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Jehovah Nobility

The Jehovah's Witnesses are, for most of their life so busy, fulfilling requirements and accomplishing tasks. In sharp contrast to the biblical discipleship, which perhaps most important external characteristic is that all the enthusiasm comes from the heart and is not prescribed by others. Jehovah's Witnesses are rushing from one obligation to the next imposed duty. The fulfillment of all these duties and obligations of the Jehovah's Witnesses are sometimes silently, sometimes vociferously expected by the faithful and discreet slave. Thus the life of Jehovah's Witnesses proceeds between morning motto and preaching service, between Watchtower study and respecting generally norms in marital exercise one's duties.

The only thing the Jehovah's Witnesses can calculate from these from the personal life grinding wrested investment of time, self-restraint, renunciation, discipline and obedience against the slave-performer from America, is that they might be spared in the hot longed destruction orgy Armageddon. Besides this, there remains for them only one actually noticeable profit in the workpiece of the religious Gold Miner! They have every reason to regard themselves as something better: They are the Jehovah Nobility.

In the perpetual consciousness of having no real contact with God, they can still take heart, that - if not saved - they are still better than the gypsy scum, who lives in faith in Jesus so shamelessly easyly. This makes the Jehovah Nobility. It is the old attitude of the citizen: Be attentive to your advantage; always talk so that it will not hurt yourself; forget all the ideals, as long as you only can participate at the Society play of the Jehovah Nobility. You're better than the others!

Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower knighted

To be able in this straitjacket of the good citizen to cover up one's own life-sustained delusion, the Jehovah Nobility always remembers how clearly he can outclass the normal man. In this way he can bear the unbiblical shame of missing as water-carrier hope of heavenly life. Just as the daily raped housemaid in the middle-class house looks down on the passing gypsy, the Jehovah's Witnesses nurse for their own comfort the feeling, to be in spite of their renunciation of all privileges and rights, still something better than that.

If in these circles of nobility of Jehovah a teammate is relieved of his noble position, because of rule violation or criticism, he shall stand, in the case of repentant return into the community of the Jehovah's heroes, in front of all members of the Jehovah hierarchy publicly humiliated and in willful prolonged social ostracism in the pillory of the last settee and of prayer ban. Never again, he can take his old position, unless he uses the "virtues" of the nobility in Jehovah as clearly and openly that the darkness of his soul surpasses even the darkness of his comrades.

But had the prodigal son, who wanted to return as a servant to his father's house, to get humiliated publicly? Had he to buy in a humiliating way the favor of his father's house servants and cattle drovers? This is one of the many signs that the Jehovah nobility can not be of God. Because the feudal Jehovaism leans in its internal structures to biblical rules only pretended. When the going gets tough, they strike with the rules of Satan. If one's own position can be reordered in the hierarchy of daemons, because a place has been released, they beat like hyenas their teeth into the carrion and give the booty free only if they have gripped their fill. For the position within the hierarchy is the only thing they can enjoy from their faith.

This creates the mob of looters in the Jehovah-aristocratic society. Who does not want to endanger his position, must represent cold and unforgiving, the principles of their supreme leader. Only the facade of the faithful and wise prince of Jehovah's grace confers invulnerability and the always reliable recognition of their peers. Then worst of sins are also quickly becoming a minor offense that can be dismissed with a sideways smile, counting out that their own colleagues will not even deliver one. Who has gone up so far, can neglect well and willingly the question whether Jehovah is really God, because he has already achieved in this life a life position, which appears to him even without the paper-thin hope of an otherworldly conservation worthy to be conserved an protected.

Only one thing must not happen! His conscience must not turn on. Just like the good German under Hitler did not knew anything of any atrocity, the role player pocessed by the Jehovah Nobility may not have an idea of the actual mechanisms that are installed in the Jehovah society. As soon as his human heart wishes to speak, he has to overpower it with the Jehovah's morality, so that he can preserve the to his position corresponding functionality. Here, the patterns are very helpful as you encounter them in a pack of wolves. The guidance she-wolf - never under pressure to have to defend herself - leads the store with shabby mistrust and lustful intrigue. And woe to those who move away from their assigned role. They will be relentlessly bit down and left lying half-dead.

The Jehovah-aristocratic society reflects the archaic rules of the pack. Artfully packaged in white shirts and proper clothes here vegetate the carnal disposed, like Satan does figure his subjects. That here the power and the love of Jesus shouldn't have any place, is obvious. Hence, the claims, set up by Jesus, are only considered as "useful for the people" but not born of his power. Unlike the prince Jehovah, can not work either. Because if he would say to his internally decaying subjects that they have to live and love in the power of Jesus, he immediately would lose his power over these people.

The Assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses is a beautiful mirror of the godless society. Those who look behind the scenes, see only facades, polite arrogance, fake acting, hear meaningless rhetoric and moral pride. Nothing of this is different to the traditional middle class. The ubiquitous mendacity of our godless society is mirrored one to one in the meetings of Jehovah's Witnesses. Up into the very highest circles you find this congruence between the world and the Jehovah's Witnesses. Thus, the distinction from the world becomes a permanent life-falsehood. But the Jehovah aristocratic snobbery protects the Jehovah infants against the devastating truth.

Paradise in chains - Jehovah's Witnesses and Suicide


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