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Jehovah's Witnesses, what do they believe?

Genickbruch der Wachtturmtheologie

An organization that binds the promise of
salvation in Jesus to itself only, is antichrist!

Watchtower doctrine is 2-gods-teaching

The intention of this site is fulfilled in the confrontation of the Watchtower theologians and those who belong to this organization with facts, which are inextricably associated to Jesus. These facts are deprived of the people by the faithful and discreet slave with much eloquence and sophistication.

The Watchtower doctrine states that Jesus is only an angelic spirit creature and would have offered a purely human sacrifice. Jesus who saves us through faith in him, is in the Watchtower's Kingdom philosophy only a kind of agent - a minor character even tolerated.

Children of Jehovah's Witnesses in fear

Jehovah's Witness children full of anxiety daemons

The shares of the Watchtower Society

The Jehovah's Witnesses are willing to let themselves be harnessed to the wagon of the Watch Tower Society, and thus infect as many people as possible with the "Watchtower truth" that Jesus was not fully able to save the people.

The Watchtower Society is a very earthly and carnal minded club. They want to give Jesus the status of a powerless delegate of Jehovah, and thus deprive him of his truth and his life. They make the suggestion in addition to his work of salvation, man had to be justified using the Watch Tower technology to be able to share the earthly paradise, the Kingdom of Jehovah. They renew the carnal mind. Thus they change salvation through faith in Jesus to an unnecessary absurdity. - So how the devil likes it.

Research carefully!

Research carefully!

"I am the Way, the Truth and the Life." Jesus of Nazareth

Besides God, no one can be the life and the truth!

To dissolve away Jesus from his savior role and to take even this place, the Watchtower Society is investing huge sums of money and maintains a worldwide infiltration network.

But Jesus says: Because this is the will of my Father, that everyone who sees the Son and believes in him may have eternal life: and I will wake him on the last day.

Among the slaves of Watchtower Society, the dependence of law prevails, as among the Pharisees and teachers of the law. They represent Jesus as Savior in the second row. This is done in such a clever way that it is worthwhile to analyze sentence for sentence of the Watchtower's writings.

The analysis of the Kingdom of teachings of the WTS will illustrate the traps and tricks of these religious heretics. The refined eloquence of the Watchtower Society is to be opposed to something here that comes from the heart and is really based on the Bible.

But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. - Jesus Christ

And what is doing the faithful and discreet slave?

Good and faithful Slave

The faithful and discreet slave replaces Jesus Christ with new laws.

Zeugen Jehovas - Jehovah Witnesses from Bob Arnold on Vimeo.

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These pages were not written by an ex-witness!
The author of these pages has never been a Jehovah's Witness and always had a healthy distance from this synthetic religion!

These pages are based solely on the comparison of the Watchtower teachings with what the Bible really teaches.