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Does it make Jehovah's Witnesses be Christians?

Jehovah's Witnesses are promoter of a New World program, supporters of a religious party and go from house to house, even though Jesus has explicitly forbidden this canvassing. Jehovah's Witnesses advise against Jesus in their ministry and want to convince people that only their "Jehovah God" must be worshiped. In this way they want to involve people in a two-gods-religion, for they have two gods in their religion: Jehovah and the Watchtower's version of Jesus.

Jehovah's Witnesses are not a bit ashamed when it comes to drawing people away from Jesus on the side of their "Jehovah God", for they don't know that they serve an idol, they worship their idol even by a second idol. This Jehovah-Idol with the invented name, which they constantly have to add the attribute "God", demands of his witnesses, that they earn their "Being a Christian" by advertising at the front door.

Awake! April 2007, page 26
Ministry of Jehovah's Witnesses

Just as the representatives of a political party during election campaigns, they go from house to house and promote a religion that makes Jesus a kind of sub-god. In this way they try to spread a religion, that can not be more heathenish. Several gods they have, they worship only one. Several gods they have, through one they worship the other.

The inventors of this two-gods-religion let always shine through the diabolical origin of their pagan cult in their illustrations. In the illustrations of the Jehovah pleasing homily service are ever seen any accompanying demons, showing that the Jehovah's Witnesses try as servants of Satan to seduce men. They are representatives of the eradication of the last chance to get to Jesus. They burden the people with occult powers, and pretend to have their teaching from the Bible.

Funny are also the Romans (Click on the picture, then you see them), holding in their hands a modern Bible, and all are totally bewildered. For such a book they have never seen before. At that time there may have been no books in this form. - By such little things the faithful and discreet slave from Brooklyn makes his lie self-evident. Once Satan will scornfully ask the Jehovah's Witnesses: How could you believe such a nonsense? Did you not see the obvious clues that I let embed into the Watchtower magazines?

Then it will be too late. Jehovah's Witnesses will then be precalculated, how many souls they have on their conscience. Then they are made aware of how many people they have driven into the hands of Satan. Then they can no longer pray to Jesus, for they have denied for life.


On the german site we got a special view of the picture:

Anklicken, um zu vergrößern!

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Anklicken, um zu vergrößern!
Source: Erwachet! April 2007, Seite 26

Ruediger [2010-09-02]

Well it seems u Guys didnt read the Bible at all ?

Demian [2018-04-16]

You're right! We can not read! But we know that no space is written before a question mark. [RH]

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