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Half-naked Girls in Jehovah's earthly Paradise

In their writings of the seduction of "God the only true worship", the Watchtower Society brings on page 4 a picture that tells the reader: Little Girl in Jehovah's earthly paradise certainly enjoy wearing transparent blouses. TAC, you can tell what wickedness is included in the worldwide preaching work of Jehovah's Witnesses. The presentation of half-naked girl in Jehovah's earthly paradise of perpetual alarm, especially in relation to the issue of child abuse in the Jehovah's Witnesses.

"The only true worship", page 4
Transparent blouses in Jehovah's earthly paradise

Against the false theology of the Watchtower Society hardly contribute arguments because their claims are often fanciful theories, which follow the fanatical Jehovah's Witnesses. It is the same with sexual innuendo. Actually, the Jehovah's Witnesses from all over would only recognize that they are angry lied. But they are silent about the abuse of their children and swallow paradise pictures in which girl will be presented with transparent blouses!

And the daemons look and tear on the foot

Paradise of the Jehovah's Witnesses

Rock demon of Jehovah's Witnesses

Will there be sex in the earthly paradise of Jehovah?

The visible through the blouse bra of the probably 12 years old girl in the paradise of Jehovah's Witnesses is partially obscured by the lion's head. What a shame played out here! If the lion gets up and goes away, the half-naked girls is the focus of male attention! The Watchtower Society is one of the most infamous seducers in the world. The eternal lust of old men is part of its promise of paradise.

Half-naked girl in the earthly paradise of Jehovah

If there is no sex in the Jehovah's paradise, this would be a paradise full of beautiful half-naked girls - for men the pure hell. If there is sex in the Jehovah's earthly paradise, of which one must assume, because witnesses sometimes infringed on earth their "wayward" children and hope for better children, later in paradise, the job of the elders of Jehovah's paradise is truly a heavenly job ! No more world, the dust stirred up over the Internet, and no more secular courts, which can put someone in prison. In this case, the prospects are wonderful for the elders of the Jehovah's Witnesses. In the course of paradise perfectioning, then will be too small male genitalia finally bigger?

The Watchtower Society promotes in fact a sexual paradise!

Demonic Pregnancy

But not only in the earthly paradise of the Jehovah's girls and women will be pregnant with "something better". Even now and here on Earth the Wachttum society looks at the belly of women who perform their ministry.

Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses 2002, page 11
Pregnant with a demon

The prospect of eternal sexual pleasure is also part of Islamic Paradise ideas. If, in such havens for men half-naked virgins for sex or simply for viewing available to you, which God must necessarily be the perpetrators of such promises of paradise? Jesus cannot. Jesus makes it clear that men and women in paradise are no longer husband and wife. Communion with God in heaven must be so great, however, that sexuality seems to be a void and is not desirable. All near-death experiences speak for themselves already taken a clear picture. Earthly, carnal ideas do not exist in it. In the Bible, either.

If you meet Jehovah's Witnesses

Confront Jehovah's Witnesses with the following passage: John 5, 23: ... so that all may honor the Son of honor as the father. Anyone who fails to honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent him. Assign the Jehovah's Witnesses point out that the Father is worshiped and so also the Son should be worshiped! These are the words of Jesus in these words, and the witnesses have to decide whether they want to believe Jesus, or whether they want rather stay with the opposite statements of the WTS.

More on sexual abstruseness in Watchtower rules


Means: "Laugh My Mother Freakin' Ass Off" [RH]
either your schitzophrentic or part of the antichrist!

Anonymous [2010-01-12]
Why should I be schizophrenic? Schizophrenia is more likely a person who accepts, the Watchtower Society is the channel of God, but suspects half-naked girls in the paradise of that Jehovah because it is propagated in the brochures of the Governing Body.

Anti-Christian is the Watchtower Society, which promotes their pseudo-god with naked girls. This also shows the bloody hand, on closer inspection one sees near of the lion's mouth. What does mean this bloody, lying on a stone hand in the alleged paradise?

There are several indications that the Watchtower Society promotes Jehovah via sex. See also: Child Molester Demon.

Rüdiger Hentschel [2010-01-16]
Yes My Name is Amanda Herring I Live in NC I AM studying to become a Witness so Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeee zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze to you out there do not put them down everyone makes mistakes Jehovah is really real I Love being associated with them THank YOU

Amanda [2010-01-22]
Everyone who enters an appearance on the Jehovah's Witnesses should know about what in them is really. The evidence is mounting that Jehovah is not the Father of Jesus Christ, but he is this one of the other side. The informations provides the Watchtower Society itself. You have only to recognize them. As a Christian, you can see them.

Rüdiger [2010-01-22]
What on earth have you been sniffing?

Anonymous [2010-06-12]
Armanda, you should know the Watchtower Organisation and their "mistakes". I know they have wonderfull excuses. Perhaps you - as a student - you can explain us some teachings?

Why are there demons in your publications?

Why is your bible translated by a spiritual medium?

Where is all the money?

Why do you walk from door to door and ignore Luke 10 (do not walk from door to door)?

Why is Jesus not God?

There are some more questions ...

Teetrinker [2010-06-21]
To: Amanda,

I'm glad that you are studying in one of the witnesses......I too was a witness.....never entertain this opposers....just believe that Jehovah God will help you know the truth.....

chronology [2010-08-05]
God help you understand the truth and the truth shall set you free. Stop peddling lies against the only true servants of God, the witnesses or God will come to their defence.

Anonymous [2010-08-05]
The Jehovah’s Witness Cult is losing money because the truth is coming out. God bless this site for exposing this cult that has cost so many lives.

ChrisPeper [2011-01-16]
Look , I am not a Jehovah's witness, but that is rubbish. I am sure that there was no harm or bad intention with that garment that the girl is wearing and probably she might have something else underneath. Obviously there are bad aples in al religions and Jehovahs witnesses are not excluded from the badness of mankind.But the teachings are spot on!At least regarding what the bible says, there is no other religion out there with better understanding. If there is... show me...but there isn't!

Carlos [2011-06-08]
No religion can save you. If anybody can save, then this is God. And Jesus is our savior. Religion is man-made. Using half-naked girls to promote their theology. Ugh.

Ruediger [2011-06-08]
my god...

this people are sick... not the Jehovah's witness... but this people who see naked girls. man... you somoke crack or something?

where is the naked part on the girl? the guy who say that was very sick and i think...he have social problems... (atetion: if you now this guy, your childrens are in danger.) please... this is the most horrible conspiration against this Jehovah's witness society... and im not religious... and i don't need to be for see this stupid ideias... please... this guy guy need treatment.

i wish speak better english for say more words abaut this conspiracy organization against the Jehovah's witness...

sorry my bad english

best regards

Jorge F. [2011-06-30]
I never understand why some people has to be jehovahs witness to believe in Jehovah. Its like, if Jehovahs witnesses are wrong, then Jehovah is wrong. An organization and a God is not the same. I don't get that. God is God even if you call him jehovah or Jah or Yahwe. If someone say that Jehovahs witnesses are wrong, it dosn't mean God is wrong, it only means that Jehovahs witnesses are not Gods people.

Nova [2011-07-19]
She is wearing a reen top... i am a Jehovahs Witness, i am only 13 this isn't very nice what you people are doing i love Jehovah God and he will look after me always... i am not brain washed i Just really have faith in him... that lady is pregnant, what and ofcourse there will be s.e.x how are we supposed to be happy with no kids??

Maddie [2011-08-08]
That's it exactly. She is pregnant.

Yearbook of Jehovah's Witnesses 2002, page 11
Pregnant with a demon

Pregnant with a demon.

Ruediger [2011-08-08]
Hello Maddie;

Jehova of the does not exist. Watchtower teachings are based on masonary, founded by a masonary in a masonary building. The New World Bible was done by former occult Priest. The teachings have nothing in common with any christian teachings.

May Jehova protect you!

(no he won't - because he is a fake God created by

May God Adonai (plural!) protect you!

John 14.20: At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

May Jesus protect you! Jesus is the only way to the father!

Regards, Teapot [2011-08-11]
jehovah's organisation is not a cult and the reason why we go from house to house is because we were instructed in matthew 28:19,20 .

Anonym [2011-12-28]
Jesus says: Do not go from house to house (Luke 10,7). Didn't you read this? Political parties go from door to door, vacuum cleaner salesman go from house to house. God is not a company and not a party! Jehovah is a political god. [RH]

a new scandalous subliminal picture

april 2011 "réveillez vous"

ced [2012-03-24]
read the previous verse in Luke 10 to understand it in context. Preaching door to door was a command.
Clear statements stand for themselves. They are understood by all and for those who invoke the Bible, they are binding. Jesus gave a command:

Luke 10:7b Do not go from house to house.

This statement of Jesus means that you are not allowed to be on the road like a campaigner. But that is exactly what Jehovah's Witnesses do, because they do not belong to Jesus, but to a new world organization, which is basically political. [RH]
Don't isolate a verse to justify the 'convenience' of not being workers of the true faith
The Watchtower's doctrine is not the true faith. Jehovah's Witnesses have two gods, the supreme God Jehovah and the Watchtower-Jesus as an Under-God. How can this be right? Jehovah's witnesses violate the first commandment: Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Can that be the true faith? [RH]
and preaching in all the inhabited earth for a witness...and then the end will come. Instead of letting your fingers do the talking, walk the talk and speak to people one on one, if you have the truth Jehovah will see to it that it will be accomplished.

Anonym [2012-04-05]
Christians are far more effective in their work as Jehovah's Witnesses. They have Jesus. Jesus draws people to him. Jehovah's Witnesses, however, celebrate the opposite: they exclude every day hundreds. But Jesus said: No one will snatch them out of my hand. [RH]
You idiots before you comment about Jehovah's witnesses read your bible understand what you read meditate on what your reading you dum idiots then you can comment!!!! Also the idiot who post Luke 10;7 read from the beginning of the chapter 10 then you would understand and if you don't know how to read ask someone to read it for you. You dum ass by the way I am not a Jehovah's witness but if they respect our father in heaven and Jesus Christ. I respect the Jehovah's witnesses as well. They are the closest religion to Jehovah.

Ivy [2012-08-08]
Right. The Jehovah's Witnesses are the very nearest religion to Jehovah. But they are diametrically opposed to God the Father. Because they make Jesus a second God (John 1), so that they have next to the Father the God who was the Word. So they break the commandment: Thou shalt have no other gods before me. They break the commandment every day with joy. [RH]
I'm not a jehova, but first time i read their books it makes me realize the true meaning of loving our God Almighty even though i dont have enough wisdom to contrast to someone who contrast the Jehova Witnesses, I just want to ask something for all who contrast the Jehova Witnesses, Why don't you just respect their beliefs, if you don't want what them then fine let them go with their own, do you think on what you all are doing, the God almighty is happy, he dont want to see his sons and daughters cry nor fight with each other, can we just respect each other... please do respect each other to make God Almighty happy.

Jack Kenneth Hernandez [2012-11-29]
Hello Jack, Jehovah's Witnesses are a false religion. They have two gods (Watchtower Jehovah and Watchtower Jesus). They destroy the cross, by claiming that Jesus was not God. So he has actually claimed to be God. So he was executed correctly. How can a correctly convicted felon save the people?

Ruediger [2012-11-29]
I believe the JW's is a false religion, honestly I do, but in these pictures I think you're reeeally reaching. The little girl in the picture is not half naked she is wearing an under blouse in the picture the only part of her that is 'exposed' is her shoulder and arms. As for the rest of the pictures - there is nothing in any of them to raise an alarm. I looked at them from many different angles, no demons in the mountain, no demons in the woman's belly. This approach to refuting JW is like looking at clouds in the sky, if you look at them long enough you will see just about anything (you want to see). If you want to show the errors of JW's you need only to focus on their many faulty doctrines and what the bible actually teaches, not a bunch of pictures. Using this approach you will have enough solid/useful content to fill this website 10 times over. At present this picture witch hunt is nothing but a sensationalized distraction and a waste of time. God Bless.

Judi [2012-12-02]
If you were a man, you would classify the nakedness of this girl differently. Jehovah's Witnesses have in their literature much more innocuous pictures of girls who are portrayed as very nasty example of what should not be done. The naming of the heresy and the reference to the satanic figures are important. Even atheistic people can see the hidden demons. Thank you for your comment. It is certainly not a waste of time. [RH]
If in your part its a false religion then dont follow it, but let others who wants to follow it be on their way to it.
Everyone can do what he wants. I only clarify facts and point out strange things. [RH]
About the pregnant woman with the demon or somethin', you know there is a phsycological factor that if you imagine it you will see it even though others dont see it,in your case you are seeing some kind of demon because you want to, you want to prove that there are some culting things behind the jehova's witnesses.Well i wont question your imagination because everybody have imagination ofcourse.But let me throw a question on you,why do you want to prove that jehova witnesses are behind of culting activities.Did you experience torture on them or your just being paranoid.

dont take it personally

jack kenneth hernandez [2012-12-04]
This guy is an obvious taunter. Chances are he doesn't even believe in what he's supposedly exposing. Don't grant him any sort of credit like I am myself actually doing right now. The end.

Anonymus [2013-05-29]
My opinion is that probably the one is a mocker, who claims that Jesus is not God. For he confirmes the death sentence of Jesus Christ, under which he had to die. Such people can also enjoy demonstratively letting pass the bread and wine.

Ruediger [2013-05-29]
LIES LIES that what you all about . Satan and your church fuck you satan aha ha ha................

Anonym [2013-11-07]
Please provide proof for a lie that is written here. And what kind of church do you mean? [RH]
Is this website still up to date?

Anonym [2015-11-19]
Yes. The facts mentioned here do not change overnight. However, I have neither time nor money to continue developing here, as it happens on the German version. [RH]
In publication from the 40's there are pictures of nudity in Jehovah witness publications

luis [2015-11-21]
I can not believe. [RH]

Well, it baffles me that some people took it upon themselves trying to debunk an assertion without without concrete proof. In line of this argument, I expect to see actual what constitute nude pictures. Young man! your argument lack merit and can not be substantiated. If you are looking for there pictures, I urge you, log in to bring out the pictures you feel are nude pictures for a proper debate. Thank you.

Mark [2017-06-03]

Ouch! Then the twelve-year-old Jehovah's Witness was not naked enough for you? [RH]

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