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For there is one God and one mediator
between God and man

1st Timothy 2, 5

Watchtower 01 August 2007, page 21, paragraph 3: As "the Chief Agent ...," Jesus Christ ...

Dear Jehovah's Witnesses,

Your "Bible" writes in Acts 3, 15: "Chief Agent of life". How do you manage the balancing act between 1 Timothy 2, 5, and your modified translation of Acts 3, 15? Who made there something wrong? How do you come to suspect besides Jesus one or more other middlemen between God and man?

Acts 3, 15

The original text gives us the word ORIGIN-LEAD(er). What does this term mean? The word leader means guide, headman that is clear. But what exactly is Origin? The dictionary gives us the following possibilities:

Of course, we could now assume that in addition to the original could exist a copy. When someone speaks of an original, the audience automatically concludes that it should also give a copy of it. But this contradicts the Bible in the case of mediation between God and men, without any ifs and buts. It claims strictly against all Watchtower speculations that there is actually only one mediator between God and man.

Jesus says at another passage, that many Christs will stand up, and that we are not allowed to give our confidence to those other Christs.

Why do you still follow your side-Christ from Brooklyn?

Aren't you beside the Catholic Church, with its spare Christ, the pope, branded as the second big liar? With your own Christ-Doubel, didn't you bring again to overflowing the golden cup of abominations?


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