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How the Watchtower is twisting the Truth

A Christian is happy when his knowledge and thinking coincide with the experiences he has with Jesus. But sometimes even he has periods where he feels as if he would be thrown back or was prevented from progressing in faith. Significantly, he never does find in truly Christian writings or in his community anything that obscures his awareness or detracts it into wrong lanes.

Who is reading the Watchtower carefully, discovers again and again small refinements and tricks, which like the scalpel in the hands of the surgeon cut the faith leaving finally a well-stirred mush. By this the analytical ability of the Jehovah's Witnesses is returned to zero again and again, so that they always revert back to the status of a beginner. Without this detail cluttering the Jehovah's Witnesses namely would recognize over a short or long time, whether the Watchtower teaching is leading to God or not. To avoid this, the Watchtower authors make every effort to place incisions and inversions so that the world's and God's imagination of the Jehovah's Witnesses can not grow inwardly to an organic entire one, but always must be held together by the individual theses of the Watch Tower Society.

This is the same as if one would dress someone, but deliberately refrain from giving him zippers, buttons, belts and buckles. To be clothed with this clothing, the alleged dressed has always to rely on having someone, who holds him closed the pants and shirt. This is food that does not saturate and does not make happy, this is a work without meaning. An un-work. And so in the "clothed" can not be an in itself settled belief, they cut here and there from time to time something.

An example of this faith destructive tactics of the Watchtower Society, we see on the page 30 of the Watchtower for the first January 2009. Here the faithful and discreet slave is framing a Watchtower Jehovah-centered text with two mouse traps, which have explosive force in themselves. These are two of the many deceptions which the Jehovah's Witnesses could never detect, if there would not be people who offer the simple insight that is more than the Watch Tower Society is prepared and willing to give.

Questions from our Readers Watchtower 1st January 2009

God is very approachable.

By this fantasy-award the Watchtower combine tinkers for the dear Jehovah's Witnesses a god from a cute stuffed animal. The in the bondage of the Watchtower held individual gets as a consolation for the ongoing deception, which it is exposed to, a God who compensates as a universal comforter the unrighteousness of the Watchtower doctrine. The image of God, the Jehovah's Witnesses have, stretches from a bloody god of vengeance to a being that is very approachable. The religious appearing newspaper coming from Brooklyn claims a God who sometimes just - how and in what way whatsoever - is exceedingly accessible. As a trusting dog, even with strangers now wags the tail, like a car that everyone can drive, like a PC, where everyone can do immediately and quickly all the tasks easyly, a God comes in appearance, whose only passion is to make himself available everything and everyone for all options. Like a toothpaste, may apply to each, as a face mask, like a miracle product God is presented to man. God is sitting in the Watchtower mantrap.

The Truth is: God is not accessible in any Way!

God is absolutely perfect. For this reason in his presence nothing can exsist that is not perfect. Therefore, for all people is denied the access to God, for they are all sinners and defective. Communion with God is impossible to all men, as long as they have even the slightest imperfection. That is why God has chosen by reason of love to give perfection to all who believe in Jesus. The totally just anger of God was drawn by himself to himself even with the effect that all who believe in Jesus who was executed wrongly, can not be put to shame as they really deserve.

God has overpowered through Jesus's his absolute inaccessibility against us people, by making him being the door and constituting that the person is not guilty, who goes through the door named Jesus. With this out of faith resulting justice we human beings can come up to God without dieing in the completely natural way by his perfection. God's absolute fixed inaccessibility for imperfect beings was broken by him, by Jesus Christ. That is why Jesus says: "Come to me, all!" He does not say: "Go up to God, you will certainly success. God is exceedingly accessible."

The Watchtower's false Doctrine

With the assertion that God is exceedingly accessible, the honorable Watchtower Society tries a second time to let appear Jesus to be entirely beside the point. With the stuffed-teddy-bear-some accessibility of God the Watchtower claims, in effect, "Jesus died for nothing! You can even come to God without that Jack Pudding!" But Jesus says clearly: I am the Way. No one comes to the Father except through me. Should not this be a food for thought even to hard-boiled Jehovah's Witnesses?

The whole Anti-Christ is manifested in the preparation of side roads to God. The Antichrist denies round the back, that Jesus is the only way to the Father. The Anti-Christ exists all over the world.

The Request of Paul to Jesus

The prayer that Jesus may grant him relief from the thorn in the flesh is made by the Watchtower to a prayer to God. Meant is here that Jehovah, who can never be Jesus. But in reality it is spoken of the Lord, who is Jesus. Here the Watch Tower Society, the respectable, inserts again the word Jehovah, which is as demonstrated a product of the fantasy of Catholic monks. In the further biblical text, however, is created clarity about who is meant. The Jehovah's Witnesses, who always drivel that one must consider the context, here ignore studiously the following text that proves that Paul was praying to Jesus and that Jesus is God.

2nd Corinthians 12, 8 - 9a: Three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But he said to me, My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.

In the middle of verse 9 the Watchtower breaks well knowing the Bible quote, and so it obscures the fact that Paul has spoken with Jesus Christ! For the following text reveals the lieing-position of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

2nd Corinthians 12, 9b: Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.

In the answer that Paul gets from God it's the matter of the power of Christ, as it turns out later in the Biblical text. So when God says to Paul: My power ... and Paul indicates this power as the power of Christ in the further text, then all honest people know that Jesus is God!

When at last do awake the deniers of the divinity of Christ? When do open the eyes of those uptight Watchtower readers held too obviously to ask the really important questions to the "faithful and discreet slave"? Do we have to acquiesce for ever to the lies of the Watchtower?


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