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Jehovah's Witnesses,
do they have a relationship with God?

To Whom talked Adam in paradise?

The chapters of Genesis 2 and 3 speak of the Creation of Man and of the direct communication that Adam had with his Creator in the Garden of Eden. Genesis 2, 15 and 16 show that after Adam was created, God took him and put him in the garden of Eden. There, God gave Adam instructions that were vitally important for the basis for their relationship.

The Bible says: When Adam had sinned by failing to heed the instructions of God, God came personally to Adam and Eve to speak about their sin. Genesis 3, 8-11 tells us that Adam and Eve heard the voice of God, when he perambulated the garden, and so they hid themselves from the presence of God. When God called the people, Adam answered: "I heard your voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I'm naked and I hid myself."

Although the Bible teaches clearly, that Adam had a personal relationship with God in the Garden of Eden, the Watchtower denies the recognition of the facts that God spoke directly to Adam.

According to the Watchtower of 1 August 1995, page 13, Jehovah did not talk directly to Adam. The Watchtower says that God probably would have spoken directly to Adam, if he would have wished so, but that he did not. Instead, the Watchtower Society says that it was probably the pre-human Jesus, who went to Adam and talked to him. The Watchtower but also denies that Jesus is the Almighty God and with that it denies in principle that the people in general can have a direct relationship to God. Why is this so important?

The teaching of the Watchtower Society, after which the Almighty God did not agree directly with Adam, puts two highly problematic situations into the world:

  1. First, the Watch Tower Society contradict the clear biblical testimony in Genesis 3, 10, that Adam personally heard the voice of God.
  2. Second, the Watch Tower Society arbitrarily constructs a state that denies the average Jehovah's Witness a direct relationship to God.

Only a special category of Jehovah's Witnesses, who are proclaimed as the 144 000, can have a direct relationship to God. Only for this special caste God is the as the "Father" known God. This is valid according to the Watchtower of 1 August 1995, page 13

Does the Jehovah's Witness have a direct relationship with God?

For the Jehovah's Witnesses their "relationship" to God is not from their love to him or from their desire to communicate with him. Their "relationship" to God does only depend on their relationship to the Watch Tower organization. As soon as the Jehovah's Witness is leaving the security of the Watchtower organization for whatever reason, it is said to him that he has lost his "relationship" to God. No one Jehovah's Witness can ever have a "relationship" to God without this special Watchtower society.

The Watchtower teaching presents God as someone who distanced himself from those he had created. This by the Watchtower Society constructed God is significantly different from the well-known God of the Bible, who out of his personal loving motivation starts out to look for his lost children. About a hundred times in the Gospels, we read "father". This is the unveiling of the New Testament about God. The "remote YHWH" of the Old Testament is the close intimate father of the New Testament.

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Jesus met the human race as the greatest revolutionary ever seen. Even if he should have just cleaned up an old misunderstanding, the impact of his person spans the globe and is marrow penetrating. His work and will forever changed the world fundamentally and gave the people a new light, which is incontestably the way to God.

In this world situation the adversary has to crack hard nuts. If we put ourselves in the place of Satan, we must realize that Satan is a player who already has clearly lost the game. His defeat is inevitable, the game is lost for him. - But what is he doing? He does not abandon the game, like a good sportsman would do this, because this is his last game at all. With the end of this conflict for Satan will occur a fundamental change. His current existence will be terminated.

This is a bad situation for Satan! Because bound by his nature he can not search for other ways out. In his whole substance he is reliant on keeping his self-constructed authorization and on destroying the power and the essence of his opponent. And although it is clear as day the output of his project, he decides like the Nazis to destroy as much substance as possible, to tear into the death as many people as possible and to deny as much proven guilty as possible.

The worst things for Satan are grace and love. In both of these factors the strength of his opponent stepped on to the field and has terribly massacred the positions of Satan largely. But the resulting loss of the entire war is for Satan completely far from being a reason to finish the game. His only option to stay true to his own nuisance is in a desperate battle against the superior forces of the love of Jesus.

Therefore, Satan tries to grab the project of God at the root. Luckily for Satan this overwhelming expression on the chessboard of life is bound on the faith of the people. The one who does not accept the will of God (Jesus), in spite of all the victories-achieving love of God is lost. So Satan can necessarily list success only there, where he can sell people the plan of God successfully as nonsense.

If the Nazis had not shown it to mankind, as they despite their apparent defeat had no intention to change their behavior, we could not understand Satan in his iron decision against God. But we can empathize and understand that Satan due to his being-so does not be able and wanting otherwise.

Satan has fastened a huge hawker's tray with tactics, by which he gets to keep people away from Jesus. For Jesus is the embodiment of salvation willed by God. The center of the satanic thinking is the trivialization and the downplaying of what Jesus has set in the world. When also Satan has already lost the whole game, he consoles himself after all, like the Nazis by tearng as many as possible with in death.

In the reasoning of the Watchtower Society one thing is striking consistently: It is permanently tinkering with a tremendous energy out to obstruct each person the freely accessible grace in faith in Jesus. Just like the little films in the children's television, they are suggesting to the people again and again, that somehow is to find a solution to drive the evil spirits or placate fate. The man and his reliability and quality are always put at the forefront, so that the lostness of man is not visible. For if man realizes his being doomed, he also realizes the grace that is given to us in Jesus.

What can protect us people against such a thing?

Aside from Jesus is no mediator between God and man. Apart from Jesus there is no help for the smartest and richest and fastest and most self-assured and most courageous among men! No test of patience, not test of ability, no Technical Supervisory Association for faith, no sacrament, no liturgy, no esoteric, no virgin-paradise-teaching can help people. All the 'isms' (socialism, liberalism, humanism, etc.) fail in the fight, which has become visible since the appearance of Jesus. - There is only the (albeit initial cautious, distrustful, distant or magically motivated or under distress started) turning to Jesus. No matter from which situational reasons man turns to Jesus, he will not be disappointed. The fantastic thing about Jesus is that he does not let fall anybody in the personal devotion to him.

Jehovah's Witness! The special trick of Satan is to suggest to you, you went on the finest line, one can imagine. But the doctrine of the Watchtower Society has fundamental similarities with Islam, with the Catholic Church, with modern economics and with many other sadnesses of human history. As long as you refuse to take note of facts that are open to all people, you are certainly true of the Watchtower Society.

But the Watchtower Society is drinking at the breast of Satan.


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