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Jehovah's Fist in his Pocket

The beautiful colored pictures in the Watchtower inspire us all through their meticulous love for details. To the smallest little things the Watchtower painters take so much trouble, so that everybody can have his joy in considering these pretty pictures. We see how Jesus walks around clothed again an again in new robes and ever with other faces in the most beautiful holiday destinations. We see how he shows his disciples the beautiful landscape. The flowers bloom. The weather is good. Still rests the lake and the idyllic area invites to an extended walk in the Promised Land.

The country the Watchtower-represented Jesus walked through, must in that time have been a kind of paradise. That is why we always like to flip the books and booklets of the Jehovah's Witnesses open, to enjoy the splendor again and over again. Jesus always comes in a modern, colorful dress, fashionable and without any flaw, adapted perfectly to the lighting conditions. His disciples resplendent in heavy coats, but they do not sweat. The flowers right of the Watchtower Jesus face us the summer heat, Jesus and his disciples are standing in thick coats and do not sweat.

Okay, never mind. We believe the faithful and discreet slave indeed everything. By this way a little side information is not important. Our perception is already trained perfectly on what we have to perceive. This we owe to the Governing Body. We are doing everything what they claim. And so we see the funny pictures always without surprise and without criticism. It must have been really thus at that time. If the Watchtower paints it in this modality ...

Tourist guide Watchtower Jesus

The graetest man who ever lived, Chapter 24

These always in the clothes of the rich walking men, always perfectly coiffed and always just coming out of the shower and equipped with perfectly manicured beards are really our idol. They are in this very reason a miracle of Jehovah, because they are always on the road as homeless and vagrants but model dressed and always in perfect outfit. Simply decent! Therefore, our Jehovah's Witnesses are so attractive when they offer us the free Bible study.

Thus, the Watchtower also reports: "Jesus' preaching tour of Galilee is a great success." Nothing else is really important for the Jehovah's Witnesses. Success in service of sermon. Being able to demonstrate something. Getting recognition by the slave and by the brothers and sisters of the great Jehovah-travel agency. Here it's also unimportant whether the Bible really teaches the things which are taught by the faithful and discreet slave of America. The business idea is important enough. Jesus, the seller. Jesus, the top-Jehovah's Witness.

But again and again we see figures in the Watchtower images that are qualified to scare the critical viewer. People who stand in a living faith relationship to Jesus are shuddering again and again to both: the claims of the Watchtower Society as well as the colorful pictures. The image reproduced above, for example, offers a detail that is more than the mockery of Jesus as a sales agent, a detail that opens another aspect in addition. We find in center of the left half of the picture a clenched fist. There a disciple has clenched his fist and covers it up with his other hand. - Ah, says the Jehovah's Witness, that means nothing. - But! the Christian says, look, the color of the sleeve is green. These are not the hands of the brown vested disciples.

Fist against Jesus

That cannot be at all, because the brown dressed disciple looks at Jesus very calmly. Why should he make a fist? But how is it that the hands of the green disciple seem to belong to the brown disciple? The human physiognomy, prohibits actually that these hidden fist belongs to the green disciple. But if we look at the facial expression of the green disciple, we can see that fits the hidden fist at him.

Hatred against Jesus

His facial expression is squinched and hateful. He only can hardly control himself not to beat all five fingers into the face of Jesus. His hands are in a place that really is not suitable. Is there an explanation?

Tourist guide Watchtower Jesus

The explanation is as follows: The hatred of the Watchtower Society to the true Jesus is so acute that it is tempted again and again to indicate this hatred. And in order to suggest their own power and strength against Jesus is shown by the green disciple of hate that he possesses unnatural physical functions. Both hands, he has transplanted to a spot, as it is not possible for any human.

Now the not affectionated Jehovah's Witness will be object that this would not make any sense. What should be the intention of the action! - There are even several purposes!

But those who are bound in Jesus, will quickly recognize that at the Jehovah's Witnesses is rife pure idolism. People are mercilessly sacrified from pure fear of a pseudo-God (Question of Blood) and they are let down (disfellowshipped). People are mentally enslaved and tortured, and pumped full with lie from childhood on. Jehovah's Witnesses do not yield to Jesus.

Yet the Bible clearly says that every knee must bow before Jesus. There will be a time when every knee shall bow before Jesus. Even if it is involved breaking.

In the case of Jehovah's Witnesses, however, the desire for wealth and power is rampant, when other people are finally destroyed. When finally the organization of Jehovah's Witnesses holds the world power by dint of their God Jehovah, they will own everything and live in the houses of the destroyed. They dream about how they can pick out the houses and how they will renovate the houses. They look forward to a very worldly, very substantive paradise.

The seduction of the Watchtower Society is beating all else seductive of the world. It manages to squeeze the Jehovah's Witnesses in fascistoid thinking and works worldwide not only to keep the religious paint, but also to expand. So much destructive intoxication cannot come from God.

From God can come no poisoning.

For the Jehovah's Witnesses, it is a big luck that almost nobody believes that the world is hotly contested and that there is a spiritual enemy that engages actively in world affairs. Because if people wouldn't permanently try to deny the existence of Satan, the Watchtower Society would be exposed since a long time.


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