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The Prayer Ban

Matthew 18, 19-20 Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.

The Jehovah's Witnesses are not allowed to pray together. Because of their driven to the extreme requirements in relation to the conduct of men and women in the meeting of the Watchtower Society is established the fact that the open, loud and common prayer can be maintained only by gender. The rule of thumb that emerges so for the Jehovah's Witnesses, is that the women never is allowed to pray aloud together with her husband.

The most obvious consequence arising from this rule, is the separation of the spiritual community of couples before God. What God has joined together, is seperated by the Watch Tower Society immediately that way. The woman is only allowed to pray in her mind under the leadership of the man. By this in the smallest Christian community, married people, the spiritual effect of prayer to Matthew 18.20 is excluded. For the common prayer, on which is given the promise of Jesus, is that fully equal joint prayer.

What an agenda has the Watch Tower Society by such a cut?

If it's true what Jesus promises that the agreement in the prayer of deuces in his name is enough to be heard by God, then the prayer in the marriage is for the Watchtower Society is a real risk. It has to worry about that the spouses enter with the common prayer the direct spiritual path of knowledge and thereby penetrate the mysterious teachings of the Watchtower Society as a seduction and as lies. So in fact a ban was established, that is condemning women to never be allowed to pray aloud in the presence of the man, and that is condemning men to never be allowed to recognize in spiritual community the real, personal prayer concerns of women.

This spiritual separation of man and woman breaches brazenly and blatantly against the word of God. People who have made the most intimate interpersonal contact with each other and thus for the word of God are one flesh, are relegated by the Watchtower teaching in the spiritual basis to mutual isolation.

Thus, each individual of the two remains in the spiritual sense alone and stay for the Watch Tower Society optimally controlled and perfectly revealed to their manipulation. The chance that the power of prayer that Jesus prescribes to us, can operate in the smallest and most important cell of the human existence, has been so set in the circles of the Watch Tower Society to zero. Without this measure the Watch Tower Society would be in far too great danger of being exposed to the bones by individual human beings, who make experiences with God.

Also is successfully prevented by this that people can feel the direct impact of the Spirit of God. For spiritual autonomy in common prayer, without subjection to human laws can only be done in an intensive community, which takes place in the narrow circle of familiarity in full heart-conformity without the influence of human organizations.

By down in the deepest depths of human existence-reaching ban on the common prayer the Watch Tower Society prevents that people can expose themselves directly to the mind of God without the Watchtower influence. Thus there are at the Jehovah's Witnesses only guided (controlled) prayer. It is precisely this "from above" guided, that is the by individuals dominated prayer, that prevents the fulfillment of the promise of Jesus that two people who ask in a free and genuine heart-conformity the Father in the name of Jesus, get spirit, knowledge and being heard directly by God.

By this way the Jehovah's Witnesses are banned in a spiritual isolation, which is the foundation for the rule of the Watchtower. The power and the Claim to leadership of the Watch Tower Society are based on the full individual control of each individual Jehovah's Witness. So, a community that results from the shared experience of the Lord, never can grow in the case of the Jehovah's Witnesses. With all that the Watch Tower Society has full control over each of its members. The price the Jehovah's Witnesses have to pay, is spiritual loneliness and the lack of direct leadership of God.

The basis of the Watch Tower Society, the foundation substantiating their existence, consists of regularities, which are no longer to bring in line with the Bible. The resulting fruits are spiritual isolation of the faithful, lifelong spiritual being insular from the next and the shielding from the power of God. So the people are forced under a Watchtower rule, which makes them unable to discover like a child the power of God. They are even more dependent to have to accept the teachings of the Watchtower Society as the only (for them) recognizable supporting factor in their lives and can not follow God by their own experience, much less praise him.

With the prayer ban of the Watch Tower Society the promise of Jesus (If two of you agree on earth in what they want to ask, it shall befall them) is thoroughly confounded. At the Jehovah's Witnesses may only be prayed under the leadership of a certain person (from the Watch Tower Society again), so that the by Jesus mentioned prayer situation may never even arise. This way the Watchtower Society stays being protected from experiences that people could make in faith.

Jehovah's Witnesses have dismissed themselves and their lives basically, and have rejected contact with God by their on the Watchtower doctrine focussed thinking. They rely only on people who have set up the assertion about themselves that they were the channel of God. They refrain to test all things and don't dare to subject all under their own (then led by God) cognition. They have given up all responsibility and follow the Watch Tower Society in an uncritical way that Jesus never advocated for himself and never would make a claim on.

For Jesus does his commitments and promises always in a verifiable way. Every promise he makes to a measuring cord of spiritual experience and spiritual accountability. Who is relying on him, has no need of human rules and has found a ground to build on it. In this direct trust in Jesus human mind completely loses its meaning and faith is put as the direct link between people and the mediator between God and man into the center of life.

Who is relying on him, doesn't need no Watchtower laws. And he is really free. Just as Jesus has promised it.

Just of that the Watch Tower Society is afraid.




cory [2018-04-29]

It may be that you do not know these restrictions at all. Then you did not listen properly in the Kingdom Hall. But more important is the fact that God has never allowed to eat human flesh. Therefore, a human blood restriction can not be included in the Bible at all. So the Watchtower Society not only prohibits loud, common prayer under spouses, but also is murdering people since decades using a fictitious cannibal law. [RH]

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