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The always recurring
Jehovah's Witnesses Men Demon

The Watchtower Society isn't interested in attracting attention. But it wants to repeat the signature of Satan in their writings over and over again. For the author of the Jehovah-theology likes to be hailed as one who could seduce people for centuries with preconceived ideas and that, though the absurdity of these ideas is to recognize easily for everyone of the seduced. So in the writings of the Watchtower Society constantly appear clear signs for helping the more closely looking reader clear up, that Satan himself must be the author of these writings.

A favorite theme of the Watchtower Society is the dictate of penis, which their God supposes rightly. To show his contempt of people, the Watchtower Society shows this motif in their paintings again and again. Something significant (Link), times fainter (Link). In the book "WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES really?" on page 3 the Watchtower Society shows a man who stands behind the wheelchair of his wife.

WHAT THE BIBLE TEACHES really?, page 3
Has God wanted? (Or: Should God have said ...?)

There are shown people who learn from the media, the wickedness of the world. What's in light of this situation closer than moving quickly to the side of Jehovah's Witnesses to get solace from their wisdom?

Old Man in Need

But if you look at the poor old man closer, you have to say that the Watchtower Society has drawn again their typical demon in the pants. It is the recurrent fly demon by which Satan likes to express his hatred for people.

Fly Demon

This is really pleasuring the Watchtower Society, showing people in all possible situations, and tacking them attributes that represent nothing less than the hatred of Satan. God loves people and doesn't lead anybody into temptation. Satan, however, hates people. He would like to verify the old saying of God: They have eyes but they don't see anything. This Satan realizes in a very primitive way by showing specific images in the Watchtower literature. While the Jehovah's Witnesses claim that Satan wants to refute God by a dispute and deny him rights, Satan's intention really is "just" the verification of the divine truths to man's disadvantage. With these attempts of Satan to convict people of their stupidity Satan, of course, only has one big target: He wants to distract people from Jesus Christ and from the grace of God which takes place in Jesus. The into the Bible interpreted matter of dispute of the Jehovah's Witness theology is just a red herring of Satan to entice people away from the true gospel. Here, Satan has bundled his accusations against the people in a sophisticated theology, and he will even make that many people follow Satan's Gospel.

More on sexual abstruses in the writings of Watchtower


I think the problem is with you. You must have a penis fedish. Even with a magnify glass nothing is there!!! Get a life.

anonymous [2013-11-27]
The Watchtower manufacturers love to provide sex-regions with strange faces or grimaces. You can see it well. [RH]
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