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Read the bible and study the Jehovah's witnesses, this might make your facts accurate

Anastacio [2012-06-23]
Hello Anastacio, today I was looking at the Watchtower district convention in Nuremberg. The atmosphere in the stadium was the mood that you can feel at a sales event. However, provided with a level far below the intelligence of the average population. It was touted a new brochure with absolutely trivial content. The Jehovah's Witnesses heard all this well-behaved. I am sure that most were just quiet, not to attract attention.

The Bible I read. You are not reading the Bible. You read the New World Translation. [RH]
If what Jehovah's witnesses preach is from people and demons as you think you will probably win the battle but if it is truly from the Sovereign Creator Jehovah God, I assure you will never win the battle, it is better you discuss with them using your own bible and find out true facts, am sure you will be amazed with the truth if your agenda is actually finding truth and nothing else.

Alex [2013-06-27]
Which name is given to us under the heavens that we must be saved in it? Jesus! Which name have Catholic monks assembled in the Middle Ages? Jehovah! Can a human organization succeed against the Holy Spirit? No! Every person can have the Holy Spirit immediately if he trusts in Jesus and says yes to Jesus! No one can find the truth except through Jesus. [RH]