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Judas Iscariot

What is the overlap between the Watchtower Society, and Judas Iscariot?

Consider the motivation of Judas Iscariot!

Judas Iscariot was thoroughly sensible planning. His intention was to use the power of Jesus throwing the hated Romans out of the country and to bring the Jewish people back to the ancient importance and independence, which it was earlier to sample. The yearning of Judas was the fulfillment of the plan to banish all evil and bad from the jurisdiction of the Jewish nation. With this hope in his heart, he followed Jesus, and he was sad and disappointed that Jesus had appeared to deny this plan of action.

As a disciples of Jesus of course he could not openly rebel against Jesus and criticize him. For he saw daily the Lord as a clearly self-determined and self-confident man, who was not enthusiastic or impressed by human plans and thoughts. How long Judas would have to wait until Jesus finally straightened up the promised Kingdom?

The needs that were boiling in the heart of Judas Iscariot, were not a fluke and not an exotic rarity. The needs of Judas Iscariot were shared at least by the important parts of all Jews of his time. The Jewish people had the one hand, the hope for the promised Messiah. On the other hand this hope and desire was combined for the Jews with the prospect of a practical implementation of their longings in this world. In this context, Judas Iscariot was no exception. But his firm resolve to feed the practical hopes with performance, perhaps caused him to emerge from the mass of his countrymen.

Judas Iscariot in comparison with his fellow-disciples

Compared to the other disciples, Judas did not come to the fore the fact that with Jesus, he cultivated a frank, open conversation. When Judas, even saying anything, then he brought it out to be a universal argument, with which he addressed the whole group. He did not ask what Jesus could do for him personally. He did not have a need for receiving anything personally from Jesus. He only had the honorable motivation to gain freedom and rule for the oppressed people with the help of Jesus.

While Judas was busy with these plans and while he invested serious action and knowledge in the service of liberation from the evil, his fellow disciples discussed as naive children problems which appeared almost ridiculous in his eyes. - Who will be the superior in the kingdom of heaven? - The fellow disciples of Judas Iscariot considered themselves as bodyguards of Jesus and chased away children. They enjoyed the good time with their Lord, and nobody of them had a plan how to continue later.

All this must have looked in the eyes of the planner Judas Iscariot pretty ridiculous and dangerous. Finally, he was the one who wanted to make this idiosyncratic Jesus something that could bring the world benefits. He was practical and logical and he introduced all his expectations in the service of liberation the world from evil. For Judas Iscariot there was no question of enjoying the presence of the Lord in a selfish ways. The joy in communion with the Lord was not important for him, because he had comprehensive and clear plans and goals.

The Shock of the Betrayal

How shocking the fact must have been for Judas that Jesus spoke openly of his betrayal? Had not he, Judas Iscariot, withdrawn and disciplined himself to endure the antics of this naive force to achieve his goals at the end? The Lord, whom he had followed for so long time, how could he now openly accuse him of treason, especially since he had not even begun to think about betraying his master?

Only after the deal with the Sanhedryn, the Jewish Sanhedrin, he realized that trying to realize his plans, by bringing together Jesus and the Sanhedrin "forcibly", lead into a big nothing. Until then he had devoted himself to his honest belief to a true change in the world, and could not understand from this perspective what this all would accomplish. The failure of Judas Iscariot is the story of those who do not follow Jesus in a childlike way, but put their own thoughts and plans higher than this Jesus.

Intrinsic Affinity

The attempt to integrate Jesus in a very practical way in the world, using Jesus for the own objectives is the the close agreement of Judas Iscariot and all the false doctrines of this world. Planned and longed for is the large system roll-over, the great purification, the triumphant bang, the miraculous event that seems to be possible by using the power and the glory of Jesus. Any doctrine, any religion that is packaging this Jesus in a round, closed and neatly structured worldview, is the way of Judas Iscariot.

The Watchtower Society draws up a plan over the world, which is inspired narrowly to the plans of Judas Iscariot. Jesus of Nazareth is well-placed in a religious system of thought of people at the abdication of the surprising acquaintance of this who is absolutely self-willed and who is thwarting all human plans. Like Judas Iscariot held back himself to wait for his time, so do hope the Jehovah's Witnesses today for the big bang, setting out a world in which they will remain as the only human existence. Nothing else Judas had planned - except that he was not concerned with the whole world, but only with Israel.

Thus, the Jehovah's Witnesses have to look even today with suspicion to those who enjoy as children the presence of the Lord and ask him stupid questions, but dont't want to know anything concrete about the matter with the at last great liberation. This breed of simpleton who don't apparently see the need for a fundamental transformation of the world, these selfish-looking puppets who think that they are saved solely by faith in this Jesus, this useless money, time and energy-burning, Jesus glorifier! That cannot be the true religion!

Outer Relationship

There have to be made very practical plans. All the wicked will have to be destroyed!

The Watchtower offers the peoples comfort thanks to the good news that God's Kingdom will soon destroy those who oppress their fellow men, and that it will make the earth a paradise. (Original text of the watchtower flap).

The substantive agreement, the outer relationship of the Watchtower Society with Judas Iscariot is the sincere wish and the open plan of a revolution in the sense of destruction, displacement and cleaning. A deep engagement into the existing system is facing. The existing system must be destroyed like in the dream of Judas Iscariot. For this Jesus is necessary and tolerated.

But they dispense respectably with the personal profit that Jesus has promised every one who believes in him! Because they have nothing in common with these naive, self-indulgent admirers of Jesus, who are overjoyed in his presence and say, that is exactly brilliant, this is already the kingdom of heaven, this is all that can ever reach a person.

Internal and external differences

While the Christians who have received Jesus as their personal Lord, rely on him as children and expect that he will deliver as he wishes to change or save the world, the Jehovah's Witnesses have to rely on the expected variations of future. They are people who cannot enjoy Jesus Christ. They have incorporated Him into their human system of thought and pull Him up like Judas to achieve their plans.

Jehova und nicht Jesus!!!

Christians follow the Lord, if necessary, blind and without the intention to have an overview over the right away. Jehovah's Witnesses do not follow him, because they only understand their own plans and have reduced His power and glory to a for them acceptable level. With Judas, they have in common that they do not personally ask the Lord and that they are entirely hooked on following their self-constructed world view. They are slaves to their world view and cannot accept the divinity of Jesus.

If they only would look at Judas and considered his end!


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