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Jehovah's Witnesses in Prison

Jesus saves

Those who have never been free, cannot actually make a difference between captivity and freedom. Somebody who holds millions in captivity like the Watchtower Society, desists as far as possible, telling his prisoners about freedom. Any information about this would increase the risk of promoting the legitimate revolt of the prisoners. Therefore, Jesus is for the Jehovah's Witnesses allowed only in a seeded form. Thus, the lords of prison of the watchtower can impose a form of religion, which does speak about Jesus, but can never let Him act.

Jesus says: "Whom the Son makes free is free indeed." This freedom that comes through Jesus, relieves us believers of all human morality, of all by people highly respected rules of conduct. Now Jesus says to us His law writing it into our hearts. In this freedom that Jesus gives us through his direct action, we also find a daily growth in spiritual ways in which we move forward without our own efforts and mandatory exercises to His honor. Because anything does not help us that we make out of our own power, but only and exclusively that which Jesus puts up in us.

His power is the only thing that can make us well-pleasing to God. Only Jesus' intervention can save us. His work is also precisely this infinite freedom from human limitations and human struggle that is always in the end only self-congratulation and self-rescue attempt.

The Watchtower chains

To hide this liberating and making independent effect of Jesus from the Jehovah's Witnesses the Watchtower comes always with the old cliche that already existed in the world without Jesus: "If we diligently serve Jehovah, he will support us." This saying is applicable to all men and all gods. People always first of all have had the thought that if we sacrify to God this or that, he supportes us. Under this mentality people have been butchered in the name of religion, magic rites were held, under this mentality were carried out at all times superstitious acts, always to tap act of God or to make it useful for oneself.

In this ancient pagan beliefs, the Jehovah's Witnesses are being held captive. They are constantly instilled that they have to do something to pull Jehovah on their side. That Jesus has just finished this stupid game of religious the Watchtower conceals.

Jesus saves

Those who get in the yoke of Jesus, learn very quickly and evidently that all human attempts to draw God on one's side, is the last nonsense and must be the last nonsense. There is no work of man that ever could placate God conciliatory to us. For this, the Lord Jesus Himself went to the cross in order to replace our infinitely stupid attempts to come to God by His deed. He is the way to the Father, He is the one who makes us acceptable in the Father's eyes, because He, Jesus bore the punishment for all of our distance from God.

There is no more room under Jesus for superstitious acts. No preaching increase, not even rigid Watchtower stubbornness, not even the most persistent struggle in hopeless position can help the Jehovah's Witnesses. Independently appropriated qualities of character and behavior changes will always keep being man's work and finding their condemnation at the point of "Tower of Babel".

Jesus has determined this strongly! He says only: "Without me ye can do nothing!" He calls out to us that we at last can relax in His salvation. He assures us that He is with, no only without our performance on our side and with him the Father. He gives us His strength and motivation, so hat we grow in Him. Therefore: Let him who boasts boast in the Lord.

There is nothing and will be nothing at all but Jesus, so we can protect against the legitimate wrath of God. No work of man will ever have any hint of an effect in God's eyes, because human action is always far from God. Therefore, Jesus must take place within us and win space, so that He achieves for us with His strength His law within us. In this way it will never happen that any of us who we have trusted in Jesus, will say to God: Look what I have everything done for you! But we will always praise Jesus Christ only in gratitude, for He is the only one who can start something divine in us and redeeme us from our inadequacy.

The Watchtower ruins all this

The Watchtower reduces everything to the power of man. In the Watchtower's edition for the 1 January 2006 we find this intention of human complacency fully expanded. Already on page 3, we find a figure that is supposed to represent the evil in the world.

The Watchtower: Harmless representation of good and bad in the world

But when we enlarge a section of this Watchtower view, we discover again the self-revelation of Satan, who acts by the Watchtower Society. It is shown the suffering Jehovah's Witness, who is kept out by the bars of the false Watchtower teachings forever from his salvation through Jesus:

Jehovah's Witness in prison

Here again we see demons that maintain the lattice of the Watchtower doctrine.

The Watchtower Society knows very well about the redeeming power that only Jesus holds ready for us. Therefore it attempts to distract people from Jesus, to lead them astray. By this it feeds the wishes of its father, Satan, whom it calls Jehovah. And because Satan is not allowed to perform his fraud in a perfect way, he must make his actions identifiable. This we see in the picture of the despaired Jehovah's Witness, who is fooled out of his salvation by the Watchtower teachings.


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