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Mislabeling Jehovah

What is the biggest mislabeling that can ever take place in the world? Isn't it the crime that Satan pretends to be God?

In fact, there can be no bigger mislabeling than alone this one that the created super-being Lucifer makes himself God. That is his fall and all his infamy that he wants to be God. Although this desire of the devil can never really satisfied, because he simply is not God, he can fulfill this beautiful dream before people. His innermost being and his whole nature revolves solely around this spectacle before men.

There are already many organizations that openly say that Lucifer was the true God. Masons and Mormons officially promote it in their doctrins and there are certainly a number of other circles in which this view has prevailed.

The real trick is for Satan to create a loyalty that not just assume that the reversal of values is the truth, but is firmly convinced to be attached to the true God. For this a substitute religion serves him in which he can operate under a pseudonym and bind the allegiance of the people through baptism in this pseudonym itself. This substitute gospel must be so watertight, that people who have not come into contact with the Spirit of God, can at all assume that this is the true God.

Jehovah Satan

For this Satan did make himself a name of God by his Catholic servants. In the Catholic Church he operates until today still obscured. But he was in the mood then, tinkering a further religion, which openly confesses his followers, even if they do not know who they have in background as "God". This notion of Satan church, he could detect very slowly. By innuendo, daemons pictures, satanic dogma (Question of Blood) and so on. Very slowly he could pull aside the blanket of hypocrisy, to get used his disciples to his true species.

First he created a pseudonym for himself. This alias of course still had to be geared as close to the Holy Scriptures that he could pursue his hide-and-seek so well. But the obviousness of the false label had to be so clear that anyone who succeeded him, could ever be claimed that Satan would have hoodwinked him. No! The soul of the game is indeed the voluntary loyalty of man. For this the devil will not take out the mega-fraud. It must be a transparent fraud, so that every single witness of Satan has to be responsible for his decision.

What good is a disciples, or a witness, who stated at the slightest stress, he had only been cheated? What good is a Freemason, who already with minimal changes in circumstances withdraws his vows? What good is a church that professes in fact the true God based on identifiable information? Satan doesn't have any advantage of all this. That's why he needs to find people that can be inveigled to his leadership with real advantages. They have to be people who hope for the destruction of their fellow man and see it as an advantage. They have to be people who study the Bible to gain from this pseudo knowledge superiority over their fellow human beings.

Therefore, the substitute religion for these people must be extremely plausible, not that they ask for spiritual knowledge. At the same time Satan's substitute religion must meet criteria that are associated with clear benefits. These benefits may be obviously pleased worked out by Satan's believers themselves. However, these benefits must be offered in real terms.

In this way the Jehovah's Witness calculates, that he receives only because of the hours in meeting a bonus. The Jehovah's Witness also thinks he can rely on the many hours he has done for the religion at least evidenced in writing. The Jehovah's Witness lives and suffers for his advantages, which he must let all arise only from his own service. He has not the promise of God: You are saved for all times! He needs to work out hard on the thin hope of his benefits and then of course, he is also proud of the hardness of his work.

The preparation of the false label "Jehovah" took place in the 13 Century. Catholic monks invented the name Jehovah. The mislabeling itself came then with the Watchtower Society, which attached to this totally unjustifiable invention of the "true name" their so-called worship. These are also free to build the fictional faithful and discreet slave on to the most daring falsehood that the world has ever seen. He claimed and still claims now the name Jehovah would have been found in the original texts.

But how the name Jehovah could have been found in the originals if Catholic monks were required to raise the name Jehovah from the non-existence into existence? How weak and hollow people have to be who give credence to an organization which claims such a lie? And Jehovah's Witnesses repeatedly emphasize their extremely precise knowledge!

The fact that the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watchtower Society themselves have highest difficulties with this lie is shown by their dealings with this code name of Satan. In their writings they have always to add the word "God" to the name Jehovah so that the reader can get used again and again to this absurdity. Likewise, they use the label Jehovah in the daily dealings with each other constantly in addition with the word "God" in order to approach the real meaning of this name is not fictitious. They have to rehearse the lie repeatedly to themselves to be sure of their own in their religion.

The basis of the Watchtower Society is not the mistake, not the error, not the gap in one's knowledge! The basis of the Watchtower Society is the deliberate falsehood, intentional fraud and the targeted prevention of knowledge of God. This needs Jesus has to be seeded first, the Holy Spirit must be represented as semi-physical substance, for keeping people away from Jesus. Otherwise, the cover of the lies of the Watchtower Society would be blown in one moment that is as short as nothingness. To avoid this risk to occur and give Satan the opportunity to front man as God, the Bible must be reinterpreted and Jesus massively downplayed by all means.

Which celebrates the Catholic Church in all its breadth to keep the people away from God, the Watchtower Society is coming to one point and calls it Jehovah. They all have the same Lord. He is the one who has as the only one the interest that Jesus does not appear as God. But Jesus is the one who assumed the human form in his mercy to give life to anyone who takes him to devote.

Important additional

The previous experiences with Jehovah's Witnesses suggest: Anyone who is connected to this pseudo-church internally or even formally, is under the direct or indirect influence of Satan and his demons. He never again will be able to turn in childlike faith to Jesus Christ. Like being banned he can see the arguments against the heresy of Jehovah's Witnesses, but cannot deny them, and he will be binded in the devilish burden and will not be able to raise any faith to God. Under the influence of faithful and discreet slave he will never be able to go the way to the Father. For the faithful and discreet slave has tied him.

It seems that only very few can resist this force of the faithful and discreet slave, even if they have already left the organization for many years. They stand up to a clear decision against the will of the slave under his control. Whether these few who abscond from the influence of the slave can be considered to be blessed by a special miracle, or whether they belong to the elected, nobody can decide. Experience teaches us that out of 100 Jehovah's Witnesses least 99 seem to be lost forever. At least this is strongly confirmed by all previous experience.

The faithful and discreet slave seems to be actually more than just the idea of a modern heresy. All parameters suggest that the faithful and discreet slave is a long-termed installation of Satan, a long-term project that has been born and suckled under the care and arbitrariness of Freemasonry.

The only way out

The only feasible way, the only way to go to every person in this world is Jesus Christ. You have the opportunity to rely on him and to be rescued by him. Ask him in completely normal, everyday language so that he will explain to you what's really going on between God and man. Do not be afraid to speak a normal language in prayer. The only thing that's happening is that it comes from the heart. Ask him that he assumes the leadership of your life.

And connect with your request for recognition and Jesus' leadership also his protect against the forces of darkness. Tell him in simple earnest words that you take refuge in his claim. Do not forget to thank him later when you feel the burden falling off and the life coming in.

Besides, you don't need to recite any phrases or formulas of courtesy! Jesus actually listens to the name Jesus. You can appeal Him also by naming Him Jesus Christ or Lord Jesus.

More and more of you, Jesus praise song


The cross is a pagan symbol, Masons is it also!!!

anonymous [2013-11-27]
Freemasonry is a pagan symbol? Funny! The cross is a Christian symbol. The stake is a pagan symbol. The phallus. [RH]
Get your story right bruh.. you cant get to Jesus and be saved if its not first through "God" his father "The Almighty "Jehovah" .. you have to be very observant when you read the bible, how did Jesus became Jesus and how he became Christ and how he became to be born through Mary. It does not make sense that he did all these things just by Himself .. lol funny to say, to whom Jesus was praying to all along, lol it was defenatly not to himself and responding to himself either lol answering to his own prayers hahaa! Thats crazy! ... It was throuh "Jehovah his father".
Jesus referred to himself as the Son of man. God became man, and this man who was God, was the Son of Man. Since a second God is forbidden in the first commandment, what a god is Jehovah, when he in John secretly and quietly introduces a second God? Jehovah's Witnesses have a second God, by watching Jesus as another god. Jehovah's Witnesses have to break the first commandment every day for 24 hours due to the heresy that Jesus is not the same God. [RH]
I studied religion for years .. I give you home work ... go to the library and find 7 bibles and look up: psalms 83:18 .. I bet you at least 2 of the bibles will have the name of God "Jehovah" in it. Even this Go to the dollar tree find theKing James bible on the shelf and go to psalms 83:18 you will find Jehovah in it as well. Thats why we have to get our story straight and reasurch right .. if not our lives are involved from our teaching from what is true.
When in 1931 the Bible Students assumed the name Jehovah's Witnesses, even at that time anyone could inform in ordinary reference books about that the word Jehovah was false and had been assembled by a Catholic monk. The name of your god comes out of the great Babylon! [RH]
All other false religions and teachings are going to face Jehova's wrath and even death because its an enemy to Jehova's eye for anyone miss leading his people. For every person miss lead it all goes back to the one who is teaching it.

All these false religions and teachers they cant handle the truth about "Jehovah" because they cant back it up. Because all they're teachings are pagan and false.

If they start to teach about Jehovah, there would be chaos because for all the years they have been miss leading the peope to think something different.

Thats not knowledge, thats taking advantage, And that shows proof that they can not back up a teching that comes from Jehovah, the truth. JEHOVAH HAS GIVIN WARNING, And thats a warning, theres still time.

We have to understand these things for our good and for THE GOOD OF OTHERS as well, we have to save lives and not through false teachings. But from Jehovah himself his teachings to change the miss leading thought, through comon sense and His knowledge and from Jesus example. Its not a game, we have to read the bible daily to understand what it is saying to us.

son of Jehovah [2014-01-30]
If you would actually read the Bible and not just the Watchtower literature, then you would know that the first commandment precludes Jesus to be another God. The first commandment forbids clearly to have another God. Therefore, Jesus must be God himself. The very first commandment does it. [RH]
Lol funny to say that I study all types of religion and I read the Bible deeply, And it all leads to "God" not to Jesus. Read (Filipians 2:5 - 11) it says it all.
If Jesus is God according to John 1:1, he must be the Almighty God who became man. The Word (God) became flesh. If you look at him as another God, you have two gods in your religion. And you want to have studied everything that is religion? I even believe you, because religion is man-made. [RH]
People has a miss conception on who Jehovah is and its not rocket science.
The Watchtower Jehovah can only be Satan, for he forbids contact with Jesus. [RH]
The Pope banned the use of Jehovah. I have that letter. They banned it because they cant take credit for the finding on who is Jehovah. Its all about who is the best, thats being hypocrite. All religion has to know who is Jehovah but they cant teach it because thats not the theme and tradition of their view on religion.

Each religion has a theme and view on how they think how things should be. Why hide the truth? Because the truth hurts.

Beliveing in Jehovah and His Son "Jesus" and Jehovah's holy spirit, his active force and how everything was set for us to enjoy and adore has its blessings! Priceless!
The First Commandment and John 1:1 enforce the Trinity. The Holy Spirit is not a force. But that's not important. But the fact that the Father and the Son is the same God in heaven (father), God came as a human in appearance (son), Paul enforces:

Romans 8,9 You, however, are not in the flesh but in the Spirit, if in fact the Spirit of God dwells in you. Anyone who does not have the Spirit of Christ does not belong to him.

Paul says here that the spirit of God is the Spirit of Christ. For Paul this was self-evident, because Jesus is God. [RH]
.. but when people start putting their personal opinions it kills everything. It miss guides the true meaning and point to apriciate true fact, not human knowledge! Why become opposed to the truth about Jehovah when understanding is knowledge. Its the reasoning that makes us wise. Once you know about Jehovah everyrhing else make sence, its the missing pice to the jigsaw puzzle of life. Be part of Jehovah and trust me do this: add Jehovah in your prayers and you will see for your self what I am talking about.

Acts 4,12 Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.

The teaching that Jehovah saves is satanic, it is developed by Freemasons, to divert attention from Jesus. After the name of Jesus was given to man, Satan had to react and he is very inventive in religion. [RH]
How you know if you will like some type of food. By the way it smells right, and looks and how it smells, thats how it should taste, and by its seasonings too. If you did not try it and see for your self to prove, how is it possible for someone to even tell me if its good or not. With Jehovah its just that, the awesome seasoning that it bypasses all the nonsence and goes straigt to the point. This is what it is, and I am what i say and promise, He gave us a bible for us to enjoy life with a purpose and with no lies.

son of Jehovah [2014-01-31]
Your Jehovah God gave a Bible that forces you to break the first commandment by having a second God in your religion. Remember John 1:1! A God who forbids having another God in the first commandment, but then in the same Bible (John 1:1) comes with a second god, is a liar. [RH]
You have set a goal. You want to block me with long watchtower lyrics. Your watchtower theories are well known. Jehovah's witnesses change the subject again and again quickly to avoid the real arguments.

As long as you do not admit that you for 24 hours a day need to break the first commandment as a Jehovah's Witness, I will not publish your Watchtower effusion any more and also not answer them.

Ruediger [2014-01-31]

P.S.: The second condition is: Respond to Acts 4:12 and Romans 8:9!
Hello "Son of Jehovah",

you have tried to give an answer, but it says nothing. Then you have continued in jehovahistic texts. One paragraph I'll give here.

Quote: "Any human did does not belives in Christ does hot have Jehovah God's spirit in them. Its the Holy Spirit, the active force of Jehovah did dwells in a person did makes them righteous and to be saved."

To have "hot Jehovah God's spirit", that is satanism. It may be that you made only a mistake, but the probability is high that you wanted to make a mistake. The God of the Masons and the Mormons is also called Jehovah. I'm sure you wanted to make a mistake, son of Jehovah!

Satan really has only an effective power. The Spirit of God is a person. The Word of God is also a person. The Word of God is called Jesus Christ.

Ruediger [2014-02-02]

Son of Jehovah - You say you “read the Bible deeply” but you can’t even spell Philippians right. Fillipians?!?! “Jehovah” is a rendering of the Tetragrammaton YHWH that was started by a CATHOLIC monk. Why would you use something associated with an organization that you say is Babylon the Great? The WT is a Freemasonic cult that denies Jesus’ divinity. YES! He is God and there is nothing that any person or organization can do to change that fact. One way or another, EVERY knee shall BOW and EVERY tongue confess that JESUS IS LORD! You can either do it now and be saved, or do I right before you are tossed into the Lake of Fire.

Shannon Cats [2017-12-15]

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