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Lucifer sheds new light

Jehovaism is a new religion which depends on ever novel "light". At least this is how the human leadership of the Watch Tower Society expresses the idea. The Watch Tower doctrine elevates error to the status of a natural phenomenon by using this method. Normality in the history of the "only true religion" has been error which finds its exit through the reception of new light. But receiving new light is, naturally, closely connected with the Light-Bearer himself, who routinely provides the Watch Tower propagandists with escape paths out of the supposedly unassailable teachings – of widely publicized errors. The supply source of doctrines for the Kingdom of Jehovah which will destroy all who suppress the oppressors, is the one and only Lucifer himself. His one big wish is to destroy humanity. Nobody on earth is oppressing nobody. Therefore the message of the Kingdom Hall is identical to that of Lucifer: mankind shall be destroyed.

Watchtower 01 March 2011

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The Watch Tower Society recognizes only one true light, that is, the Watch Tower dogma that presents Jesus as only human and as the great free-mason of all time. Charles Taze Russell, the founder of the Watchtower Society, made this estimation of Jesus. Jesus cannot be God according to the Jehovah's Witnesses, in spite of the fact that the Bible clearly claims that Jesus is God (John 1:1). In order to uphold this thesis of a secondary god of the Jehovah's Witnesses it is necessary to receive ever more light. This need repeatedly reveals the real origin of the Watch Tower Society to be Lucifer himself. It does not bother recipients of ever more light that Jehovahism has plunged itself into polytheism (Jehovah as main God, the Watch Tower Jesus as secondary god).

In order to maintain their existence, the leadership of the Jehovah's Witnesses considers it absolutely necessary to deny the divinity of Christ at all costs. Their manipulated foot soldiers must remain loyal unto death to the organization which continually feeds them new light.

But they do not understand that he who denies information from other sources must be a liar. They do not understand that God never has worked and never will work through such a demagogic synchronization of people's minds. They do not perceive how the Watch Tower Society is nothing less than a product of several totalitarian systems which once controlled the world. And they do not see that no one other than Satan himself would ever forbid prayer to Jesus.

Who is susceptible for the light of Satan?

Nobody who takes the step to confess faith in Jesus can ever be captured by the arts of Satan, even if he extensively examines the theories of the Watch Tower system. New light cannot influence those who trust Jesus. Their ongoing knowledge directs them to that Light, which in appeared once in the world, and that Light is none other than Jesus.

This Light has shone once in such a perfect way back then as it has now. Every individual who has been illuminated by this Light knows the same thing that those of us who trust Jesus today also experience. There is no difference between the old and the new light. This light is ever the same, yesterday, today and forever.

Who needs this new light from Lucifer?

The only ones who need some new kind of light are those people who are not in Jesus. Those who have not had their thirst quenched need new light, for they did not receive living water. Those who depend on some man and trust in a human institution to save them need new light. New light is a balm for those who have jumped on the doubting question: "Did God really say ..." Whoever lives without Jesus will repeatedly park at this question. If someone trusts Jesus, he has received Him who answers this question in his life and Who gives the decisive answer to all these questions. HE also determines your salvation and has bound Himself to this issue.

The new light within the Watch Tower doctrine indicates, together with all other blasphemies of the Jehovah's Witnesses, that the Watch Tower Society is fed from the devil.

Ask Jehovah's Witnesses on the street and at the door of your house: Who is always bringing new light? Is it not the Light-Bearer himself?

Translated by Fred Foster


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