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Symbols in the Book:
Listening to the Great Teacher

Listening to the Great Teacher, page 13: The satanic S is consistently used. The child looks at the pictures and won't apprehend these perfidious signs later, because it is blunted by habituation. The satanic S is usually arranged pretty centrally.

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Satanic S:
Satan-S on page 13

Page 14: And there you go with the scaremongering. While the Bible even reports a sunny situation in a certain way on the Mount of Olives - Peter wants to build cabins to stay longer there - the Watchtower outlines in their children's book already the big fear situation, which seems to be connected with the intervention of God always.

Original, as the child sees it in the religious children's book.
Remarkable is the figure in the foreground. The beard signales that it is a man. However, he has significant breasts.
Fear on the Mount of Olives

Also here again different creatures are present, as a kind of "revival" of the scenery. The top right the eye of the viewer is catched by a silhouette of a profile. Right middle there is a peculiar face from the house of Frankenstein.

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Highlight, reminiscent of Frankenstein's monster figure:
Frankenstein's monster on the Mount of Olives

At the top of monster the children's eyes unconsciously recognize a remarkable spook which turns away from the scene.

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Spook on the Mount of Olives

At the images that shall "delight" the Jehovah's Witnesses, one sees quickly that the Watchtower Society is driving the efforts for their creations to the extreme. The accumulation of subliminal embeds and satanic allusions, and the remarkably high quality of the images force the neutral observer to conclude: The Watchtower Society manipulates their "customers" the most directly and most sustainably with the aid of the subliminal presentations. And it is in these scriptures, which are pressed into the children's minds, in this respect literally the dirty show really starts.

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The Horned is controlling the Situation
The Horned

And watching over all is the horned. - The audacity of the Watchtower Society is head and shoulders above the rest. Fear and constant observation by demons and spirits daily are instilled into the children as early as possible. The slow poison is regularly administered in an effective dose, so that later the mental metastases of the faithful and discreet slave are active for a lifetime.

It is bitter that the government supports this poisoning unknowingly by giving these man-tormentors still corporate law.

It would be better if the state would hire assistants for the enlightenment of the relationship and thus would allow the long-term intelligence of this satanic cult. The accelerated continuation of this site would be an essential part of the work. The long-term report of the Watchtower demons that are dealing with the theological heresies and the presentation of the psychological damage of the Jehovah's Witnesses are the factors that have to be long-term basis and publicly displayed. This includes perhaps the scientific support with the appropriate professionals.

Also would be important a translators team that translates the information into many languages, so not only the German-speaking region has benefits of the enlightenment about the Jehovah's Witnesses.

All these measures, however, may only come for execution when there is a sufficient initial suspicion. However, this initial suspicion has been met a long time. The documents of the Watchtower Society itselves provide evidence for proof the aims of the Watchtower Society are anti-christian and people destructive.

Coating the Watchtower Society with public scorn take exactly the center of the preaching of the faithful and discreet slave. Then, the Jehovah's Witnesses feel persecuted and another cheap copy of the Christian life is made.

Pathological changes of Jehovah's Witnesses

The Watchtower Society produces mentally reduced soldiers to fight for Jehovah's goals. A salient characteristic of such Watchtower soldiers is their constant willingness to use always all juristic appliances immediately against other people. They are willing to perjure, (Theocratic War Strategy), they sue everyone and everything, where even the suspicion exists to get away with.

And it is indeed understandable. What should do somebody who is an eager man, if his demonic slave driver has uprooted him mentally or stoned, robbed him all healthy inhibitions, pumped him full for decades with demonic and anti-christian teachings? It is obvious that a man who was shot under the rules of the Watchtower Society through the psycho-mincer, cannot be really master of himself. He staggers like a dreaming or like a drunk man through the world and attacks anyone who resists him. Even the sensible decision, to cease at some point once the hopeless struggle, he lacks completly.

Jesus says: "Behold, I send you as sheep among wolves. Ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves." He doesn't say at any point: "Lie like a trooper!" The Theocratic War Strategy of the Watchtower doctrin and the demonic enforcement of all Watchtower writings will break amongst others the faithful and discreet slave's neck.

Religious freedom is not freedom to lie!

Disintegration of the family by the Jehovah's Witnesses

Please show me one single male witness or one single female witness of this Jehovah who knowingly and with clear knowledge of the demonic enforcement of the book "Listening to the Great Teacher", will present this book their children to read! The seduction of the Watch Tower Society is so perfect that the parents do not know what they do to their children. Who can bestow their children this demonic upbringing, destroyes his own family with high security and makes his own child often incapable of founding a family. About the effect of destruction by the Watchtower doctrine, the individual Jehovah's Witness has no knowledge. The unmaskings of the Watch Tower Society, which are documented wide-rangingly on the, are proving multifarious, that the assertion is true: "Jehovah's Witnesses destroy families". After all, who destroyes people, destroyes also family, state and community!

Take a look at the sexual suggestions of the WTS!


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