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Jehovah's Witnesses
at the Mercy of anti-Christian Manipulation


Watch Tower headline: "The Antichrist Exposed"

Wow, if that is so, then yes, all problems are solved! Who is it! Who is it! - In the second paragraph of the sensational exposure of the Antichrist by the Watchtower is reported:

"Antichrist" means "against (or instead of) Christ." So in its broadest sense, the term refers to all who oppose or lyingly claim to be the Christ or his representatives. Jesus himself said: "He that is not on my side is against me [or is antichrist], and he that does not gather with me scatters."

Watch Tower Society unmasks itself as the Antichrist

The definition of the Watch Tower Society, who or what the antichrist is, is as revealing as misleading. No precise statement is not yet and the reader of this lurid message is immediately unclear that nothing is clear. It starts with the formula: "Antichrist exposed" - turn back the light flickers: "So in its broadest sense, the term refers to ..."

who oppose his representatives

This Watchtower formulation by itself shows, how sophisticated and cunning the writer base of the Watchtower Society is calculating. Knowing that there has never been a representative of Jesus on earth, not is and never will be, it leads to the impression, that one could oppose the representative or representatives of Jesus. This means that the faithful and discreet slave would quite like to take over the representative role or wants to have already taken over. But Jesus says that he is with us until the end of time. And during the entire duration of his earthly presence he says that each person can apply directly to him, Jesus. He is the one who is directly in us if we believe in him. This excludes every form of an act of mediator between Jesus and his disciples categorically.

But the Watch Tower Society formulates: "... who oppose or lyingly claim to be the Christ or his representatives." The magician from Brooklyn, that seller of his own Grandmother, using this formulation, he suggests to the reader that there would actually be or could be a representative of Jesus. This Watchtower team is sitting in the same boat as the Pope and his subjects. Catholicism and Jehovahism shake here the hands and dance together the dance of deception, of infidelity and of manipulation.

Only one Mediator: Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ is the only mediator and representative of God on earth. He rules directly in our hearts through his Holy Spirit. There is no possibility that anyone or any institution can put itself between Jesus and us people. Anyone who assumes from the hand of man spiritual knowledge, is taking a tremendous risk. This risk is only acceptable if these teaching people are actually connected with Jesus. And even then, we rely on the knowledge that we get broken down by the Holy Spirit. (Prove it!)

By the Watchtower's trying to convey to its readers that there were one or more representatives of Jesus on earth, he unmaskes himself as the Antichrist. This statement, there would be a mediator between Jesus and the people, is the surest sign of recognition for the Antichrist. Even the most feeble attempt of mediation with sole mediation claim between a man and Jesus is a massive attempt to interfere, which amounts that the affected person no longer listens to Jesus, but only to the interloper. It is absolutely madness to exchange the leadership of the Holy Spirit with the leadership of people. Anyone who commits this error, can stop having any hope. He is separated from Jesus. He is as dead as a toaster, which is not connected to the electricity network. He is as dead as the famous cattle-skull in the American desert-scenes in Western films.

The penalty for all these manipulations of the Watchtower the faithful and discreet slave will receive directly from Jesus' hand. Then the slave will clearly know at one stroke, which sin he has committed and which consequences he has forced to all the Jehovah's Witnesses. Then under this knowledge the brains of these people would evaporate on the spot if they would still physically exist. But the court will not be carnal, but spiritual. And the howling and teeth chattering won't be physical pain, but spiritual pain. This spiritual pain will be a certain thing:

The separation from Jesus.


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