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Jehovah's Witnesses' children manipulated early

The book "Listening to the Great Teacher", the kids love so much, is advertised by the Watchtower Society in the magazines Watchtower and Awake with sweet young pre-school aged Jehovah's Witness girls who embrace this book intimately.

Let us make a closer examination of this children's book! Already on page 6 the children are subjected to subliminal manipulation:

What children need from their parents

Even at first glance, the left shirt-sleeve of the father is abnormal. A fat S is formed there. It stands for Satan.

Satan-S, Satan's Slave Signature

Early on, the Watchtower Society begins to manipulate the children. The children of Jehovah's Witnesses are accustomed as early as possible to the absurdities, so that later they draw no suspicion. This even does more: If Jehovah's Witnesses look later as an adult at the "literature", they recognize the old "smell" immediately and are back up embedded in their childhood experiences. Thus, the demons and signs of Satan are even usable to obtain the commitment of the once blinded for life, every day.

Beak Being behind the Back

The girl has behind her Back a beak being, which seems quite calmly observe accurately everything. The mapping of observant eyes is one of the most intensely acting means of manipulation. Be observed at every step, that is the life of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Absolute control is their attitude towards life.

It becomes particularly scary when the eye-sockets are empty. This is a direct evocation of death and of the origin from another realm. A Watchtower Kingdom, which can hardly classify someone as the kingdom of God.

Observing Eyes-animal

Also behind the sofa cushion there is lurking a little eyes-animal that seems to control the situation closely.

It is quite understandable that the Jehovah's Witnesses, who see this evidence of their mental captivity, either fight like punctured pigs against the enlightenment, or fall into a trance, as saying: Leave me alone, leave me alone!

Does it make sense to keep someone in intellectual captivity, if it can be shown that it is pursued by someone who has only the lower interest to eliminate Jesus as God? Should we really expand religious freedom to freedom to lie? Can a religion that calls itself Christian and that calls itself the only true religion like the Islam, on behalf of religious freedom use even the most violent lie and dirty means of manipulation and intellectual confusion?

Perhaps it is even very good, when the Watchtower Society in Europe gets the status of a church. Perhaps this final unmasking of contempt of the truth must come after the big wedding with the state. We do not know.

The real special gag:

It is this book, next page: Children are faced today in an extent of illicit sex, spiritualism and other reprehensible practices as it would have been almost unimaginable a few years ago.


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