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Jehovah's Witnesses have to lie

The Blasphemy of the Catholic Church

While the Catholic Church as a targeted power structure knew how to tie the Repraesentation of the Son of God upon them, they brought it to perfection yet ready to undermine Jesus so that only an empty ceremonial shell remained of him. With the representation of the Son of God, the Catholic power had committed not only to the Christian idea in itself, but this location throughout the world for himself and filled with errors. These highly sought hegemony, which is reflected in all the righteous deeds by Christian sects, is focused on Roman Catholicism, whose story is logical, a history of persecution of Christians.

In this apparatus, we find a religious elite, which sells the believers every possible blasphemy as the only true faith. From the adoration of the Queen of Heaven over the repeated daily sacrifice of a pseudo-Christ up to the simple assertion that we can change the interpretation of the Bible as they desire and the faithful would have to assume are that, under the leadership of the pope gathered all the blasphemies, the possible are under the hollowed-out figure of the Son of God.

In the Catholic Church is all blasphemy within the recognition that Jesus is God, can be devised and implemented.

The Innovation of Islam

This accumulation of power-hungry instrumentalization of faith in Jesus began to Islam is a fundamental innovation. Although Islam declares that he recognizes the Christian Scriptures as true and as the Word of God, but claims that Jesus could not be God. The simplicity of the Muslim mind, which God no confidence that the Muslim does not understand right away, set the new framework for the blasphemy of Jesus and the great thesis of the non-Christian world, Jesus was not God.

The lies of Jehovah's Witnesses

The world of Catholicism and Islam is a dual polarization of forces dar. Both directions Jesus come under their feet. Islam with the simple assertion that Jesus could not be God, the Catholic church with a centuries-developed apparatus of blasphemy and the abuse of power. In this dual-polarized world, the teachings of the religion of Jehovah's Witnesses comes with two distinct claims:

  1. The Bible is the only one AUTHORITY!
  2. Jesus is not God!

Thus, the Watchtower Society pursues the one hand, the subversion of the Christian already heavily meaningless world of power and also the installation and basic legitimacy of Islamic thought on the nature of Christ, which can be anything except God.

If it's just the hollowed out by the Pope dependent Christ-faith existed and the Christ disbelief of Islam, the Watchtower Society could quite easily have success as a theological hybrids. The majority of those who go to the Jehovah's Witnesses in the case, are Catholics and Muslims. This shows very clearly where the theology of Jehovah's Witnesses is located.

But the biggest folk brainwashing machinery of the world but still home to true Christians in their ranks. And outside their sphere of influence can be found miraculously always movements that acknowledge Jesus as God and follow him. To date, arising everywhere in the world Christian communities, which can be either of the Catholic doctrine, yet impressed by other mainstream and obey Jesus Christ alone.

This actual Christianity - it is the actual body of Christ - that is, without intervening implants such as Pope, or faithful and discreet slave (WTS), manages, for Islam and Catholicism, and the front of the Jehovah's Witnesses a barrier, which is placed in their way by God. All who deny the divinity of Jesus, they will be confronted sooner or later with the resistance of people who are directly linked to Jesus Christ.

Until today the world is not sufficiently known, that the Jehovah's Witnesses represent nothing else but the thought content of Islam. The only pillar of both religions is the denial of the divinity of Jesus. Because the Watchtower Society with all the propaganda means knocking out she was a Christian organization, was not seen until today by the world public that it really is with Islam as close relatives, such as the tadpole to the frog. Even the focus of their religion in the only God with a certain name, they took over by Islam. In their teachings in their everyday lives and plays the word submission to God (Islam) one of the most important roles.

The purpose of the exercise is the Watchtower Displacement of salvation through faith in Jesus for the obedience of faith artificially added to the opposite guide who calls himself a faithful and discreet slave. This figure assumes the intermediary agents Watchtower Society once again one of the main criteria of the Catholic religion. If the Watchtower Society a closer look, you discover the perfect blend of the two great religions of the world. The main common feature of all religions is the crush and trample upon the deity of Christ. Everything hurts what Jesus is allowed and must reside in all paradigms in this world. The main thing is that most people do not have insight and can be kept away from Jesus by various means.

Two types of lying

While Catholicism is in the lie unchecked stoically tolerated than affiliation to a particular religion its place in the hearts that are under the Watchtower Society, the Human Additionally encouraged and urged by many psychological tricks to pass the lie to other people. They sacrifice their life to spread the worst and stupidest lie of mankind ever further. They proselytize for their replacement Jehovah God and tell the people that Jesus is not God.

The only Truth

Who wants to know the truth, must reach without reservations and without intellectual prejudice to Jesus and trust him. Who wants to know the truth, must trust that Jesus and give himself into the hands of Jesus. Then one day he will understand with certainty that Jesus is indeed the truth, and will recognize that Jesus is God.

Jesus clearly indicates that he is God, as he sounded as saying: "I am the truth. For nothing other than God can be the truth.

Finally, the Bible clearly shows that Jesus is God. In Revelation 5, 13 John hears praise all creatures on earth, the sea and the sky. The only ones, who do not praise, that is who is sitting on the throne of God, the Father and the Lamb. Fact that these two are excluded from the active doings of praise, but to accept the worship in this verse for all the world to see states that Jesus is not a creature. For all creatures praise, but the lamb and the one on the throne, receive the praise.

Taking into account this small passage from the Bible, the Watchtower Society no longer can insist that they accept the Bible as the basis and authority, as long as it claims to be Jesus only an an angelic spirit creature. The Watchtower Society no longer has this mantle, and must admit by this evidence that they at least lie in one of the two assertions:

  1. The Bible is the only one AUTHORITY!
  2. Jesus is not God!

Because of this little verse in Revelation 5, both close to absolute theories mutually exclusive manner. Either one accepts the Bible as an authority and sees that Jesus is God, or it maintains its assertion that Jesus was not the Almighty, but must then reject the Bible as a source of truth. The Watchtower Society has still successfully obscured this contradiction and presented in their literature, this passage always in a way that they could not understand the real context. The Jehovah's Witnesses are a flock of professionally misguided people were harnessed to the cart of great religious confusion.

Anyone who takes seriously the Bible, Jehovah's Witnesses can only certify that they have set themselves the faithful and discreet slaves a bloodsucker in the fur and have been fatally infected by it. As long as the duplicity of their Watchtower religion is better than the truth and sincerity, they will append their false god and worship a name, the Catholic monks invented in the 13th Century. As long as they give up their mental confusion and not aware of anything check (the check is banned in the WTS), they are exposed to destruction, and have to fear for them on how best to prevent its threatened destruction at Armageddon preaching to serve the WTS doctrine.

Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics and Muslims!

Jesus is the truth. Jesus is God. Jesus is our savior. Jesus, no one comes by and every knee will bow before him. All creatures in heaven and on earth will give glory to the Lamb and the one who sits on the throne. And they will realize that all human's theory has passed and that all human's thinking had to submit to the faith in Jesus Christ. For God cannot and will not manifest himself to the human mind through human knitting patterns. It must be done by faith, so that we can understand it in ways that go far beyond the human ability to think about.


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