves on the throne, which is not ordained for them.

Therefore, the Watchtower Society must perish, because it displaces for the implementation of its own carnal objectives, the divine reality of Jesus with the twist of events in an almost miraculous average process. Jesus then is only a minor figure, just a puppet of Jehovah.

View free battle of the Jehovah's Witnesses

This of course must always be upheld, that the people cannot hope to Jesus. His existence is for the Jehovah's Witnesses only a kind of historical condition for their never-ending battle for the favor of Jehovah. So they celebrate the lord's supper, by consistently make bread and wine pass by, and thus bear witness to Jesus, only their separation from him. But as the beginner and finisher of faith, Jesus separates out for the Jehovah's Witnesses. For this task has taken over the newspaper publisher from Brooklyn.

The Jehovah's Witnesses have fallen back into a monotheistic Codex, grounding itself alone on seeing with human eyes. This takes place in a similar way to the Muslims and the Jews. That the existence of God is something that people never understand, but can only accept in faith, they ignore in their earthly pleasure in the old monotheistic religions. By Jesus' invitation to faith they are worried so strongly that they flee to the old tradition, which they even abuse after all the tricks for their own purposes.

Law believe

To do this return to pure law belief, they have to make the same mistake as the former scribes and reject quite practically the forgiveness offered by Jesus, refusing contact with the son of man. Jesus cannot forgive them their sins, because he is not God and he is only a purely factual question of precondition to goodness before Jehovah. Jehovah's Witnesses have found a temporary solution for this: The doctrine of the ransom sacrifice which can and must be remembered only very theoretically. The rest brings the great Watchtower theology which is nothing other than a return to the law and its deadly effects.

They have nothing to do with the risen Jesus than just some memories of his heroism, remembrance of his role as a minor god among many gods (yes, that Jehovah's Witnesses say in all seriousness!), the memory of his superhuman perfection, exactly the opposite to the intention of Jesus to save people through faith. They accent the factors, which all detract from Jesus as the Messiah of faith. They put their conviction to everything, except he was God, and personally could save.

Jehovah's Witnesses discrete of Jesus

To the sterilization of faith in Jesus leads the humanization, the drawing down Jesus to the earthly, into the mechanical, the functional being. With the denial of the invitation of Jesus, "Whoever believes in me will be saved", with the transformation of this personal offer of Jesus in a purely mechanical act of for-true-keeping the Jehovah's Witnesses distract as many people as possible from committing to Jesus personally and from being saved by him.

The persistence of the Jehovah's Witnesses in their own imperfection signals the world that they can and want to abdicate the for always perfecting grace of Jesus. They identify themselves as those who want to overcome the old forlornness befor Jehovah without the daily personal help of Jesus. They are hunters in the dark forest of laws, which knows nothing of the light of Jesus. They banish the opportunity to accept Jesus as their Lord directly, as temptation and sin.

The betrayal of Satan

The betrayal, that Satan in this way perpetrates on people, is the lure of the Jehovah's Witnesses, to bring the faith in God to a purely business level. The betrayal of Satan is the integration of the earthly-minded man who wants to use the commercial way of salvation, as the center of biblical interpretation. The interpretation of the Bible by the Watchtower Society is based absolutely in full width and length on the earthly, carnal man. It promises itself and the people to open up the Word of God to the not to Jesus converted mind.

They consider like the Pharisees the thought that Jesus was God as blasphemy. The big question: Are you the Son of God? is subsequently screwed down on the content: Are you an angelic ghost creature? - Jesus doesn't disturb the fleshly and earthly minded anymore. Satan has installed the return to law belief successfully, in order that the him disturbing factor Jesus is eliminated. For a Jesus who is only allowed to stand as a minor character, can not save and does not take effect.

In this way the Jehovah's Witnesses have finally found their inner peace about what this Jesus might to be in reality. They can turn back again to the old lawful aligned religion of the scribes and Pharisees and seek their salvation in it. That they exclude themselves from the grace of Jesus, though appreciation of his ransom sacrifice, they do not know. They devote themselves strained "sinlessness" and ignore the fact that all men are handed over to sin and its consequences without Jesus. Worse!

They celebrate their de facto separation of Jesus in the anti-sacrament, in which they systematically organized let pass by untouched bread and wine.


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