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Transparent Proof of the Divinity of Christ

John 1, 3 tells us that nothing has been created by God without the word, which was in the beginning with God. (All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was created that was made.) If the argument of the Watchtower Society were correct that Jesus was the first creature of God, then Jesus would have virtually self-created. For without him nothing was created, what is created. But as he - if he really were a creature - was not present at his creation and could not have been involved, either is lying the Bible or the Watch Tower Society.

Question to the Jehovah's Witnesses!

You pretend accepting the Bible as it is. Please explain to me how Jesus could create himself! And if he really was a creature, how could he have been created, not beeing involved in it, when John says that without him nothing was created, what is created? John's lying? - The Bible is lying?


So if the Bible was indeed the fundament of the Watchtower theology, so the by the Watchtower claimed creature Jesus Christ must have been participated in his own creation. For the Bible states quite clearly that nothing without the word that was in the beginning whith God was created that was ever created.

The Watchtower liars are so clever that they change John 1, 3 from "everything that was made" in "all things". The original text does not speak of things, but the original text actually speaks of everything that was ever made.

So who seriously believes that the Bible does not lie, can never consider the thesis of the Watchtower Society as correct, Jesus was a creature! The Jehovah's Witnesses say in all seriousness, the word that was in the beginning with God, would be the first creature that God had made. If that would be right, the proposition that all creation was made by this word and nothing has been done without it, what was ever made, would be pure nonsense. Then the Bible would be lying and telling people the untruth. For this sentence means that even Jesus Christ (the word that was in the beginning with God) would have been created by himself, if he really was a creature.

The fact that the Bible would be a liar if the Watchtower Society would say the truth is so simple at this point that it is barely presentable. The simplicity, the primitivism of this relationship is almost so axiomatic, that it only can be explained almost as bad as the mathematical statement: 1 + 1 = 2!

But it can be understood even by the dried brain of a Jehovah's Witness, if the statement is taken seriously, that nothing has been done, which was ever made, without the involvement of Jesus. If it was that the misled of the faithful and discreet slave opened only for the simplest truths their brain and their hearts!


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