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Is Jesus the Almighty God?

In the Watchtower for the first February 2009 the Watchtower Society responds with a big strike against the divinity of Jesus to the public resistance that emanates from various websites against the Watchtower lies. The whole February-Watchtower of 2009 revolves around this main theme of humanity. Against the clear evidence, for example found on this website, the Watchtower top management invests an entire Watchtower to lull the Jehovah's Witnesses once more again.

The meaning of YHVH is: I am who I will be. So God adverts already Moses to the fact that God would show himself as a man to man. The name of God actually means something like the call: Pay attention to who I will be! Then you will know who I am. In Jesus, God appeared to us and in his time on earth he was entirely human. Therefore, he repeatedly pointed out that the father was greater than him. At the same time he intimated unmistakably: I and the Father are one. And: When he looks at me, he sees the father. Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father.

When I started believing in Jesus, I did not know who he could be, and I also could not imagine any special or clear under the formula "Son of God." Much more intensely did hit me the message of the Bible that we have to be saved in the name of Jesus and do not have any other name than this name to be saved. Only after the confrontation with the religious art of the Jehovah's Witnesses the question of the well-defined identity of Jesus came into the foreground. However, I can and must testify, and that you will hear also from any other Christians, that this question of identity of Jesus never can decide centrally about the right or wrong faith.

Because the rescue is solely dependent according to the message of the Bible by the name of Jesus and the fact that we talk to him, have a relationship with him - are in him. This salvation through Jesus (Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him) is to the Watchtower superiors a thorn in the side. The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses sickens at the possibility of being saved by Jesus fully and comprehensively. The "faithful and discreet slave" feels close to vomiting when he thinks about that Jesus is given to us by God so that we can come through Jesus, through prayer to Jesus, in connection with the father, without having to perish by the absolute justice of God.

For this reason, the Brooklyn Bible-twisting Publisher takes the liberty of spreading again and again images of Jesus, just to insult him, studded with funny hints of visual art. In the Watchtower 1st February 2009, page 7 sports a helpless appearing Jesus. Next to it is written: "Jesus said that there are some things that neither he nor the angels know, but only the Father"

Question to Radio Yerevan: If you get from a human being to a meerkat to save the meerkats, won't you have to give up your human-being and your human knowledge? Do you not then have to disclaim your human existence temporarily and become like a meerkat? That is why Jesus did not conceal that he always only said what his father had told him.

Taking the notice of Jesus, he did not know all, what the father knew, as evidence that Jesus was not the Almighty God, is one of Satan's campaigns against the salvation through Jesus. Since Jesus died for us and we can come to the Father through him, Satan is nothing closer at heart than to fool the people that Jesus was only a creature, a kind of hero, a role model. Thus Satan tries to withdraw people into the futile path of the law, into the old covenant. But the old covenant is replaced by the new covenant. This is bringing Satan in a rage. After Satan's confidence of victory was breached by the sacrifice of Jesus, Satan is going as a Jehovah-preacher around the world, as an Allah-prophet and as an atheist, who removes all the passages from the Bible that refer to the divinity of Jesus.

The depiction of the clueless-looking Jesus in the watchtower 1 February 2009, page 7, has once again strange details that don't occur under any circumstances in the real world. The Watch Tower graphic artists leach also here once again, whose botch the Watchtower really is:

Jesus perplexed

The blasphemy of the Watch Tower Society against Jesus is easy to be recognized in this figure on the right arm and the right hip of the pictured man. You recognize at the right hip an ugly head, whom is pulled into the eyes a kind of hat. Is this the blind made Jehovah's Witness, whom the Watchtower Jesus is sitting massively on his neck?

Jesus is sitting on man with hat

On the right arm of the Jesus-figure, we have something like an eyeless, grinning dog and above an one eared cat mask.

Jesus with dog and cat in the sleeves

Why does the Watchtower do that? If the Watchtower Society really would have received even a hint of the Holy Spirit, they could never bring such blasphemies hidden in their didactic writings. This repeatedly in the watchtower found blasphemies give us the unequivocal statement that the Watch Tower Society does not have to do anything with God or with the Holy Spirit. Propaganda against Jesus they do well. Do not believe them!


stop eating psychodelic mushrooms.... i looked at several pictures on your site but i think you are hallucinating

emeth [2012-02-09]
You are full of hate!!!!! That sounds like Satan, but I do not want to judge. Maybe you should read the bible instead of knocking others who do?
The Watchtower is twisting the Bible and spreads in their publications hidden demonic instructions. The Watch Tower Society rejects Jesus and makes him be only a figure of devotion to a Jehovah "God". This religion of submission to Jehovah "God" denies Jesus as God. When I call a spade a spade, I do not hate. I'm not full of hate, but I'm trying to inform people. [RH]
God is love, God is love. Whatever name you want to call the one true God, even the demons and Satan know his name. But you will not recognize it, when Jesus was casting out demons where were you?
I have no free choice to give God a name. Nobody has a free choice to give God a name. Jesus has made God's name known. He has fulfilled the name JHWH.

Acts of the Apostles 4,12 And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.

God has announced his name. [RH]
Oh I should say that was not nice, but you are calling us Satan! It is OK, we know differently, and I am sure any loving person recognizes an intelligent loving, meek person - but even Jesus got angry, with hipocrytes, and money changers. And liers will not inherit the kingdom. You might also want to learn the difference between the heavenly hope and the earthly one. Or did God create the earth for nothing?
That is the main American disease that they can not or will not take, that their glorious world could pass. They do not understand that God has given for all Christians the same hope. They prefer to build their earthly kingdom. For this they adapt the means to the end, as you can see above. [RH]
are Mormons also satanists in your humble opinion???

Anonym [2013-01-01]
Anyone who adds something to the Bible, is touched by Satan. [RH]
The unfortunate truth is that these subliminal images and messages published by the Watchtower are real. These things don't happen on accident, and are only the result of careful planning.

And please note that I am NOT making an attack on Jehovah's Witnesses. For the vast majority of witnesses have no idea these things are even happening. Rather, it is the leadership at the Watchtower that continue to do this, especially since this has been going on for many years.

The subliminal images are there, they are real and they are intentional.

And it is wrong.

Jim [2015-07-05]
Everything on here is truth the whole entire Web page is truth, and to add to it JW'S PAYED $28 MILLION TO A SEX ABUSE VICTIM IN THE BAY AREA, and there's many more victims WATCHTOWER IS COMING DOWN HARD, gonna be put under Jesus's Feet Psalms 110:1

Alfredo E Lopez [2016-01-24]
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