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Child Molester Demon

Fishing scene on page 19

After we met on the pages sex-sells-watchtower.xhtml and sex-demon.xhtml the fondness of the faithful and discreet slave for sexual innuendo, now comes the next stage of blasphemy, a blasphemy considered impossible, to sexual scenes in Watchtower literature. The subject of observation is still the children's book "Listening to the Great Teacher", now on page 19.

Here is depicted a fishing scene in that is seen a fisherman, who empties a fishing net, that is, he puts the day's catch in a basket.

This seems all very idyllic, but the fishing scene in this book on this page is not corresponding with the text. All the details in this collection of mediterranean scenes are pure accessory, pure fantasy, pure ornament and without any reference to the text contained therein. Apart from the odd-looking crowned, whoever he may be, everything radiates from a rural idyll, which should enable the child to put oneself into a different world. It is the artificial world of the faithful and discreet slave, in which the children of Jehovah's Witnesses are mentally kidnapped. The circumstances and facts of this (supposedly biblical) world the faithful and discreet slave can dictate his extradited convicts devoid of commitment of truth and totally controlled by his arbitrariness.

Who did not yet see the sexual depictions of the faithful and discreet slave on above-named pages, will certainly turn away in disgust because of the interpretation of the ominous fishing net. That is the meaning which pursues the faithful and discreet slave, as he uses once clearly recognizable, and other times only the imagination inspiring images of evil: Anyone who does not detect easily the recognizable allusions, cannot certainly see the harsh remarks of the satanic organization and turns away shaking his head even when pointed out. That is why I have hesitated for a long time to publish the following.

The Fishing net symbolizes a Child Molester Demon

Child Molester Demon

Even while I write these lines, I doubt the plausibility of the meaning of this representation. But let us remember that Christian literature never would need to use first unnecessary illustrations, second giving fishing nets demon faces and third putting fishes on the outside of the fishing net to show arms that fit the blasphemous interpretation! The upper visible "fish" is an arm of the the child molesters demon holding the head of the other demon. This smaller demon holds on his part with the lower visible "fish" the leg of the bigger demon. I assume that all people understand and recognize immediately the appropriate sexual position.

As already mentioned elsewhere, the faithful and discreet slave serves all degrees of blasphemy, whether they are represented in pictures, or come along in the form of fanciful claims. In this case we are dealing with a weakened pictorial hint. This decrease is understandable in view of the social ostracism of child abuse. If we remember, however, the insults that are already documented in the above-mentioned sites, the connection of child abuse obtrudes itself in this case, positively. The thing is not for nothing coming across, like it is coming across. The fishing net hasn't for nothing a face with a "very delighted" facial expression. All this has surely its wanted tenor which is controlled by the faithful and discreet slave.

And if these things are even not included with full awareness of the Jehovah's Witnesses, and especially by the children of Jehovah's Witnesses, these things will penetrate the consciousness, fulfilling their purpose. The psyche of the concerned person is driven over a lifetime into a corner and is made available to the good and faithful blasphemer. The result is the changed perception of the Jehovah's Witnesses: Every thing and every event (in the artificial world of the Jehovah's Witnesses) is fraught with danger and can be controlled only by the power of the slave (Governing Body). This is the strategy of artificially accumulated guilt feelings, and the effective medicine is prepared, if the price is paid for it.

And then one has to let melt on the tongue the joke that German courts deny ex-Jehovah's Witnesses testifying because they would likely testify against the Watchtower Society! The only experts who have met the psychological terror of the faithful and discreet slave, are not allowed to participate in the decision making process, whether the Jehovah's Witnesses may play church or not and whether the Jehovah's Witnesses destroy families or not!

Who then can resist cursing such a "legal" system, can rightly say about himself that he is self-possessed.


blasfemia vcs são doidos vão arrumar algo p fazer d bom na vida! tudo q esta nessa página é a mais absurda mentira!

Anonymous [2010-05-02]
Confere os fatos! Tudo è assim nas revistas da Torre de Vigia, tudo se pode pouco a pouco verificar. Quem, apezar de conhecer os fatos, ainda acredita no escravo fiel e discreto, se decide conscientemente contra Jesus.

Check the facts! Everything is so in the Watchtower magazines. Everything can be proven decisively. Who in the knowledge of these facts still believes in the faithful slave, decides consciously against Jesus.

Ruediger [2010-05-02]
I am against the WTO too. I am with you! But honestly I can't see anything nasty in the picture...There are a number of these subliminal images conspiracy theories and I just don't see it.

Anonymous [2011-06-25]
Child Abuser The original image corresponds roughly to the scale of the image shown on the left here. When the glance moves over the image, when the book is noticed perhaps opened on the coffee table, out of the corner of the eye, the presentation is fulfilling its purpose. It is the habituation of a defenseless in the WTS seemingly common situation and it is the awakening of certain temptations in the brains of those in power within the WTS. That this satanic impulse to evil is part of a children's book of Jehovah's Witnesses, is no coincidence. Especially as such a children's book is attending the child witness for the entire time of childhood. Again and again the child will unconsciously perceive this representation. Again and again the child is exposed to the influence of this manipulation. And if you look again, you see the smiling face and the forearm of the child molester represented by a fish, who seems to hold the head of a small figure standing before him. Who, of course, expect that such content would be seen in all clarity those have failed to understand that Satan is working with quite different means. I personally think the ability of the WTS to bring such allusions into the paintings, is not normal.

Ruediger [2011-06-25]
The FUCK did I just read? This entire article, literally the entire thing, was one giant cluster-fuck of words put into nonsensical order. You misspelled a lot of things, and your commas were either absent or in the wrong damn places. Im not sure what exactly you're trying to express in said article, but if you're implying that the above picture alludes to any sort of demon, children, or satanic symbolism: you are reading TOO far into a biblical style illustration depicting a fucking FISHERMAN. there is no depiction of evil here, now take your meds and get a fucking job, ya freak.

Vincent [2012-09-28]
If you want to help to create a better translation, use the form below: Old text: ... New text: ... - Thank you very much! The german version you find here.

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